Ian McDougall

Who is Ian McDougall?

Regular readers will know this blog hates people cheating,?rigging or behaving unethically in selection processes.

In?Hunua something very, very dodgy has gone on, with the?electorate chair Ian McDougall blackballing two very?experienced local body politicians who have done a lot of?work in the electorate so his favored candidate can win.

Like in Rodney this skullduggery needs to be exposed.

National can’t have one bitter old man deciding on who can be?elected, and something needs to be done. I am?starting by trying to get to the bottom of who Ian McDougall?is, and the tipline has been running hot with stories about?him.? Read more »

What the hell Just Happened in the Hunua Selection?

The tipline has been running hot with disgruntled members in Hunua who are very, very annoyed with what has happened with the Hunua selection.

It appears that Electorate Chair Ian McDougall has colluded with his deputy Rob McGregor to get the candidate they want.

With all the Kim Dotcom Nazi stories this week the details have to be fact checked but it appears that McDougal and McGregor have gone against the wishes of the highly pissed off electorate members and blackballed two former local board chairs and hard working party members in favour of outsiders with few connections to the electorate or little service to the party. This means their favored candidate Kael Roberts will win by default, and be the lackey of McDougall and McGregor. ? Read more »

What on earth is going on in Hunua?

Yesterday I blogged about the Hunua electorate chair Ian McDougall trying to rig the selection for his favourite candidate.

This ratbag has chosen to give up his neutral position and force branches to vote for his chosen delegates.

Since that post the tipline has been running hot, with many other stories of dodgy dealings in Hunua by officials who are supposed to remain impartial and act as part of the broader National Party family.? Read more »

Skullduggery in the Hunua Selection?

Long time readers will know this blog does not support any candidate for selection in National seats, believing in fair play and ethics in selections at all times.

In 2011 WOBH outed the skullduggery in Rodney where Brent Robinson and Cehill Pienaar tried to jack up a selection by not following the rules or the unwritten selection etiquette of the party.

In 2011 the National Party was forced to abandon their selection in Rodney and start again because the electorate chair was trying to jack up the selection. The electorate chair was forced to resign the day after the selection, and deservedly so as there is no place for dodgy behaviour from impartial office-holders in the National Party.

In 2014 it appears that certain electorate chairs haven’t learned that they need to remain impartial.? Read more »