Anti oil protestors show they love oil with their protest


You’ve got to love the smelly hippies and their utter hypocrisy in staging a protest against oil all while bobbing around on their own little oil-made personal watercraft.

As the world’s powers signed a global climate change pact in France, a buoyant crowd gathered at Wellington’s harbour to protest deep sea oil exploration in New Zealand.

Almost every country on the world signed onto the Paris Agreement on Sunday, New Zealand-time.

Wellington’s Oil Action group had planned the flotilla protest on the harbour to align with the Paris Agreement, allying with many other environmentalist groups doing the same around the world, spokeswoman?Jessie Dennis said.

But they were by no means celebrating the milestone pact. ? Read more »


MP Expenses – A comparison between two MPs and a hippycrite

Gareth Hughes

The Media Party are going for the headlines in who spent the most where…but they are missing the comparisons when it comes to MP expenses.

Sure it makes for great headlines that Tim Groser had his sleeves shortened, or Gerry Brownlee staying in a hotel that cost $2100 a night. Most of those expenses are in the course of trade related visits. They certainly aren’t in the league of Clayton Cosgrove miraculously losing three items of luggage and having to get new suits each time. Whilst he might be the world’s most unluckiest Business Class traveller where they managed to lose priority luggage several times he certainly didn’t need to trough it up and get new suits…luggage turns up eventually.

However if you look at comparisons between similar MPs you get to see where the real troughing is.

Take National’s List and Wellington based MP Chris Bishop. Now I’m no big fan of Chris Bishop, but look at his expenses for the 91 days between 1 July and 30 September 2015.

His out of Wellington accommodation is $889 and his air travel is $4333 and his land travel costs were $2813 for a total of $8,036. This is $88 a day for accomodation and travel.

Sounds large, but let’s look at some other Wellington based MPs. ? Read more »

The Whaleoil Supreme Sugar Award goes to…

The sugar debate is an interesting one. It?s now full of troughers so high on their own sense of importance that they lose their rag when people take them on.


They call it #DirtyPolitics.

But this new Whaleoil Award doesn?t actually go to a trougher sitting in Otago University?s Department of Troughers in Wellington???tempting as it may be.

No, this award goes to a successful businessman. A man so rat-shit cunning he uses the obesity troughers? conferences to run hits against the fizzy drink industry.

The strategy is simple. Wind up as much noise as possible against a competitor so that they end up buying your business just to shut you up.

To help with this #DirtyPolitics strategy, this man also ran print ads in the Herald on behalf of Australian class-action lawyers calling for a class action against Coca Cola and Frucor ? and then claimed he had never heard of them.

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Greenpeace Ratbags and Hippy-crites protesting progress


I was just having a look through the photos of the hippy protestors. There are loads of plastics, which are made with oil, plenty of metals, obtained via mining, not to mention their native timber boats and petrol driven engines.

In Video Blog 10, by the skipper?s admission at about?50s, it would seem they managed to get to the protest location through the use of an internal combustion engine, fuelled with diesel.

Check this out.

One of the boats is called SV Ratbag…which is hilarious and appropriate.

SV?Ratbag?is 43-foot gaff-rigged topsail schooner, a traditional wooden classic. Built in the traditional manner by the late Curtis Ashford.

That would be the traditional manner of cutting down trees and sawing them into planks?

SV?Tiama?is a 15.15 metre steel cutter, designed???by Alan Mummery, built by Henk Haazen.? Read more »


Pot. Kettle. Black. from “decent journalist, trained and skilled”

John Drinnan is being his usual sanctimonious self:

Kenrick raised eyebrows in a recent interview on TV3’s Media3 programme when he said he was not stressed by the state of TVNZ news and current affairs. If he is not worried, maybe it is time for him or the TVNZ board to start taking a look, and comparing how the leaderless newsroom is performing, not just in ratings, but in the oversight of news values and its performance in covering news stories such as the Kim Dotcom saga.? Read more »

Gareth Hughes killing penguins and polar bears with Bonfires

Dolphin, Gareth Hughes, bonfires

Dead dolphin, helped to an early grave by Gareth Hughes and his bonfires

So after burning up the carbon miles travelling around the country (care of the taxpayer) to turn up at any Greenie cause he could find to support, Gareth Hughes has had a good old fashioned burn off at his place over summer. Isn’t composting supposed to be the ‘Green’ thing to do? ?Perhaps if it’s only other people.

?How are you unwinding over summer?

