If sharks can tweet, when do we get our friggin’ laser beams?

Artist's conception of a shark tweeting. Wikimedia Commons / Lee Hutchinson / via ARS Technica

Artist’s conception of a shark tweeting.
Wikimedia Commons / Lee Hutchinson / via ARS Technica

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Western Australia’s beachgoers are a bit more informed as to the whereabouts of the region’s shark population this summer, thanks to?a scientific initiative?that has fitted transmitters to more than 300 sharks of various types. The transmitters are picked up by underwater receivers, and when a tagged shark comes within a kilometer of the shore, a tweet appears in the Surf Life Saving Western Australia twitter feed (@SLSWA). ? Read more »

Whale Shark eats everything…net as well

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Not just Whales are clever…so are Whale Sharks:

Clever whale sharks have figured out that fishing nets contain a lot of tasty fish. More importantly, they’ve figured out that they can suck those fish out of the net through holes in the net material.

The downside: When the sharks swim into fishing areas, looking for nets to suck, they can end up caught in the nets themselves. Conservation International took this video, showing why the sharks are hanging out around nets to begin with, as part of a series of videos documenting new net designs that can keep the fishies in and the whale sharks out.

Moaning about Sharks

It must be summer, there is plenty of moaning about sharks in the water at beaches.

Newsflash fools…it is?their?playground not yours. They have been looking for food in those waters forever…if you want to pretend to be food then they will pretend to eat you.


Hillbilly Handfishing

I was watching a programme tonight about Bull Sharks?20kms up a river in South Africa…scary enough…then an ad came on for a new show called Hillbilly Handfishing: