A reader emails about Auckland Council’s IT blow out


A reader emails their thoughts on the Auckland Council IT debacle and predicts that it won’t be the last we hear about the wasteful and idiotic IT spend.


?An Auckland Council IT project originally budgeted to cost $71 million?should?be delivered for the new cost of $172 million?, says a senior council executive.

I just love how committed they sound?

This is absolutely bloody disgusting.? That is an overrun of $65 for every man woman and child in Auckland.

The council only has staff of 8000, meaning the number is $12,500 for every employee.? You could almost build a brand new infrastructure for that in the private sector, in fact it is basically the baseline average private sector IT cost per employee per annum gone out the window in one project overrun; this is $13164USD in a recent Gartner study.

Perversely over here one of the main guy?s responsible for it is being lauded as the next top future CIO:

?To try and achieve a world class IS transformation with a limited budget is of course a new challenge for me,? says Holtzhauzen.?

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How much of Labour’s ICT policy did Dotcom write?

Yesterday Labour’s ICT policy got leaked, with all its naf names for things.

Clare Curran got blamed but good sources tell me it came from David Cunliffe’s office, in any case he is the spokesperson responsible for ICT.

It doesn’t really matter though, Curran was thrown under the bus. Isaac Davidson from the Herald reports:

Labour has revealed that it embarrassingly sent internal policy documents and speech notes for leader David Cunliffe to a National Party Cabinet Minister.

ICT spokeswoman Clare Curran’s staff accidentally emailed the documents to Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams.

One of the documents outlined Labour’s potential strategy in the ICT sector.

It included proposals such as a fixed monthly allocation of broadband for every citizen, a Digital Bill of Rights, and a levy on telecommunications companies or internet service providers to fund New Zealand digital content.

Ms Adams said it was not the first time she had been accidentally emailed confidential Labour documents.

“Strangely enough, it’s the second time they’ve included me on their internal communications.

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Too funny

Clare Curran was asked by Green party flunky Max Coyle where Labour’s ICT policy was?

Clare replied:

Where does that link go?

To my Scribd account….Clare Curran is sending people to Labour’s ICT policy becasue they don;t even have it up themselves and have to rely on a document I leaked before she launched it.

Too funny.