illegal immigrants

Hire a large plane and sew a giant parachute World's largest cargo plane ...
World’s largest cargo plane …

What do you do when countries make it almost impossible to return illegal migrants?

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Refugee scam busted

Remember when Labour opposed the toughening up of our immigration policy regarding illegal immigrants?

They said that no one would try to, or could, get here. As usual, they were wrong.

Two men have been arrested after trying to lure 100?Sri Lankan refugees to New Zealand with the promise of lucrative jobs.

The refugees, based in the far southeast state of Tamil Nadu, India, were being readied to board the ferry when authorities stepped in.

Authorities say they foiled the attempt, seizing a 22-metre boat, three vans and arresting?two men, according to the?Colombo Gazette.

Sri Lanka’s civil war ended in 2009 after 25 years of infighting, displacing hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Refugees face a dangerous journey out of Sri Lanka, which does not permit citizens to migrate, so many choose to risk travelling farther afield to countries like Australia rather than the limbo of a refugee camp in southeast India. ? Read more »

Face of the day

Today’s face of the day entered a country illegally with her family. Unlike the thousands of families who jump through the required immigration hoops in order to legitimately benefit from a generous system, her family sneaked across the border. Now that she has benefited from a free high school education and gained a scholarship for University from the country that her family took advantage of, how do you think she expressed her gratitude?

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Merkel is starting to back paddle

Germany can not sustain one million illegal immigrants a year, and to solve that problem Merkel has had the genuinely brilliant idea that these people should be stopped before even getting to the borders.

Merkel said she was working on reducing the number of migrants coming to Europe’s biggest economy, which is bracing for the expected arrival this year of one million people fleeing war and poverty.

However she added that “it’s illusory to believe that the problem of refugees can be resolved at the German-Austrian border.

“The large movements of refugees can only be resolved through international cooperation,” Merkel told the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper on Saturday (local time).

And she urged improved protection of the EU’s external borders, as well as increased cooperation with Turkey from where most of the Syrians fleeing their country’s four-year conflict set off across the Mediterranean. Read more »

Can you handle the truth?

Here is some of the truth that the Media Party won’t show you, talk about or even acknowledge in their unbalanced coverage of the ‘ refugee crisis. ‘

Ever wonder why Hungary isn’t keen on taking in more Muslims but are happy to help Christian refugees?Left Wing supporters of Gay rights and Gay marriage who ethusiastically support Muslim refugees keep forgetting this inconvenient little truth.

screenshot facebook

screenshot facebook

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Face of the day

Laith Al Saleh

Today’s face of the day is Laith Al Saleh. On the left is a photo of him when fighting for an Al-Qaeda linked rebel faction. On the right is a recent photo of him arriving in Europe as a ‘ refugee.’ How ironic is his Tee-Shirt? He certainly has a lot to be thankful for. Never before in the history of mankind has the Trojan Horse strategy been so?phenomenally?successful.

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