Sweden going to wrack and ruin

“After a significant rise in the number of hand grenade attacks, Swedish authorities are proposing a bill of amnesty for those willing to turn in their weapons.
The amnesty bill is designed to encourage those in possession of hand grenades to give them in to police and get them off the streets. The bill is scheduled to be introduced to the Swedish parliament in February next year and will likely see a general amnesty occur for three months between October and January 2019, SVT reports.”

In other countries, they have amnesties for guns that people have but don’t know how to get rid of. In Sweden, it’s hand grenades.

Hand grenades.

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Do you trust how New Zealand vets immigrants?

Would we be able to weed out criminals?  Terrorists?

Here is a cautionary tale.

The deceit of a Filipino internet pirate who failed to own up to his illegal activities reveals more stringent vetting of immigrants is necessary, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“New Zealand cannot rely on the personal honesty of some immigrants wanting residency here.

“While Vonn Ryan Motomal had no criminal conviction when he applied for permanent residency in New Zealand, he did not disclose to Immigration NZ that he had been ordered by a US court to pay $35 million for internet piracy.

“This shows a loophole exists in our legislation and should be rectified.

“Motomal also slipped past the NZ Qualifications Authority which is required to check out senior managers at private colleges. Read more »


The continued dishonesty of the NZ Herald

The Media party have been running a narrative that many Americans are leaving there and wanting to come here.

On Tuesday the NZ Herald ran this headline:

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And this is bad how?

Apparently having Donald Trump as president is scaring away illegal aliens…and this is bad.

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Opotiki needs a fluent “Chinese” speaking service station manager

Rodney Hide on Immigration

Rodney Hide discusses immigration:

The latest immigration statistics are good news. There’s nothing better than people wanting to come and live and work in your country. If it’s a problem, it’s a good one to have. Imagine the reverse. It’s only scary countries that build walls to keep people in, not out.

The statistics are a positive indicator that New Zealand is a good place to live and work.

And it’s not just foreigners thinking so but Kiwis, too. The net loss of New Zealanders was less than 2000 last year.

That compares with an average of over 25,000 for every year that Helen Clark was prime minister. The loss is not just economic and social. I well remember the concern when I was door-knocking that grandparents were losing out seeing their grandchildren grow up. It was sad. One proud grandad was worried his grandkids would be Wallabies, not All Blacks.

New Zealand is now a much more desirable place to live. Kiwis are voting for New Zealand with their feet.

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Europe readies itself for another immigrant onslaught, this time it’s 20 million heading their way

If you thought a million dodgy wogs from war-torn Islamic nations descending on Europe was bad, then wait until you see what is heading their way now.

As many as twenty million African migrants could come to Europe in the near future, according to the new president of the European parliament.

Antonio Tajani said Europe needs to do more to help asylum seekers in order to quell migration.

He proposed the EU should open asylum centres in Libya in a bid to protect vulnerable refugees.

At the moment, detention centers in the country violate human rights, according to the EU.

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4000 apply for 26 jobs – were 3974 lazy, drug addicts?

So asks the title of a press release

So far Prime Minister Bill English has called out-of-work New Zealanders druggies and lazy.

“We have a question for him: what does he call the 4000 people who applied for 26 WorkSafe positions around the country?

“We call them people trying to get a job to feed themselves and their families.

“An applicant who received the reject email said he was stunned by the sheer numbers applying.

“It’s depressing for a job seeker.

“Mr English is fond of relying on anecdotal evidence from employers but when does he chat to workers.

Bill English only speaks to parasites.   Read more »

Hey Bill, now that John’s gone, do you mind turning immigration down a tad?

RNZ reports

The number of people coming to New Zealand to live or visit is at a record high.

Official figures show more than 71,300 people settled here in the year to January, beating the previous annual record set a month earlier by 700.

The January month also set a new high of 6460 – the fifth successive month net migration has exceeded 6000.

At some point, enough has to be enough.  We are having capacity problems across the board, from housing to education.   Read more »


Labour Party on Immigration and the refugee quota

I contacted National, Labour, Act, The Maori Party, NZ First, the Greens, the Opportunities Party, the Conservatives and United Future to ask them all three questions. Five parties responded to my questions and I published their responses in full and un-edited. My attempts to get a response from the Labour Party were unsuccessful so I looked at their website to try to find the answers to the questions I asked the other parties.

Immediately I had a problem as the Labour Party states on their website that…

Following the 2014 Election, Labour placed all policy under review.

We will continue to announce new policy through to the 2017 Election.

However, Labour has announced 12 new policies so far and while none of them was about immigration their very first one was about the refugee quota.

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