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Impertinent questions from a Comment of the Day

Kim Dotcom on his Pirate Ship. PHOTO-facebook

Kim Dotcom on his Pirate Ship.

Greg M?wrote

Some random impertinent thoughts re the Panama papers sideshow.

1: Mossack Fonseca was illegally hacked, not a leak, not a whistleblower.

2: The paymaster is almost certainly a european citizen, but also likely not living there, likely German given the advantage that was given to S?ddeutsche Zeitung over other media outlets.

3: Mossack Fonseca is a worldwide company, it even has an office here in little old NZ, which means the hack could have happened anywhere in the world. It’s a whole lot easier for the hacker, the paymaster and the intermediaries to be close so what is discovered can be discussed and assimilated.

4: “John Doe” appears to have a better knowledge of NZ politics than a lot of kiwis, a lot of European political tragics wouldn’t even know the name of our PM.

5. The whole modus operandi is boringly familiar.

Am I joining the dots or do I just need to loosen the tinfoil ?

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Impertinent question

via Newstalk ZB

via Newstalk ZB

Why is Grant Dalton going around assuring sponsors that the New Zealand government money is guaranteed? Is he blowing hot air, or does Steve Joyce have some explaining to do?

Impertinent questions


The people want a clean out in Dirty Politics, do they like a clean out of?the Media too?

Which journalist is paid roughly $200k a year from Fonterra, while working as a “lowly paid” journo at a major media outlet? Read more »

Impertinent questions

Has anyone pointed out that the official who left comments on Whaleoil?did so without revealing who s/he was?

Why is it that people are ignoring s/he?was effectively anonymous as not to potentially embarrass their employer?

Why is the?employer now upset and investigating because a third party breached someone’s privacy?

Wouldn’t this be the basis for a successful?employment disputes case?

Did anyone?know or?care prior to a hacker stealing my email, giving it to the NZ Herald, and then a journo trawling through it to see who the commenters on Whaleoil are?

Was s/he making statements in an official capacity?

Despite the downsizing of the bureaucracy, suggesting s/he was up to scratch,?is s/he?doing an acceptable job all the same?

How do people feel about the NZ Herald going through my emails and matching them to comment, then digging further to see who you all are for the purposes of further privacy breaches and personal attacks?

Does anyone expect to see anyone exposed this way that may have been working for the left?

Impertinent Questions

Let’s say you’re looking for a new mayor to run a Super City.

Would you pick a candidate that

– beat and abused his wife?

– was unfaithful to his wife?

– sleeps with subordinates

– has admitted to not being able to be trusted with council money?

– take undisclosed trips in the capacity as a mayor?

– if you know all of this in advance, would you vote for this person?

Don’t worry. ?All of this is hypothetical. ?Auckland already has a mayor who is 24/7 committed to creating the best and most livable place in the world. ?So these sorts of questions are irrelevant and premature.