Outrage over meat because it isn’t plastic wrapped and on a polystyrene tray Young woman offers meat products
Young woman offers meat products

The headline could have read “12-year-old hunter feeds hundreds of African orphans” but the media instead decided to demonise her. While the above photo of a young woman displaying meat from at least two slaughtered animals is considered socially acceptable a photo of a young woman with an animal she killed for food has been demonised. It is ridiculous that posing with a rifle or bow and arrow beside an animal you killed for food is demonised while posing with a smile holding a plate of meat from that same dead animal is socially acceptable. We come from a society that thinks meat comes from supermarkets.

Aryanna Gourdin’s kill list includes a zebra, giraffes, wildebeest, and even a bear, if her Facebook trophy photos featuring guns and bows are to be believed.

The pre-teen’s been labelled a “murderer”, “evil” and “disgusting” after sharing photos from a recent safari in Africa with her dad, Eli.

…Eli Gourdin added that the giraffe Aryanna killed was a “problem” animal in the area, and that the meat from all of the animals they killed would feed hundreds of local orphans.

Nonetheless, Aryanna joins a growing list of American hunters whose big game photos have sparked a backlash.


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The SPCA are totally disconnected from real life

Apparently, sticking a pig as part of a hunt now requires an in-depth investigation by the SPCA:

Video of a boar being killed during a fishing trip has stoked controversy after being posted on social media.

Ray Crake told the Herald he was out fishing with his grandchildren in Waikato harbour when he saw the boar. They killed it after pulling it onto their boat and last week posted the video to Facebook.

The SPCA is now investigating the killing.

Crake said the boar had been “chased by hunters and ended up swimming in the water.” It would have “just swam around until it drowned,” he said.

“We sort of watched it on the mud flats until it eventually made it into the water, and we saw it swimming so we thought we’d have a go at it.”

Crake said he was surprised to see the 63kg pig so far out into the harbour but killed it with a knife after dragging it into the boat. Read more »


Opening Weekend in an Isuzu D-Max

Mabo, Bruce, Dave and Lucy looking forward to hunting

Mabo, Bruce, Dave and Lucy looking forward to hunting

This weekend has been the opening of the game bird season. With mild, warm weather and clear skies,duck hunters will have had small bags.

I’m not a big fan of duck shooting, but much prefer going after pheasants and quail. It is a real pleasure hunting with dogs as well.

On Friday night I headed off to an undisclosed location in the Taupo region for go after pheasants and quail. As usual I am travelling in my Isuzu D-Max from Southern Autos.

It may well have been a challenge as the new model I have currently came equipped with road tyres only. More on that later. ?? Read more »

I love ducks too, they’re delicious

Some womble from Waikato University wants to ban duck shooting…because she loves ducks.

Well I love ducks too; that’s why I shoot them. They’re delicious.

I read the recent promotion of duck shooting advertisement in the Herald on Sunday with disquiet. You see, I have always been one to stick up for the underdog (in this case the underduck). The duck certainly needs an ally. It’s not as if they can build trenches in the wetlands and shoot back at the hunters.

I’ll begin with a story. As with all good stories there are two sides. In this case there is the duck and the hunter. I am interested in the duck’s side. Let’s make this more personal and imagine two paradise ducks. They are endemic to New Zealand, but it is legal to shoot them during duck-shooting season, as long as you adhere to bag limits and have a permit.

The female duck is a beautiful chestnut with a pure white head. She partners for life with a male, who is dark grey with a black head. Visualise them, if you will, sleeping contentedly, their heads tucked beneath their wings awaiting the sunrise.

As the sun rises and they take to the air, the glint of the rays sparkling on water droplets clinging to their chestnut and dark grey feathers. And then a crack. Yelps of human joy as a one of the ducks falls wounded back to the water, her neck arching in spasms and her legs peddling awkwardly.

A splash as the hunter’s dog wades in to retrieve the hapless duck in her death throes. She is placed in a bag. The first of many on opening day, May 1, 2016.

I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the duck did not want to die, and will be mourned by her partner for the rest of his life.

But it’s all good fun isn’t it? It’s woven into the very cultural fabric of rural life. Duck hunters have planned for this, lived for it all year.

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Whaleoil Projects – The European Mount

Last week I went for a bit of a hunt with my mate Simon Lusk.

This is what I stalked in on:


It was a nice even 8 pointer Red deer stag. There were three roaring in that area, and they were answering our calls. I went up the slope after them and left Simon to keep them calling while I stalked closer. It was pretty thick undergrowth and plenty of Ongaonga too. On the way up the slope I was sidling staying down wind but I put up several hinds and a couple of spikers. The stags weren’t moving, so obviously holding tight with hinds having a good old root.

I came up through a game trail in some ferns and bracken and spotted this deer moving across the slope from left to right until he stopped for a look side on to me. I had already dialled the scope back to its lowest setting and knew I didn’t have long for the shot, up came the Tikka T3 Lite rifle, I centred the cross hairs just behind the shoulder and sent the 150gr .308 Nosler Ballistic tip on its way. I have a moderator on?the?rifle so heard the thump as the bullet hit home. The deer bolted and I swore. It was less than 40yds away, probably closer to 30yds. I moved up to the spot where I shot it and saw the spray of blood. He was hit and from the colour of the blood he was hit hard. ? Read more »


Dream holidays of bloggers?

