Ian Callinan

David Bain has hurty feelings, pass him a snotty hanky to dry his eyes

Poor old jug-eared David Bain. Instead of slinking off into obscurity he is now professing that he has hurty feelings.

Jared Savage records his butt hurt at the Ferald.

David Bain was “disgusted” with the Australian judge for refusing to meet with him while considering his compensation bid for wrongful imprisonment.

Bain said his rights were “completely abused” by Justice Ian Callinan QC who made “extremely hurtful” comments in finding Bain did not prove his innocence “on the balance of probabilities” of killing five members of his family.

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Larry Williams on the Bain leak

Larry Williams has the best summary of the Bain leak. Where other media have lapped up the Bain camp lines, almost on cue, he stands as an outlier on the issue.

A confidential report on the David Bain compensation case apparently finds Bain not “innocent beyond reasonable doubt”.

Bain will not receive a dime then, unless the Government goes against the review findings.

The Government is now being accused of moving the goalposts to avoid paying Bain compensation. That they went shopping for the result they wanted and manipulated the process.

Really ?

There were no such accusations when the Government started the process and appointed Canadian judge Ian Binnie to review the case for compensation.

Justice Minister Judith Collins, a lawyer by the way, ordered a peer review because she wasn’t satisfied that Binnie’s report stacked up.

If you are a competent Justice Minister and you receive a report you think is “suspect” you have a duty to review it.

Collins did just that.

The review by retired Judge Robert Fisher QC found Binnie’s report flawed. To be precise, he found “several errors of law”.

Collins’ instincts and judgment was proven to be correct. Some of the top legal brains in the country came to the same conclusion – that Binnie’s report fell short.

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