Australian Muslim Activist decided to prove that the poll results were wrong

I wrote recently about a poll in Australia?where the question was posed, ?Do you support banning Muslim Immigration??. The not surprising result (given what has been happening in Australia)?was that 49% Australians said ” Yes.” Like with Brexit a lot of Lefties were not happy with the result of the poll and blamed the result on the fact that only 1,000 people were polled. A second poll was taken?but it got?exactly the same result.

What?s happened next was fascinating. Mariam Veiszadeh, of ?Islamaphobia Register of Australia? infamy, refused to believe the results so commissioned her own poll on Twitter. She proposed exactly the same question and more than 40,000 people have responded to the poll.

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Pimping the Peonage part three

Peonage is another word for servitude and subjugation. We have always had a Pimping the Poor series and this is part three of my Pimping the Peonage series given the number of articles promoting the Muslim culture subjugating women in our New Zealand media.


Call off the pitchforks and the flaming torches; a small group of women from a barbaric cult have done something nice.

Using the media to soft-soap the image of a gang or cult is not new. When I lived in Kawerau the Mongrel mob was the main gang there. I saw them out in public every single day, wearing their gang insignia and intimidating everyone they saw with their dirty and menacing appearance.

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Facts cannot make an opinion true and neither can emotion

fact_opinion_posterThis blog is a mixture of facts and opinion. When opinions are expressed on this blog people can either read the facts supplied and come to the same conclusion as the writer or they can form a different opinion based on those same facts.

Facts cannot prove an opinion because opinion is not based on proof or certainty. Facts can only show patterns. These patterns are provable, observable and measurable. There are some pretty compelling patterns showing all over Europe in regard to what happens when mass, uncontrolled immigration occurs.

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If you don’t want to stand out…don’t

I was reading an article about how some Muslim women are experiencing verbal hostility from fellow Kiwis. As I was reading several things jumped out at me. The most important one was that the solution to the ‘problem’ the article was discussing was within the article. The solution to the problem is so simple yet it was overlooked.

The members of the Wellington Islamic Centre represent 40 different ethnicities, but their common identity is Kiwi.

…This room represents the safe haven they were promised, but as soon as they step outside the illusion is over.

…With rising global fervour against Isis, Kiwi Muslims are suffering marginalisation and abuse from fellow New Zealanders. This week has been particularly bad.

A 14-year-old girl ignores the taunts from her peers as she walks to class. She’s wearing a headscarf.

“Someone should check her backpack for bombs,” one kid says.

A founder of the Women’s Organisation of the Waikato Muslim Association (WOWMA) Aliya Danzeisen says these interactions are so common the victim doesn’t bother reporting it to a teacher.

For eight years, WOWMA has been helping young Muslim women from refugee and migrant backgrounds become confident, productive members of society. “Every activity we do incorporates Islamic and New Zealand values, which are actually quite consistent,” she says.

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Face of the day

Amina Hall Photo / Jason Oxenham

Amina Hall
Photo / Jason Oxenham

Today’s face of the day is Amina Hall. According to a newspaper’s reporter she is a beautiful blonde and a New Zealander but we will have to take their word for it as what you see now is all that the male photographer was allowed to photograph. He wasn’t even allowed to shake her hand because that is forbidden. Today’s face of the day has chosen an ideology that sets her apart physically from others. An ideology that sets her value at half that of a man. As an independent, intelligent, old fashioned feminist I can only ask one question of Amina and that is…

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Face of the day



Today’s face of the day is the face of Iranian women protesting the tyranny of the Hijab ( head scarf ) They currently have a facebook page called My Stealthy Freedom where they risk fines, lashes, and imprisonment by posting photos of themselves without their Hijabs. From the general public they risk having acid thrown in their faces. The woman behind the facebook page has been smeared by the Iranian government who reported on State television that she has been raped by three men in front of her son after using drugs.



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Key and his evil government must be brought down

The only reason Kim Dotcom is getting any traction with his Internet Cult Party is because the hopeless Left see it as the only viable option to deny National the next term in government.

The desperation comes from the fact that no matter where you look, the National Party has been doing a decent ?job at running the country.


The man without a flag and the man with the dodgy CV are waking up to the reality that they won’t be the next government on their own talents alone.

So Kim Dotcom is going to get an unprecedented run at getting his own cult party up and running.

Perhaps Labour+Green+Dotcom can finally unseat the most hated man in this country’s political history?



After all, the left?really,?really,?really,?really,?really,?really miss Helen Clark


But are happy to settle for 2nd choice


Ah, what a day!

A German “Nazi enthusiast” starts a party, has been in talks with 12 current MPs belonging to other parties, and claims to have no ideology at all.

I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Maybe this guy isn’t so bad after all….


Nice to see ideology isn't a factor

The left wing thinks John Key is an ideologue. Like most of their pronouncements on John Key they are wrong about that and he has shown them today why they are wrong.

“Whether you’re a public entity or a private sector company looking to go to the equity markets you always have to have a mind for what’s happening but we’ve got time on our side and what’s happening today is not necessarily what the position is going to look like in 12 to 18 months’ time.”

Nevertheless, he acknowledged the sales process could be delayed if market conditions were unsuitable.

“The history of IPOs [initial public offers] shows you that sometimes a product doesn’t go to market but it’s usually a timing differential of a few months, maybe six months.”

If John Key was the idealogue the left wing says he is he would be come hell or high water selling off assets. Instead he is pragmatically signalling that it should done when the time is right to maximise the benefit to the nation.

Labour meanwhile continues to mis-represent the the position of the government. When they start talking about the hocking off os assets they should be asked who has the better record. John Key who has sold no assets or Phil Goff who sold billions. They should be challenged to tell us where the billions in Kiwisaver accounts are to be invested in New Zealand, rather than watching those billions invest offshore.

Labour are inept. They haven’t a clue and I suspect that they won’t find a clue until they show the tired old war-horses the knackers yard.