Identity politics

Schools are too white

Schools are too white, apparently. A newspaper attempts to explain. quote.

Quote:A Tongan Auckland high school student is issuing a plea to educators not to make her a “brown Palangi” – a brown-skinned person with European values.

Foloiola Finau, a Year 13 student at Kia Aroha College in ?tara, says education initiatives should aim not to “fix” M?ori and Pasifika students who are seen as “failures”, but to fix “the whiteness of our education system”.End of quote.

Note how saying “the brownness of our education system” would be racist. Quote.

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The MSM fashionable smear of the moment is “White Nationalist”

“White Nationalist”, “White Supremacist”, these two racially charged smears are being flung around by the MSM the way monkeys’ fling poo. One of the popular targets for this smear is Milo?Yiannopoulos who is?only guilty of the progressive crime of being white. Despite the smears being fact free it has not stopped various individuals and mainstream media outlets from repeating them as they have become the fashionable smear of the moment.

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Women?s Rights are universal but do Western Feminists’ actions match their words?

Western feminists say that women’s rights are universal but their actions indicate that they are only interested in Muslim women’s rights if they live in a Western country and even then they are very selective about which rights they are prepared to speak up about. They become outraged when Muslim women are told to dress like French women in France but have no interest in Muslim women being forced to dress like Fundamentalist Muslims in Iran.

Even worse than this disinterest in the plight of Muslim women overseas is the sad fact that many feminists will turn on anyone who does have the courage to make a stand on these issues. Western feminist?Nazi Paikidze?made a stand for the Muslim women of Iran and was smeared as an anti-Muslim bigot by her fellow feminists.

At a conference for?Women in Secularism?

Maryam Namazie outlined the absolutely?heart-wrenching situation for women in Iran?a situation that gets zero traction from the same media outlets that flooded our news feeds with condemnation of the Burkini Ban.? Why are we so outraged when women are told what to wear in France, but we ignore the same situation in Saudi, Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc? Why are the women in France more valuable than the women in MENA? Where is the outrage? Where are our allies?

We will fight for your freedom to wear what you want?but not if you?re in the Muslim world

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Oh my god. What sort of world have we created?


Anohni, who identifies as a “she” with the wrong bits

The Oscars are too white.

Our prisons don’t cater for people who can’t make up their minds if they are a girl or a boy.

And now this:

The first ever transgender Oscar nominee Anohni is refusing to attend next week’s ceremony because he did not receive an invitation to perform at the awards bash.

The musician was nominated in the Best Original Song category for her song ‘Manta Ray’, which appears in Racing Extinction, a documentary about climate change.

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Op-ed “Unity through Diversity Equals Cultural Death”


By Olivia Pierson

Cultural pluralism is as old as the hills ? or at least as old as the Babylonian Empire on whose riverbank shores even the captive Jews were tolerated to sit and weep. Multiculturalism, on the other hand, is a 20th Century bastardization of tolerance, which the United Nations invented to socially engineer Western democracies to cope with overwhelming immigration, mostly from Third World slave-pens. The pious and politically correct preachers of ?diversity? and ?equality? raised multiculturalism in the West to the status of a new religion, as if the world needed yet another one of those.

With the truth emerging after murderous events in Paris, can there still be any doubt that multiculturalism has epically failed in the West? In the last five years Angela Merkel has admitted its failure; so have Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron. But how has it failed so?

Multiculturalism is a modern liberal tenet which states that all cultures are equal regardless of the diverse practices of each culture.? This should not be confused with cultural pluralism which holds that all citizens, no matter what culture they hail from, are equal before the laws of the land ?the one host culture.? The host culture is necessarily dominant, hence being the yearly recipient of hundreds of thousands of immigrants bidding farewell to their homelands. ? Read more »