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Wendy Brown: Photo Jeff Maysh.

Wendy Brown: Photo Jeff Maysh.

Why One Woman Pretended to Be a High-School Cheerleader

At 33, Wendy Brown stole her daughter?s name, grabbed a pair of pom-poms, lived a teenage dream?then she went to jail for it

Wendy Brown had always dreamed of becoming a cheerleader when she was in high school. Unfortunately the dream never came true and she found herself in a position where she was 33-years-old and raising her 15-year-old daughter. Since Brown resembled her daughter and had access to her daughter?s ID, she used her daughter?s credentials to enrol in a high school and join the cheerleading squad.

On September 2, 2008, a shy, blonde transfer student strolled into Ashwaubenon High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The petite sophomore wore a pink hoodie and carried a new school bag decorated with hearts, eager to start the new term. But just 16 days later, she was standing in court wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and shackles, charged with identity theft. There, prosecutors revealed that Wendy Brown was not really 15, but a 33-year-old mother of two?who had stolen her teenage daughter?s identity in an attempt to relive her own high school days. In her weeks as a student, Brown had taken classes with students half her age. She had tried out for the Ashwaubenon High School cheerleading squad and even attended a pool party thrown by the cheer coach.

Television crews surrounded the courthouse and besieged Brown?s family at their home in Nevada. ?It was bad,? recalls her father, Joe. ?Every show that?s on in the morning called. ? Oprah didn?t call. She was the only one that didn?t call.?

A bespectacled Brown spoke like a teenager as she addressed the court: ?I just wanted to say that I?m sorry for what I?ve done,? she said softly. ?I feel bad about it. And I regret it. Um, I always have ? I am not a bad person. I just made a mistake.?

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Your identity is more valuable than money


Cyber theft has long replaced the ‘traditional’ concept of bank robberies. A much more sophisticated method of attack that has been in use for years has accelerated of late as a slew of hacks across the world has proven.

Recent international targets, including the US Federal Reserve, the Central Bank of the Philippines and Qatar National Bank (QNB) in Doha, have all been subject to notable security breaches.

What’s striking, however, is the fact that in some instances, no money is being stolen. In QNB’s case it was a robbery of data – hundreds of customers account details, including their passwords, their social media profiles, were posted onto a whistleblower website. No one really knows what’s behind it, but it proved that data is alomost more valuable that money these days. Read more »

Since when did Kongkaew Thoranong become the MP for Tauranga


Kongkaew Thoranong, National electorate MP for Tauranga

John Stringer’s?conNZervative has the exclusive

Simon Bridges the MP for Tauranga has been stolen online, on Facebook, by someone called Kongkaew Thoranong, who from a simple search, seems to have many personalities, perhaps of other well-known people in other countries. Simon is apparently widowed and now lives in Kent.

Simon is actually the Deputy Leader of the House, and current Minister of Energy and Resources, Minister of Transport, Associate Minister for Climate Change Issues, Associate Minister of Justice.

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