So who is on holiday anyway?

The ex-Prime Minister from her holiday pad overseas accused the National government of being on holiday. So a little investigative analysis was needed to see who is really on holiday.

The front page of Labour’s rather slim site has no news after 17 December. Ditto the Blog page. You would’ve thought they had worked out how a blog works after funding one for so long, or maybe all of those “bloggers” are now seeking employment in the private sector. The news page is worse ending on the 13th of December. Labour are also continuing to run campaigns on old policy. They ran in 2008 with no policy published and now in 2009 they have their 2008 policy which strangely was never released for the election.

On the people page:

  • No MPs have email or phone numbers
  • Helen Clark again refers to herself as the Prime Minister and still uses super-model Helen for her picture
  • Michael Cullen is still in “the most exciting campaign” since 1981
  • Steve Chadwick still thinks she is MP for Rotorua
  • Same with Darren Hughes in Otaki
  • Clayton Cosgrove doesn’t get a picture
  • George Hawkins and Mita Ririnui don’t have biographies
  • Grant Robertson says he is a candidate for Wellington Central

Oh and check out George Hawkins face in the background of Phil Twyford’s maiden speech!

For the final ignominy check out the About Page. I’ve created an image because no doubt some party hack will be tasked with getting some basic facts right.

Numpty twats, just what exactly have they been doing over the break? It sure as fuck hasn’t been getting the website right.