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A prodigious womaniser and food connoisseur who kept some 20 luxurious properties throughout the Caribbean ? including a private island he used to visit on his beautiful yacht ? Castro was a complete fraud. Seen above being presented with an invitation to the New York Press Photographer's Ball, New York City, April 23, 1959.

A prodigious womaniser and food connoisseur who kept some 20 luxurious properties throughout the Caribbean ? including a private island he used to visit on his beautiful yacht ? Castro was a complete fraud. Seen above being presented with an invitation to the New York Press Photographer’s Ball, New York City, April 23, 1959.

?The Horse?

The man who spent his life railing against the excesses of capitalism lived like a King ? and a very debauched one at that…

He portrayed himself as a man of the people who shunned the trappings of wealth. But in reality Fidel Castro, the longtime communist leader of Cuba, lived a life of pampered luxury and had a fortune of hundreds of millions.

Away from the prying eyes of his people who suffered poverty and hardship after he seized power in a communist coup 55 years ago, Castro lived like a king.

While many around the world spoke highly of Castro?s success in greatly reducing illiteracy and proving basic services like health care, many have long been critical of his reign and his enablers in the West. Whatever success he achieved, he did so through a brutal dictatorship that denied freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and other basic civil liberties.

Lenin is said to have called them ?useful idiots? ? the Western Left-wingers who lavished praise on Communist regimes while turning a blind eye to the misery they caused. They have been out in force the last few days, heaping adulation on the Marxist dictator Fidel Castro.

According to Jeremy Corbyn, the serial killer who led Cuba?s police state for five decades was: ?A massive figure in the history of the whole planet? He will be remembered both as an internationalist and a champion of social justice.?

Castro is another hypocrite, communist crook! he apparently hated capitalism but created a net worth,?$900 million, according to Forbes. His propaganda he lived?on $20 a month and his only luxury were his Cuban cigars. Now we found out the crook had 20 luxury homes, a yacht, and a private island ? so much for hating capitalism.

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Dodgy Wog Anjem Choudary is also a hypocrite


Where there is a religious public figure there is always a hypocrite.

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary spent years chiding the West, calling for Sharia law in Britain and even claiming he wanted to move to ISIS-occupied Syria.

But, as a photo which emerged today shows, the notorious cleric was happy to enjoy the lifestyle provided by living in the UK.

The picture, taken while Choudary was on bail ahead of his terror trial, shows him purchasing a McDonald’s meal. ? Read more »

Su?a William Sio is a true Labour party MP: a story for every occasion

Here he is, in parliament, raging against charter schools

Talk to Associate Professor Damon Salesa of the University of Auckland, who spent 10 years in the United States and whose children attended some of the local charter schools there. He will tell you that, as far as he is concerned, charter schools are not successful, particularly in reference to minority groups, particularly in reference to low-income groups. They are not successful in the United States. How can we then expect that they are going to be successful here in New Zealand?

And yet, here he is again, at the opening of a South Auckland charter school on Wednesday ? Read more »

David Cunliffe is talking out of both sides of his mouth again

Yesterday David Cunliffe committed to removing the coat-tailing provision in his first 100 days as Prime Minister.

Of course in order to be Prime Minister he would need coat-tailers to support him and so his promise is completely hollow.

Today as is becoming usual for David Cunliffe, we see the policy has changed somewhat…and his extreme hypocrisy is exposed.

Even though he is promising to remove coat-tailing he is also very happy to cut a deal with coat-tailers like the Internet?Mana party in order to grasp power.

Yet another left wing leader whose principles are for sale to a large German crook living in Coatesville.

Labour leader David Cunliffe confirmed he would still be open to a post-election deal with Internet Mana despite making the abolition of “coat-tailing” under MMP a priority for a Labour-led Government.

Prime Minister John Key said that makes him hypocritical; Mr Cunliffe said Mr Key was “unconstitutional” because he had rejected a recommendation by the Electoral Commission to get rid of the one-seat rule.

