Hutt South

Trotter thinks Labour wants to lose Hutt South

On the weekend Labour HQ overrode the wishes of their electorate and selected Virginia Anderson over popular local identity Campbell Barry. He reminisces about the days he was earnestly campaigning for Jim Anderton’s New Labour Party.

Canvassing Dunedin?s working-class streets I was taken to task on doorstep-after-doorstep by a succession of narrow-eyed matrons as suspicious of my rounded middle-class vowels as they were contemptuous of the NLPs affirmative action policy.

?I don?t agree with quotas?, I was told over and over again. ?You should pick the best person for the job.? With impressive prescience, these hard-bitten mothers and grandmothers demanded to know what the NLP would do ?if your quota isn?t filled and you?ve got to choose between a really good man and an unsuitable woman? Are you really going to tell the best man to bugger off? Because if you are ? then you needn?t bother coming around here asking for my vote.?

While Virginia Anderson is a good Labour candidate the party has made a mistake in Hutt South, and Chris Trotter thinks so too and for those same reasons he learned on the doorsteps of Dunedin. ? Read more »

Trevor Mallard reacts under pressure

As reported on Whaleoil, Chris Bishop is contesting Hutt South against Trevor Mallard and is doing so well that Trevor’s return to parliament next year is hardly a certainty.

A journo was rating various political figures’ Twitter habits and found that Bishop was one of the more entertaining, informing and effective communicators.

As part of that article, the journo reported Bishop’s tweet proving the NZ Labour party had petulantly blocked him, petulantly, from following their Twitter feed.

I know – it already sounds like lemon-sucking sore losers acting like kids. But, Trevor Mallard manages to up the ante:

Mallard Read more »

Is Mallard rooted? Part II

Who is taking who for a walk?

His own dog doesn’t even like him

Arts, Travel & Lifestyle blogger David Farrar gives some very high praise to Chris Bishop.

I am not sure I can recall a more active local MP than Chris Bishop. Every week his newsletter is full of the numerous activities he is doing around the electorate ranging from lobbying the Council on parking, to setting up youth awards, promoting businesses, supporting community groups etc.

There is no one in the National party with the institutional intelligence of Farrar, or the massive array of informal contacts throughout the party. For him to say this about Bishop means a lot, and is a very clear hint that Farrar, New Zealand?s best poller and predictor, is thinking that Bishop has an exceptionally good chance of winning the seat off Mallard.

If Chris can win Hutt South he will have confirmed his already-stellar parliamentary reputation.


– Kiwiblog

Is Mallard rooted?


The consensus candidate for the best new National backbencher, Chris Bishop, is doing the hard yards in Hutt South against Labour party veteran Trevor Mallard. Bishop has had a very, very impressive start to his parliamentary career, but winning in parliament is no substitute for proving you are actually electable.

Prime Minister John Key visited Wainuiomata ?recently to open an office for? National List ?MP ?Chris Bishop.

The Hutt South electorate has never been held by National, nor were the electorates of Pencarrow or Petone that preceded it before MMP. Read more »

Who is Andrew Little? Ctd – Does Andrew Little have the bottle for a fight?

Andrew Little

Andrew Little has been considered the man coming in the Labour movement for a generation.

Strangely for a former student politician and unionist he is not known for having much mongrel in him. He bailed first when Judith Collins sued him and Trevor Mallard for defamation.

Labour?s politicians and activists are usually well versed in the dark arts, and know exactly how dirty politics really is because they have been in the thick of some of the most enjoyable political fights ever.

What has been strange about Andrew Little is that he has not had a great reputation for being willing to fight to get ahead. Contrary to the public story that he didn?t want to enter parliament in 2008 because of his young son, the word from inside Fraser House is that Little wanted Rimutaka when Paul Swain retired. In the murk and skullduggery that went on before that selection Little was essentially out muscled, and decided not to run. ?? Read more »

Sledge of the Day

Chris Bishop is taking the fight to Labour’s Trevor Mallard in Hut South, and by all accounts he is hurting Trevor.