For some reason the NZ Herald thinks bloggers and their dream holiday destinations are news.

When I say bloggers, I really have never heard of a single one of them. It seems to just be an arts, lifestyle and travel blogger…plus one called a “self love blogger”…which is…uhmm…interesting.

With summer over for another year, it’s only natural we’re already dreaming of escaping the upcoming winter.

With the help of Contiki, New Zealand’s most popular bloggers have shared their dream destinations and wanderlust inspiration for 2016 – with everywhere from Finland to Coachella making their bucket lists.

Right, so a paid post then…I thought such things were evil…oh wait, it is only evil when I do it.

Since they want to know what bloggers want for holidays (and all theirs are so utterly gay) let’s begin with my dream holidays. ? Read more »


Guest post on guns, criminals and licencing

What a week. Three firearms incidents in a week along with an enquiry into how criminal scumbags are getting guns.

All this attention makes me nervous that now law-abiding people like me might (in the future) get a rubber-glove treatment when we buy guns all because some criminal scumbags (who are unlicensed) are managing to acquire guns and, in particular, military-styled guns. It spurred me to write about it.

I’m a licensed firearms owner and a friend of Cam. I’d like to think I’m responsible. I keep my guns locked up in big steel safes with solid steel doors that have combination entry and bank safe-styled multi-locks. They’re bolted to the floor and hidden in a cupboard that’s also locked. The police inspected my safes and were happy with my arrangements.

I’ve got four guns:

– semi-auto .22 rifle;
– Semi-auto shot gun in 12 gauge;
– .300 Winmag rifle (big calibre for big animals);
– An AR15.

I’m about to buy another three new centrefire rifles in an assortment of calibres to deal with various distances of shooting (sub-400m, over 1000m and close-bush hunting). A wider range of calibres gives me more choices and means I can take the right rifle for the location.

In the world of rifles it helps to know that some? projectiles are fast and flat but don’t go far, yet others are longer-ranged with curved trajectories and yet others are more suitable for short range, like in the bush where you are literally metres from big wild critters, like wild nasty pigs. You can’t really cross over calibres. For example, a big calibre rifle is just too powerful and dangerous for small varmint shooting and at close range. It could ricochet off the ground or will blow the animal into a pile of mince meat. One selects the appropriate rifle and calibre to suit the conditions. ? Read more »


When you have failed at attacking Trump, attack his kids instead

There is real panic in the US now, and after failing to stop Trump with mocking, abuse and attacks against the man himself, the left and the Media party are now going after him via the actions of his kids.

The Daily Mail reports:

Donald Trump today leapt to the defense of his sons for hunting endangered wildlife in Africa.

The Republican frontrunner was questioned about his sons Eric and Donald Jr after Mia Farrow tweeted a picture of them

The property magnate made his remarks while giving a press conference at his Trump Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire, Scotland, during the Women’s British Open.

Trump spoke for a full 30 minutes, giving an insight into his future diplomacy skills.

But when questioned about photographs of his sons with a dead leopard in relation to the killing of Cecil the lion, Trump simply said his ‘sons love to hunt’.

He said: ‘My sons love to hunt. They are members of the NRA, very proudly. I am a big believer in the Second Amendment.

‘But my sons are hunters, Eric is a hunter and I would say he puts it on a par with golf, if not ahead of golf.

‘My other son, Don, is a hunter. They’re great marksman, great shots, they love it.

‘I em, like golf. I don’t do that.’

But he could not be drawn into comment on the specific issue of shooting endangered animals.

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An Isuzu DMAX Shadow and some hunting


Just before Christmas I picked up another Isuzu D-MAX from my mates at Southern Autos Manukau.

It is the “SHADOW”, a tricked up D-MAX built on the LS model.

The blurb states:

The Isuzu D-MAX SHADOW comes with over $8000 worth of accessories, Limited Edition 20 Wheels, Black Sports Bar, Blacked Out Grille, Blacked Out Mirrors, Black Graphics Package, Reverse Camera, Tinted Windows and much more.

This Limited Edition vehicle is based on the tough and dependable Isuzu D-Max LS Double Cable 4X4 Automatic. Fitted with Air Conditioning, 6 Air Bags, Traction Control System, Electronic Stability Program, USB/AUX, Bluetooth Phone Connectivity, Bluetooth Music Streaming, Cruise Control, Child Seat Anchor Points, Projector Headlights, LED Tail Lights, Factory Running Boards and the list goes on.

Which is all well and good, but what does all that mean for a real bloke who isn’t swayed by marketing speak or?upset because CGI animals are talking about getting killed to get into the truck?

Unlike Toyota these trucks don’t need CGI to get animals into the truck; real blokes and proper sheilas kill the animals and chuck them in the back of the truck like they are meant to do. They are proper and real utes, even when tricked out with the accessories. ? Read more »


Imagine the social media outrage if this happened today?