Here's to you Mrs Robinson

This story has hit the press in Ireland and caused a massive scandal, with demands of the resignations of Peter Robinson, who’s wife Iris Robinson, has palyed dutiful wife and committed Christian, quoting scripture and denouncing the sexual immorality of others. And now it has been revealed that she is actually “Hussy” Iris the woman who walks on the wild side, takes a teenage lover, and craves the forbidden fruit.

“Tiger” Mallard will have to just suck it up now, there is no way he has done a teenage girl, her mother and a fellow MP in front of security forces. Or maybe he has and he can give the good oil to the Whale.

There is now a Facebook page and group trying to get the iconic song Mrs Robinson – made famous by the 1960’s hit The Graduate – to number 1 in next Sunday’s chart in honour of Northern Ireland’s disgraced first lady, Iris Robinson.


Ouch, extreme fisking of Hillary's campaign

Ouch! This article is the hardest hitting litany of Hillary Clinton’s flailing campaign that I have seen so far and it isn’t pretty for Hillary.

[quote]The tenacity that even critics praised suddenly looks tawdry. The persistence against impossible odds appears anything but noble. Long after the party is over, Clinton’s refusal to go home is taking on the trappings of a sad spectacle.

Her inability to accept defeat is not, it seems clear, about public service or even politics. It is merely personal.

With Barack Obama on a glide path to the Democratic nomination – he has insurmountable leads in delegates and popular votes – Clinton’s cringe-inducing performance is doing what her harshest critics never could. It has ripped away any pretense that she actually stands for something.[/quote]

The article then progresses solidly through all of her flip-flops, inconsistencies and outright lies. It really is a fine article to showcase how to destroy a politicians credibility.
[quote]So even while Obama was going through the roughest patch of the campaign, with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his own slight of small-town Americans threatening to undermine him, Clinton couldn’t persuade voters she should be the nominee.

Which explains why she is calling the rules unfair. The only thing she hasn’t done is blame them on “the vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Actually, she came close to doing the opposite. In a TV interview, she faulted her party’s way of apportioning delegates, and said, “If we had the Republican rules, I would already be the nominee.”

So don’t count her out just yet. Perhaps she’s thinking of running against “the vast left-wing conspiracy” of her own party.[/quote]