We know this for a couple of reasons. First, that Trevor Mallard had to resort to concocting and outrageous policy idea that he shamelessly shopped to the media in order to get coverage. Secondly, despite his leader scotching that idea he is still pushing hard for it.

Labour sources tell me that polling in Hutt South is neck and neck and this perhaps gives us the underlying reason Trevor Mallard is acting the goat.

Chris Bishop though has promise, especially given this sledge the other day:

This morning I took part in the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce candidates’ debate. I talked about my vision of the Hutt as a hub for high value manufacturing and high tech industry. There are hundreds of innovative Hutt Valley businesses in these fields already that barely anyone in Wellington let alone Auckland knows about. If I am privileged enough to be elected as MP for Hutt South I won’t waste my time talking about moas and won’t get thrown out of Parliament constantly. I’ll be a champion for high tech jobs for the Hutt, for research and development, science and innovation, and upskilling our young people at great institutions like Weltec. It’s time for a fresh face for Hutt South and a new strong voice in Parliament and government.

He continues to use the moa distraction to his advantage…the mark of a good politician to keep using a stuff up by an opponent to rub salt into wounds.

Mr Moa and Chris Bishop

Mr Moa and Chris Bishop

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Mallard and Dyson shafted by their own team in boundary redraw

It is looking increasingly like Labour’s own advisor to the Electoral Commission has worked very hard at shafting Ruth Dyson and Trevor Mallard. So much so he has missed some strange looking boundary adjustments in other areas.

Jadis has performed some very good analysis of the changes over at the lifestyle, travel and arts blog of David Farrar. From the looks of it there are no winners on the left side of politics.

And most of the losers are Labour.


Ruth Dyson, Port Hills ? Dyson is the biggest loser in this boundary review. ?Her majority has been reversed with the Nats stronghold of Halswell moving into the seat, and Anderton?s old stomping ground of Sydenham moving into Christchurch Central. ?Dyson will have a real battle to hold this, even with the Nats putting in a new candidate. ?How winnable the seat is very much depends on the strength of the Nat candidate, but a good candidate could take the seat with a 2000 majority. ?I?d be gutted if I was Dyson as Pete Hodgson (who did the boundaries for Labour) is a good mate of hers. ?Perhaps this is Labour?s new (poor) strategy of retiring MPs.

Trevor Mallard, Hutt South ? This is the surprise of the final boundaries. ?Mallard has gained all of the ?Western Hills (good Nat territory) and lost super red areas of Naenae and Rimutaka. Labour should have been able to stop this occurring but appear to have put up no fight. ?Mallard should be furious with his party for failing to keep Hutt South a real red seat. ?Why didn?t Hodgson fight hard for Mallard? ?Was it a directive from on high? ?Realistically, Mallard should hold the seat but he?ll be working hard for it and never should have been put in this position. I expect Mallard?s majority to be pegged down a few.? Read more »

Mallard goes rogue

In this video at 5:17 Trevor Mallard goes rogue.

Trevor Mallard defies an agreement by the business committee (all parties including Shadow House Leader Grant Robertson) that there should be party votes rather than personal votes. ? Read more »

Sounds like a standard night in Wainuiomata

A wild boar in Australia caused a ruckus in a campsite when the swine stole and drank 18 beers from a camper.

The pig then got the drunk munchies and rooted around various campsites for food, the Metro reports.

The pig apparently then decided to pick a fight with a nearby cow, however the fight didn?t turn out the way he probably imagined it would.

A camper said, ?There were some other people camped right on the river and they saw him being chased around their vehicle by a cow.?

Authorities searched for the boar only to find him passed out under a tree, no doubt sleeping it off. – The Daily Caller

Gets pissed, starts fights and roots around….I wonder if it can ride a bike and scalp tickets on Trademe too.



Has Labour’s Man Ban triggered the Spring Offensive early?

Yesterday I leaked Labour’s proposed “Man Ban” rule changes.

It seems I may have triggered the Spring Offensive early.

West Coast-Tasman MP Damien O’Connor said he was confident his electorate would “not ask for something so stupid” as a women-only candidate selection. ?? Read more »