My plan is to have a whole bunch of bonfires. I bought a house last year and I’ve got a huge amount of gardening to catch up with so I’ve got a fire permit and as the nights have got a bit longer I’ve started having fires so I plan to do some gardening, clear some wood. There’s heaps of fallen trees we’ve cleared away and straggly stuff.?? Read more »

Hypocrite anti-gun newspaper employees get mapped

When the New York Journal News came up with their big idea of mapping all the gun permit holders in their area. They released all?the names and home addresses of every pistol permit-holder in New York?s Westchester and Rockland counties.

I’ll bet that they didn’t realise, in their wildest dreams, they would get some push back.

We have already read how they have turned themselves in bigger hypocrites than the green taliban by hiring gun-toting security guards to protect their employees.

But now they have had all their staff crowd-source mapped too.

Undeterred by the fact that the handgun data was, by?state law, a matter of the public record, aggrieved gun owners retaliated. A crowdsourced?map?of the home addresses of?Journal News?employees ? including their home and work phone numbers when found ? went up. The site also listed the names and addresses of the paper?s local and national advertisers, suggesting?Journal News?readers write letters threatening to boycott their goods and services unless the?Journal News?took its map down. The New York State & Pistol Association urged a?boycott?of all Gannett enterprises, asserting that the map had ?put in harm?s way tens of thousands of lawful license holders.?

This is a classic case of the law of unintended consequences. But the News Journal staff can hardly complain…they let this particular genie out o the bottle..when they took their high and mighty attitude against?the?rights of people to protect themselves legally with properly?permitted?hand-guns.

View the map of Journal News staff and the explanation from the site that released it after the break.

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Hypocrite anti-gun newspaper hires armed guards to protect themselves

The New York Journal News is a local?newspaper that recently published the names and addresses of every?local resident with a gun permit.

Not surprisingly they’ve suffered a?backlash and have had threats made against them… so the newspaper?that is against gun ownership has hired armed security guards for?protection.

A suburban?New York?newspaper that ignited a furor by publishing the identities of thousands of residents who hold gun licenses has hired armed security to guard its staff after receiving an intimidating e-mail, a?police report?said.

Among a “large amount of negative correspondence” that White Plains, New York-based?Journal News?has received since publishing permit holders’ names was one e-mail in which the sender “wondered what would get in her mail next,” according to a Clarkstown, New York, police report obtained by Reuters on Wednesday.

The editor,?Caryn McBride, told police the newspaper hired a private security company whose “employees are armed and will be on site during business hours,” the report said. The guards are protecting the newspaper’s staff and Rockland County offices in?West Nyack, New York.

Police told McBride the e-mail did not contain an explicit threat that could compel authorities to take action against the sender. The menacing e-mail was reported to police on December 28.

Calls to the newspaper and the security firm, RGA Investigations, were not immediately returned.

What a bunch of hypocrites…they were against gun ownership and now they hide behind them.

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Video mocks hypocrite antigun stars

A whole bunch of anti-gun celebrities have come out with a video against guns…the problem is the hypocrites have been made films, tv shows, made money from the glorification of the gun culture they now stand against…some even use guns themselves as a hobby…and all caught on camera.

Someone has taken their video and made a mashup of their utter hypocrisy:

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Wendyl Nissen's Green Goddess status under threat

Yesterday I destroyed the presumptuousness of Wendyl Nissen’s “Green Goddess” tag. Today I will go further and suggest that perhaps she should be driving a Hummer instead of a Toyota Prius if she is serious about claiming her car is “green” and she doesn’t like “nasty chemicals”.

and then there is this Australian view of the “green” Prius.

When will car manufacturers start advertising and sponsoring more?muscular?cars and commentators, having them drive manly cars/trucks?

I bet my audience slays Wendyl’s any day of the week. So if you want to look like a goober, lose money, and yet feel “good” about being “Green” then follow the banal touting of Wendyl Nissen.

Oh and about those nasty chemicals she won’t have in her garage? ?She forgot to mention the 45 litres of petrol sitting in the fuel tank.

The?material safety data sheet for unleaded gasoline shows at least fifteen hazardous chemicals occurring in various amounts, including?benzene (up to 5% by volume),?toluene (up to 35% by volume),?naphthalene (up to 1% by volume),?trimethylbenzene (up to 7% by volume),?Methyl?tert-butyl ether (MTBE) (up to 18% by volume, in some states) and about ten others.

The?ExxonMobil MSDS for unleaded petrol in New Zealand shows the following “nasty chemicals” that most demonstrably are in Wendyl Nissen’s garage when she parks her “very green” Toyota Prius there.

nasty-chemicals in Wendyl Nissen's garage

Nasty Chemicals in Wendyl Nissen's garage

It seems that Toyota and Glitrap City toyota along with Wendyl Nissen are prepared to?willfully?lie, and lie utterly about the fact that there are “nasty chemicals” in the Green Goddess’s garage.