I ask a German gentleman what life is like since the borders were opened


Whaleoil may not be big enough yet for me to fly to Germany to interview the locals but thanks to social media platform Gab I tracked down the local #DeutschFam?and asked if any of them would be interested in doing an e-mail interview with me about life in Germany since Merkel opened up their borders. The first person to complete my e-mail interview was EndtimesGerman who went out of his way to prove to me that he was a genuine German by sending me two photos. Endtimes like every other person who agreed to do the interview did not want to give his real name. You will find out why not when you read the whole interview.

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Looks like Venezuela has not only run out of other people’s money, but also their own

Margaret Thatcher once famously said that the problem with socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people’s money.

Well, Venezuela ran out of that long ago, and now it has run out of their own money.

Venezuela has run out of cash. Not metaphorically, mind you: The country literally doesn?t have enough cash to go around.

Two weeks ago, facing an acute shortage of paper money, bank regulators capped cash withdrawals at 10,000 Venezuelan bolivars per day ? about $5.25.

As I write this, following an almighty rout on the black market, those same 10,000 bolivars are worth less than half that much: $2.17. (By the time you read this, the real number?s likely lower.)

Stop and think about that: How on earth can a country work when the most cash anyone there is allowed to withdraw from their bank account in a day is two bucks and change?

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Photo Of The Day

Zimbabwe $100 trillion

Zimbabwe $100 trillion


Zimbabwean Dollars

?My brother went to Zimbabwe, and all he got me was 100 trillion dollars.

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