The one-seat rule, known as coat-tailing, exempts a party – or a formal alliance such as Internet Mana – from having to reach the 5 per cent threshold for Party Votes if it wins an electorate seat. Read more »

Paul Brislen’s taxpayer-funded junket?

Yesterday I revealed that Paul Brislen is a hypocrite and likes to suck off the taxpayers? tit.

It appears that Brislen has been going cap-in-hand to government departments to get a taxpayer-funded bailout for his irrelevant organisation.

Today, his organisation appears to be suddenly full of cash (thank you taxpayers)

Now he is boasting that he is in Hawaii on a ?work trip?, probably funded by the taxpayer.

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Dodgy Muslim ratbag and hypocrite

What are the chances that a high and mighty muslim football star who took a stance against gambling would be caught gambling…You wouldn’t want to take that bet would you?

It is like christian finger-pointers who get caught kiddy-fiddling. They think they are covered with the shield of sanctimony.

Pictured in a casino: ?40,000-a-week Muslim footballer Pappis Cisse who refuses to play for Newcastle because shirt sponsor is payday loan firm Wonga 'which compromises his religious beliefs'

Pictured in a casino: ?40,000-a-week Muslim footballer Papiss Cisse who refuses to play for Newcastle because shirt sponsor is payday loan firm Wonga ‘which compromises his religious beliefs’

A picture has emerged apparently showing Muslim footballer Papiss Cisse at a casino table.

It comes as the Newcastle striker is at loggerheads with the club over their decision to replace old sponsor Virgin Money with pay-day loan company Wonga. ? Read more »

The shamelessness of Matt McCarten

Matt McCarten has a column in the Herald on Sunday where he claims his budget would do the trick. What would he know about budgets, he doesn’t even pay his taxes, or even file his tax returns.

There is a slight problem with Matt McCarten suggesting any sort of budget…he can’t even run his own union, stealing PAYE and Kiwisaver contributions which as far as I know he hasn’t yet paid back. If we all ran our households and businesses like Matt McCarten runs his union there wouldn’t be a cent in tax for him to spend in his budget.

A real game changer would be to get all tax cheats like Matt McCarten and lock them up in a debtors prison, until they cough up what is owed. Until he pays what is owed Matt McCarten should really shut the fuck up.

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The Lamington Files, Ctd

If there?s one thing coming through about the Herald?s pandering to Witchy Wendyl it?s that she?s not as well liked as the editor would like to think she is.

If these pics are anything to go by, Shayne?s clearly a smooth operator with the ladies, so it?s no wonder Witchy Wendyl is all gushy over him in one of her books.


Is that the reason he allows her a weekly?column?rant to be published containing mistakes and half-truths attacking other manufacturers? products?? Read more »

Pot, Kettle…Tax Cheat

Matt McCarten is dancing a jig because?of Labour’s proposed?capital?gains tax:

At last some of our political leaders recognise the game is up.

Phil Goff’s tentative steps in backing a capital gains tax on property is a commendable start in rolling back the tax rorts the wealthy have been getting away with for 30 years.

What about tax rorts of unions and union bosses Matt? What about unions simply paying their tax instead of thieving it to run campaigns?

Let he without sin cast the first stone.

Hypocrite. Pay your tax Matt!

Government Heavied the Electricity Commission

A court case that has severe embarrassment potential for the Government has finally hit the courts.

Back in January DPF blogged about the ministerial interference and bullying by David Parker and Michael Cullen in the decision to ram through the Waikato Power Pylons against all the available advice.

The court case is challenging that decision and some of the key evidence was read today, including the sworn affidavit of Roy Hemmingway who was effectively fired by the government for his push back against ministerial interference.

The court was told that a majority of the commission’s board members went on to approve the proposal after being inappropriately directed to approve the decision, fearing that if they did not, they would be stripped of the power to make similar decisions in future.

This case has massive embarrassment potential, especially if the court overturns the decision for being improper in much the same way that Whangamata decision was overturned due to ministerial interference. Michael Cullen and David Parker will be squirming on the results of this case, the results of which are likely to be out before the election is held.

Radio NZ has a good summary of proceedings (streaming audio) today.