Ian Apperly

Forget bikes; driverless vehicles are our saviour

I’ve been saying this for years and now someone else has piped up and provided a good article on why driverless technology will save us from loopy rail projects and stupid cycleways.

Ian Apperly writes at NBR:

Debate over the past two years has argued cycleways are either a good solution to traffic woes or an over-hyped solution put forward by self-interested industry groups and a left-leaning local politics environment.

The reality is that cycleways are going to vanish as is a lot of industry, as autonomous vehicles take over.

In 2010, Uber launched. It connected drivers with riders. Over the past few years Uber has been more commonly thought of as a taxi service but it is not. It?s a lot better and a lot safer.

In 2015, nearly half of all ?taxi? rides in the US were Uber-driven. Uber is valued at about $50 billion, half the value of all the global taxi companies.

That new model is already ?disrupting? and is set to ?super-disrupt? as autonomous vehicles appear.

It?s long been known Google has a stake in Uber and that the end goal of Uber is to go driverless.

In July 2015, Uber preordered 500,000 vehicles from Tesla.

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Unholy alliance is an insult to all NZ ICT workers

Ian Apperly writes about the unholy alliance of the Internet and Mana parties.

There are over forty five thousand ICT workers in New Zealand. We are a strong industry. We have the capability to provide export values more than milk and butter in the near future. We are already billions of dollars advanced in terms of turnover. We are serious. So when an unholy alliance of hard left politics coupled with a convicted fraudster appears as a contender to politics, reportedly speaking in our name, we need to be damn careful before we take our vote and put it behind a machine that, in my opinion, is possibly one of the most aborted, mangled, and ugly conglomerates that I have ever seen.

He then goes on to highlight Hone Harawira’s racism, along with Kim Dotcom’s own nazi-loving and racist behaviour. After that he gives a damn good fisking of the PR speak surrounding this band of left wing muppets masquerading as crusaders.

So we have a borderline racist and a convicted criminal, with arguably some very questionable judgement, that have joined forces with the glue between them being Laila Harre, and old Left agitator. So what does she have to say about it? The quotes are?sourced from this interview:

?The Internet Party has grown out of an existing constituency of people who are very concerned about the lost opportunities that we?re seeing day by day with a government that?s making very short term pragmatic decisions and isn?t enabling the full potential of the internet and of the technological revolution, to play a part in our lives.?

What a load of bunk. The Internet Party is a, in my opinion, financial arrangement between Mana and Kim Dotcom that sees Harawira(s) getting a significant amount of cash (millions) in an effort of Kim Dotcom to have a go at government. Seems to me that, even though I have been a critic, our Internet access is increasingly getting better. So why do we need these guys and girls?

Let?s take another angle. The Mana Internet Party has a real focus on ?tin and iron?. Building network links and the like. But you know what, that?s not actually how ICT works at all, it?s important, but it?s something that?comes after what strategy you decide on. In other words, let?s decide what is important as a country and then figure out what tech we need to support that.

??I think one of the great things about this party is it represents the sort of fullness and diversity of the internet generation. At one side we have cutting edge entrepreneurs, people who really see the opportunities in an expansion of this technology for New Zealand, and there?s no question at all that we cannot get beyond our current economic malaise without a massive transformation.?

So here?s the thing lady, I?m part of the ?Internet Generation? and I have to say, talking to my peer group, the chances of you getting votes from us is pretty much zip. This statement is just gibberish. What we are looking for is good ICT policy. Something that the Mana Internet Party simply does not have. In fact, National and the Right are dragging badly here as well. If you want to look for good policy then check out Labour and the Greens. Here?s hoping that National de-couples their old view of ICT policy and comes up with something solid so we have a good choice.

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