A Dunedin man’s second conviction over a incestuous relationship with his daughter came after the pair’s second child died of natural causes.

The 37-year-old and his 23-year-old daughter appeared for sentencing in Dunedin District Court today, after both pleaded guilty to the charge last year.

The pair – whose names have been permanently suppressed – were first convicted and sentenced in 2012 after having a daughter, but breached court orders and went on to have a son in 2013.

That offending came to light after a police investigation, and in November 2013 the couple’s son died of natural causes.

In sentencing the pair today, Judge Kevin Phillips expressed his understanding of the circumstances that lead to the incest. Read more »


Photo of the Day

John Phillips may easily be called one of the best pop songwriters of the later 20th century. He honed his songwriting and arranging skills with singing groups that gained a modicum of success. But his crowning musical achievement was the work he did with his '60s group the Mamas and the Papas. Photo: MTV

John Phillips may easily be called one of the best pop songwriters of the later 20th century. He honed his songwriting and arranging skills with singing groups that gained a modicum of success. But his crowning musical achievement was the work he did with his ’60s group the Mamas and the Papas. Photo: MTV

Forbidden Fruit

A Lifetime of Debauched and Reckless Behaviour

John Phillips, destructiveness was too extravagant even for Keith Richards, who once kicked Phillips out of his house for being too uncontrollable

Unlike some other musician/addiction profiles, the John Phillips story is not necessarily one with a cheerful ending.

Mackenzie Phillips, his daughter, was 10 years old when her father taught her how to roll a joint. She had her first taste of cocaine at age 11. At 14, she landed a role in the film?American Graffiti?, and one week after her 18th birthday, she was arrested for the first time.

When she was 10, her dad gave her, her first adult job.

?Dad said, ?I?m going to give you a project,? Dad had a job for me! This was exciting. I was in.?

?I got really good at rolling joints. I was the official joint roller for all the adults.?

McKenzie?says she was allowed so much freedom as a kid that the only rules her dad gave her were to spend one night a week at home and to always change her clothes before returning in the early morning.

?A lady never wears evening clothes during the day. It?s cheap,? John Phillips, who died in 2001, told her.

He did have one boundary. One day, Mackenzie found a purple pill in her dad?s bedroom.

She instinctively took it. But it turned out not to be just any pill ? it was the last of the LSD pills made by the famous drug cook Owsley Stanley, and it was a collector?s item among moneyed celebrity druggies of the time.

?It was as if I?d crashed a normal dad?s Porsche, he said, ?You took my last hit of Owsley. You?re grounded!? ?

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If this doesn’t make you throw up your muesli I don’t know what will.

A father and daughter pleaded guilty to incest when they appeared in the Dunedin District Court this afternoon.

Judge Kevin Phillips convicted them and remanded them on bail, with conditions prohibiting communication between the pair, for sentence in November.

The pair – aged 37 and 23 – have previously been convicted of incest, after the woman gave birth to a child in 2011.

The pair, who have interim name suppression, had troubled upbringings. ? Read more »


Remember Josie? Yeah, the one that thought breast feeding was close to incest. She’s back

If you haven’t picked up on the “breastfeeding incest” story, go do that first. ?Then, cop a load of today’s installment of this one-woman troughing disaster:

d22e4Last week she sparked fury among mothers after saying breastfeeding was ‘vile and borderline incest’.

And now unemployed NHS scrounger Josie Cunnignham has revealed she will sell her breast milk in her latest cash-grabbing venture.

The unemployed mother-of-three, who made headlines after smugly revealing she had received a ?4,800 breast enlargement from the NHS, welcomed a daughter last month after flirting with the idea of selling tickets to her child’s birth.

In a bid to make money, the would-be glamour model has now revealed she will sell her breast milk to new mothers and men with ‘milk fetishes’ instead.

Defending her decision, she [said]?’My breasts are for my partner, not my child.’

Despite smoking and drinking throughout her pregnancy, she said she wanted to sell milk to new mothers for ?2 an ounce – and ?10 an ounce to men with ‘milk fetishes’.

‘I should be able to produce around 30ozs a day, that’s up ?300 a day or ?2100 a week,’ she added.

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Remember Josie? Go on, the one woman wrecking crew. She’s at it again

1413295800931_wps_8_Jordan_wannabe_Josie_CunnI’ve covered the adventures of Josie Cnningham before. ?She got boobs paid for by the tax payer. ?At some point she felt she should return the money to the tax payer, but found that she could only make sufficient cash through prostitution. ?THEN she fell pregnant and didn’t know which client was the father.

That Josie.

Check out the latest installment

Would-be glamour model Josie Cunningham has called breastfeeding ‘vile and borderline incest’ in an online dig at new mother, singer Kimberley Walsh.

Cunningham, who sparked outrage after undergoing a ?4,800 ($9600) breast enlargement on the NHS, gave birth to her third child, daughter Grave Neiv, last month, but she went onto Twitter this morning to say she was not breastfeeding her.

