Ian Macdonald

A premier with balls

Barry O’Farrell is the NSW Premier and he has announced that if there is any mischief involving his ministers then off to the Independent Commission Against Corruption you go.

Ministers who breach the code of conduct will be answerable to the Independent Commission Against Corruption for the first time after Premier Barry O’Farrell announced support for the regulator’s recommendations.

Following inquiries involving former Labor ministers Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald over the allocation of lucrative coal licences, the ICAC advised the government to adopt several anti-corruption measures.

One was that the NSW government’s ministerial code of conduct becomes ”an applicable code” for the purposes of the ICAC Act, meaning serious breaches could amount to corrupt conduct.

Additionally, ICAC recommended that the government overhaul the way mining licences were issued in NSW.

Corrupt ratbag now on bludge for legal expenses

Eddie Obeid really does have an entitlement mentality that is as astonishing for its cheek as for its greed.

He has picked the pockets of the government, unions and ALP and now wants to pick even more pockets.

Fresh from corruptly making millions of dollars by rigging a tender for a valuable coal exploration licence, Eddie Obeid has asked taxpayers to cover his legal fees ”in the public interest”.

In July the Independent Commission Against Corruption found Mr Obeid and his family made $30 million by rigging a tender for the licence at Mount Penny in the Bylong Valley with the help of then mining minister Ian Macdonald.

As Mr Obeid faces another turn in the witness box on Wednesday at the new ICAC inquiry into his interests in commercial leases at Circular Quay, his lawyers have written to NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith requesting financial assistance.   Read more »

As predicted, Dodgy ALP ratbag found to be corrupt, for the third time

The dodgy corrupt ALP ratbag Ian MacDonald has been found corrupt again, for the third time, by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Ian Macdonald and his union boss mate, John Maitland, have been found corrupt by the Independent Commission Against Corruption over a lucrative Hunter Valley coal licence issued without a tender to Mr Maitland’s company, Doyles Creek Mining.

Both have been referred to the public prosecutor for potential criminal charges, along with Craig Ransley and Andrew Poole, two wealthy Newcastle businessmen who bankrolled the project.

Earlier this month, Mr Macdonald was found corrupt by the ICAC over a rigged tender that conferred a benefit worth up to $100 million on the family of ALP powerbroker Eddie Obeid.

Dodgy ALP ratbag set to cop third corruption finding

Ian MacDonald is a dodgy, corrupt ratbag. Today it is expected that the Independent CommissionAgainst Corruption will find him to be corrupt for a third time.

The crooked former minister Ian Macdonald is likely to be slapped with his third corruption finding in a month, as the state’s anti-graft agency prepares to hand down yet another report into the former NSW Labor government.

The expected adverse finding against Mr Macdonald for his decision to issue a lucrative coal licence to a company run by a Labor Party ally, former union boss John Maitland, comes as the federal election campaign shifts into its final week.  Read more »

Liberals attack…hard

This is the Liberals latest attack ad…

I love negative campaigning…that video will hurt because it is true.

DEPUTY Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Foreign Minister Bob Carr, outgoing Labor Party boss Sam Dastyari have been linked to corrupt former MPs Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald in a new series of Liberal Party attack TV ads due to be rolled out across NSW tonight.  Read more »

Dodgy ALP ratbags cost NSW $90M

The dodgy ALP ratbags have cost NSW $90 million in lost revenues with their corrupt dealings…and that doesn’t even cover the costs of th investigations, just the lost revenue from mining licences.

Corrupt conduct by the former Labor ministers Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald in relation to lucrative mining licences cost the state $90 million in lost revenue, a report has found.

Treasurer Mike Baird revealed the figure during a budget estimates hearing at the NSW Parliament on Thursday morning.

Mr Baird said he had asked Treasury and the Department of Resources and Energy to examine the cost to the budget after findings by the Independent Commission Against Corruption last month.

ICAC found Mr Macdonald and Mr Obeid conspired to rig a tender for a mining exploration licence over land owned by the Obeid family at Mount Penny in the state’s north west.

The scandal rolls on in NSW, ratbags still in denial

Eddie Obeid and his corrupt ratbag pals are still denying they have done anything wrong. Meanwhile the media, long threatened by Obeid and his family, are going to town.

Top law enforcement and money-laundering officials will examine the Obeid family’s complex finances using Australia’s Project Wickenby tax evasion taskforce.

The serious non-compliance unit of the Australian Taxation Office and specialists from the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Crime Commission will explore whether action should be taken against former ALP heavyweight Eddie Obeid.

The revelation comes as the Independent Commission Against Corruption prepares to release a report into an allegedly corrupt deal between disgraced former minister Ian Macdonald and former union boss John Maitland.

The costs of the investigation are enormous and Premier Barry O’Farrell has had to make special provision for the prosecution.  Read more »

Corruption dragging ALP down

The ICAC inquiry damage is done, and now the fallout is killing off any chances for the ALP at the federal elections.

Eddie Obeid isn’t helping either with his refusal to admit to his dodgy and corrupt behaviour.

Former premier Nathan Rees believes the NSW corruption inquiry has wounded federal Labor’s election chances and has told ALP members who continue to resist party reform to ”get out”.

He said the infamy of former ministers Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald would affect the federal election campaign.

”My estimation is that the ICAC revelations have dragged Labor’s federal primary vote down 2 to 3 per cent in NSW,” Mr Rees said. ”In what is likely to be a tight election, this is clearly an issue.”

Mr Rees said party members who have been pushing for reform have had to ”argue, push and cajole every inch of the way”.

An insight into the dodginess of corrupt ratbag Eddie Obeid

Eddie Obeid has been declared corrupt and recommendations have been made for his prosecution by the ICAC in New South Wales.

Journalists who Obeid pilloried are now exacting their retribution.

When my colleague Linton Besser and I tried to interview Eddie Obeid about his family’s coal deals early last year, he told us our questions were “insulting and “ill-founded.”

Instead of attempting to answer them, his lawyers fired off the following threatening missive:

“Ms McClymont and the Herald have conducted a long-running vendetta against Mr Obeid and members of the Obeid family. We have been instructed to take appropriate steps to bring those matters to a head and to prevent future harassment of Mr Obeid and the Obeid family by the Herald and its reporters.”

The questions we had asked Mr Obeid to address included whether he had discussions with mining minister Ian Macdonald about the granting of the coal licences and whether he and his family had ever held an interest – either directly or held beneficially – in Cascade Coal.  Read more »

Dodgy ALP ratbags get their beans, Obeid and MacDonald found to be corrupt

The Independent Commission Against Corruption has delivered their findings on Eddie Obeid and Ina MacDonald. Unsurprisingly they are confirmed as corrupt, lying ratbags.

CORRUPT conduct findings have been made against former ministers Ian Macdonald and Eddie Obeid, with ICAC recommending criminal charges over a controversial mining deal.

ICAC said in its findings, handed down to parliament this morning, that Mr Macdonald acted corruptly in two inquiries- one involving the granting of a coal tenement to the Obeid family and the other in doing favours for accused murderer Ron Medich.

ICAC Commissioner David Ipp has made no finding of corrupt conduct against former treasurer Eric Roozendaal, after he received a $10,000 discount on a new car in 2007.  Read more »