Global warming causes hurricanes? Yeah, nah.

Orlin Wagner / AP

Remember climate alarmists saying that more hurricanes were proof that man-made global warming was real? James Delingpole at Breitbart sets the record straight. quote.

Quote:Global warming has not caused an increase in the frequency or intensity of hurricanes, a study published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation has confirmed.

Climate alarmists such Michael Mann, Kerry Emanuel, and Al Gore often claim that hurricanes are among the extreme weather events that have been exacerbated by man?s selfishness, greed, and refusal to amend his carbon-guzzling lifestyle.End of quote.

In other words evil Capitalism and Consumerism. quote.

Quote:But there is ?little evidence? that this is so, according to the study?s author Paul Homewood.

Even the alarmist Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) acknowledged in its Fifth Assessment Report in 2013 that there has been little change in long-term hurricane activity:

In summary, [there is] low confidence that any reported long-term (centennial) increases in tropical cyclone activity are robust, after accounting or past changes in observing capabilities. More recent assessments indicate that it is unlikely that annual numbers of tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes counts have increased over the past 100 years in the North Atlantic basin. Evidence, however, is for a virtually certain increase in the frequency and intensity of the strongest tropical cyclones since the 1970s in that region.

Unfortunately, a particularly severe hurricane season in the North Atlantic in 2017 gave the alarmists just the excuse they needed to cry wolf once more. Backed by footage of the devastation caused by that year?s two major landfalling hurricanes ? Harvey and Irma ? they concocted a plausible theory as to why global warming will increase such extreme weather events: hurricanes feed off warm waters, so the warmer the waters, the more intense the hurricane.End of quote.

Unfortunately for the alarmists, correlation isn?t proof of causation. quote.

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All NZ Super Rugby final: are you pumped? [POLL]


Our rugby supremacy is out in front for all to see with our own all-NZ final today.

Of course, we’ve already had a pre-view of this game a month ago. ? Read more »

Another global warming myth busted

Climate Change pushers and those that believe everything put out by conflicted parties about global warming always cite bad weather as the result of climate change in order to justify more subsidies, more taxes and more control over populations.

They claim record high temperatures as proof of warming but ignore record low temperatures as just “weather”. Bush-fires are because of global warming and hurricanes are supposedly increasing in intensity and frequency as a result of global warming…that too is a fraud.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ? National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ? National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

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Saving the world from climate change actually contributes to more harm

So now it appears that actions taken to clean up air quality, partially in an effort to reduce the so-called effects of man-made climate change, have in fact contributed to far more destructive climate change in the form of deadly hurricanes.

Apparently air pollution was helping to cause more of the sun?s energy to be reflected back into space, calming down ocean temperatures and circulation patterns. Now that air quality is better, more of the energy is getting into the oceans and creating conditions favourable to hurricanes.

Is this the law of unintended consequences in action, a reminder that we?re actually far better off leaving mother nature to sort her own sh*t out, or both?

Hurricanes, referred to as “acts of God” by insurers and seen by others as harbingers of the effects of climate change, are becoming more common as an unexpected side-effect of efforts to reduce pollution, research indicates.? Read more »

Sports Talk: Super Rugby / RefCam

Super 15:?Hurricanes 29 Crusaders 28

The Hurricanes crept home last night over the Crusaders in a hotly contested match in Wellington with a well timed intercept try in the last 10 minutes by?Alapati Leiua to clinch a 1 point lead after being 6 points down. A missed drop goal by Dan Carter failed to put the Crusaders back in front and never got another realistic chance after that.


This is RefCam, a new initiative to take fans even closer to the action and perhaps bring closer scrutiny to the game. New Zealand referee Chris Pollock was the first match official to wear the HD camera during a Super 15 game between?Queensland Reds and NSW Waratahs last month. SANZAR will be reviewing the RefCam coverage to consider its broader implementation. Read more »

In defence of price gouging

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy there is concern that people may be price gouging. Gov.?Chris?Christie has said he will come down hard on culprits caught price gouging.

During emergencies, New Jerseyans should look out for each other ? not seek to take advantage of each other. The State Division of Consumer Affairs will look closely at any and all complaints about alleged price gouging. Anyone found to have violated the law will face significant penalties.

Mark J. Perry, though, schools the?governor?on market dynamics:

With that statement, the New Jersey governor demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding about how markets actually work. ?Sellers?always?try to take advantage of consumers, in the sense that they always charge ?whatever the market will bear,? and this condition of a well-functioning market doesn?t change because of a natural disaster.

Just like earthquakes, hurricanes, or floods don?t change the fundamental physical laws of gravity or aerodynamics, those natural disasters also don?t change the basic laws of supply and demand. ?If sellers of electric generators in New Jersey are guilty of illegal ?price gouging? for charging market prices after a major disruption to the market like Hurricane Sandy, then sellers of all products at all times are guilty of ?price gouging.? Sellers always charge ?whatever the market will bear,? and in that sense are always trying to ?gouge? and ?take advantage of? buyers to the maximum extent possible. ?To act any differently would be foolish and even disruptive to our economic system based on market prices.

I?m very confident that the last time Governor Christie personally sold one of his own homes, shares of stock, or cars, he sold his possessions for the highest price possible and not a penny cheaper, and in the process he did his very best as a seller to ?take advantage? of the buyer.? That?s how markets function.

Rising, market-based prices?following a disaster?are the most effective method possible of allocating scarce resources, eliminating shortages, and attracting essential supplies to the areas that need them the most. ?In fact, market-based prices are also the most effective method possible of allocating scarce resources, eliminating shortages, and attracting essential supplies to the areas that need them the most?before a disaster?? wind and rain don?t change that reality.? Governor Christie and others fail to recognize that the coordinating role of market prices becomes even more important following a disaster, not less important.? To prevent the price system from operating following a disaster with price gouging laws will make the situation worse, not better.? Thanks to the strict enforcement of their state?s price gouging laws, New Jerseyans should expect possible shortages of fuel, food and generators.

It?s only in the fantasy world of politics that the ?anointed elected officials? think they get to be the ?price deciders,? and determine if sellers are guilty of ?price gouging.? In the real world of the marketplace it?s much different and much more democratic ? the impersonal market forces of supply and demand become the ?price deciders,? and we?re all much better off with those market-determined prices than with the artificial prices determined by politicians and bureaucrats.


Hurricane Sandy live-streaming

Earthcam has high definition streaming webcam coverage?from New York.

So far still people walking around Times Square, wet but no worse than a good day in Wellington.

The megastorm is due to hit New York in a few hours.