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When will the Greens propose that the State feed kids dinner too?

The Green party has never found a problem that can’t be solved by either banning it, taxing it or throwing money at it.

When breakfast in schools was first mooted I predicted that the next step would be to demand that the government feed kids lunch as well, ignoring the fact that the basic premise of welfare is to provide for a family with children and, by feeding children at school, there doesn’t seem to be a corresponding decrease in welfare benefits for the State doing what parents should be doing.

Well, it has come to pass with the Greens demanding that the government feed kids at lunch as well.

The Greens are again calling on the Government to provide breakfasts and lunches in schools following a report that Upper Hutt businesses aren’t prepared to fund a local project.

“Leaving it to cash-strapped community organisations to feed our hungry children clearly isn’t working, and that’s why we need the Government to step in,” said MP Marama Davidson.

“Thousands of Kiwi kids are going to school hungry every day, through no fault of their own.”

The RNZ report said 14 Upper Hutt primary and intermediate schools have teamed up with a local trust to work out ways to provide lunches for an estimated 50 children who turn up hungry.

They need about $30,000 a year and Manuel Dalton, who is running the trust, says he emailed about 300 local businesses asking for help and received only two replies — both of them turned down the appeal. ? Read more »

You need an excuse to move the capital?

AS if there was any need for more reasons to shun Wellington, there has been a new discovery of a previously unknown fault line in the city.

John Key says it is not an excuse to move the capital…like we needed one…I’ve long suggested Waiouru as the capital…it wold cut down on civil servants very quickly.

A previously unknown large fault line has been discovered?lying beneath Wellington Harbour, but it is not an excuse to move the capital, Prime Minsiter John Key says.

The fault, capable of generating a maximum earthquake of between magnitude 6.3 and 7.1, was found through the ongoing mapping of the fault system under the capital, the?Dominion Post?understands.

The active fault is understood to run south from the harbour near Westpac Stadium. Mapping of the fault line through the land is the next step for seismologists.

It is not yet known if it is connected to the Wellington fault, which runs down the Hutt Valley along State Highway 2 and south through Cook Strait. ? Read more »

Sledge of the Day

Chris Bishop is taking the fight to Labour’s Trevor Mallard in Hut South, and by all accounts he is hurting Trevor.

We know this for a couple of reasons. First, that Trevor Mallard had to resort to concocting and outrageous policy idea that he shamelessly shopped to the media in order to get coverage. Secondly, despite his leader scotching that idea he is still pushing hard for it.

Labour sources tell me that polling in Hutt South is neck and neck and this perhaps gives us the underlying reason Trevor Mallard is acting the goat.

Chris Bishop though has promise, especially given this sledge the other day:

This morning I took part in the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce candidates’ debate. I talked about my vision of the Hutt as a hub for high value manufacturing and high tech industry. There are hundreds of innovative Hutt Valley businesses in these fields already that barely anyone in Wellington let alone Auckland knows about. If I am privileged enough to be elected as MP for Hutt South I won’t waste my time talking about moas and won’t get thrown out of Parliament constantly. I’ll be a champion for high tech jobs for the Hutt, for research and development, science and innovation, and upskilling our young people at great institutions like Weltec. It’s time for a fresh face for Hutt South and a new strong voice in Parliament and government.

He continues to use the moa distraction to his advantage…the mark of a good politician to keep using a stuff up by an opponent to rub salt into wounds.

Mr Moa and Chris Bishop

Mr Moa and Chris Bishop

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Gareth Morgan FC (aka the Phoenix) eye smaller venue

Having insulted virtually every Phoenix supporter, it seems Mad Gareth Morgan is left with a hard core of 1,000 according to the Dom Post:

?The Welnix consortium has had talks with Wellington City Council about downsizing from the 34,500-seat stadium and shifting to Newtown Park, which has 1000 seats, no floodlights, and limited parking.?

I called it right last Thursday when our answer to Sir Alex Fergusson invoked?his novel marketing tactic of calling Phoenix supporters thick just for wanting them to win a game.??When Morgan said on Radio Sport that a ?more attractive, possession-based passing style, was required for success in the long-term?.

I said:

?No, not if you a). Not have any fans,?b). right-size to a public park to fit attendance?and c). have decent players avoiding your LOSER team like the plague.?

It turns out?Option B was right on the button according to the Dom Post.? Read more »