In an apparently unprompted jibe, the 24-year-old from Leeds told her 58,700 followers: ‘Wish people would stop asking if I’m breastfeeding like Kimberley Walsh.

‘No I’m not! I think the idea is vile and borderline incest!’

It takes a while to get your mind around it. ?At first, I’m thinking… well, drinking human milk is more akin to cannibalism, she’s got the wrong word. ?And only then it sank in: ?she thinks breast feeding has a sexual component to it. ? Read more »

They have dud judges in Australia too

It is a real worry when you get judges with these sorts of thoughts, even more worrying when they say them out loud.

A Sydney judge has compared incest and paedophilia to homosexuality, saying the community may no longer see sexual contact between siblings and between adults and children as ?unnatural? or ?taboo?.

District Court Judge Garry Neilson said just as gay sex was socially unacceptable and criminal in the 1950s and 1960s but is now widely accepted, ?a jury might find nothing untoward in the advance of a brother towards his sister once she had sexually matured, had sexual relationships with other men and was now ?available?, not having [a] sexual partner?.

He also said the ?only reason? that incest is still a crime is because of the high risk of genetic abnormalities in children born from consanguineous relationships ?but even that falls away to an extent [because] there is such ease of contraception and readily access to abortion?.

Judge Neilson made the extraordinary and bizarre comments in the case of a 58-year-old man, known for legal reasons as MRM, who is charged with repeatedly raping his younger sister in the family?s western Sydney home in 1981.

The man had earlier pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting his sister when she was 10 or 11 years old in 1973 or 1974 after police recorded a telephone conversation between the siblings in July 2011 in which he admitted to having sexual contact with her when she was ?a kid?.

But he has pleaded not guilty to the charge of sexual intercourse without consent, with an alternative charge of incest, regarding the 1981 events. ?? Read more »

Does Jamie Whyte play banjo?

Jamie Whyte has had his Colin Craig moment and suggested that the state has no business in regulating the sex lives of adults even if they are relatives.

Perhaps he has sought cross party support from the two senior MPs in the House who are currently f*cking their cousins.

The Herald reports:

New Act Leader Jamie Whyte is standing by his comments that incestuous relationships between consenting adults should not be illegal and says it would be “intellectually corrupt” of him not to be honest when asked such questions.

In an article published on?The Ruminator?website, former philosophy lecturer Dr Whyte was asked whether the state should intervene if adult siblings wanted to marry each other.

“Well personally, I don’t think they [the State] should”, he replied, adding it was “a matter of almost no significance because it just doesn’t happen”.

Dr Whyte told the Herald his response was based on his belief that: “I don’t think the state should intervene in consensual adult sex or marriage, but there are two very important elements here – consensual and adult”. ? Read more »

They’re nervous down in Palmy

Via Newstalk ZB website:

A family with four generations of in-breeding has been discovered in New South Wales, The Daily Mail reports.

It’s a case described as one of the worst in Australia’s history.

Children of what’s been called a horrifying incest ‘cult’ have been found living deformed, filthy and mute in scenic valley south-west of Sydney.

Brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts had sex with each other for decades.

Children were severely disabled with one girl, nine, unable to read or talk.

She was unable to bathe herself and did not know what toilet paper was.


I bet there’s a few cold sweats and paranoid head turning going on down in the depths of central Manawatu. The Valiants, Falcons and Kingswoods will be getting packed for a hasty mass exodus as we speak.

Jeremy Irons uses the gayest excuse yet to oppose gay marriage

Jeremy Irons uses the gayest excuse yet to oppose gay marriage.

Jeremy Irons, the Oscar-winning actor, has provoked outrage by suggesting that same sex marriage laws could allow fathers to marry their sons to avoid paying inheritance tax.

He also expressed fears that the battle for equal rights could ?debase? marital law.

The 64-year-old said he ?doesn?t have a strong feeling either way? on gay marriage but suggested it could be manipulated to allow fathers to pass on their estates to their sons without being taxed.

He said: ?Could a father not marry his son?”? Read more »

That’s not the way to love your mum

And while we’re looking at crime stories, here’s another jaw dropping one:

The 29-year-old man, who was adopted as a baby, was sentenced to five years and nine months prison after being convicted of assaulting and raping his biological mother.

The offence occurred some months after he tracked her down to ask questions about his parentage last year.

Rather than multiple rapes, he was convicted of nine counts of incest after the jury found the sexual relationship they embarked on was consensual to begin with.

You really can’t make this stuff up. ?But it gets better worse.

Jurors were shown evidence, and the woman broke down repeatedly giving her testimony, and at times ran from the court.

She said she was ”doing what she was told to do”, which included ”performing like a porn star”.

“(The complainant) said she had to ask permission from the appellant to do everything from eating, showering or even going to the toilet against the threat that she would be punched in the face,” the decision reads.

“We consider it was open for the jury to accept her evidence that non-consensual activity had taken place during the period.”

Yes, that’s how you treat your mum.

But this puts the cherry on top:

The man made contact with his biological mother on Mother’s Day.