Australian Muslim protestors have free speech but non-Muslim protestors do not

Muslim protest in Australia

In the West, there have been various cases of outspoken critics of the ideology and political system of Islam being dragged through the court. Politician Geert Wilders in The Netherlands and Rebel Media’s?Ezra Levant?are?two well-known cases that spring to mind but taking people to court for so-called religious vilification or so-called hate speech has also become a serious issue inside countries like Germany, Britain and France. It is always the so-called religion of peace that is being protected by these anti-free speech laws and now it is happening to our nearest next door neighbour Australia.

It is no longer safe for an individual or a group inside Australia to criticise Islam which surely must be the most thin skinned, quick to take offence religion/political system on the planet given the number of court cases that have been brought against people for speaking out about it. It is a serious threat to our liberty and New Zealand will be next if liberal Australia is already dragging non-Muslim protestors through the courts for a peaceful demonstration against a mosque being built, while turning a blind eye to demonstrations by Muslim protestors that call for the deaths of those who criticise or make fun of Islam.

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Did the Huffington Post claim that Muhammad raped a 9 year old girl?

The Huffington Post?s Arabic-language edition recently had a blog post with a headline that stated something about Muhammad that was guaranteed to incite anger and violence.The Anti-Defamation League called on the Huffington Post?s Arabic-language edition to remove the blog post completely but they responded by changing the headline from a statement to a question.

The ADL has been urging the site to take down the article since shortly after it was published Nov. 29, the organization said in a press release on Thursday.

When you read my headline what did you immediately think? Did turning it into a question rather than a statement make any difference to your immediate reaction? Now that you have thought about that read on and find out what The Huffington post actually put in their headline.

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The truth about Milo being banned

Palestinian terrorists do it for the money

Terrorist dollars-Image

Terrorist dollars-Image

We have all read about the incitement culture inside Palestine. Young children are taught to hate Israel and Jews and are encouraged to kill from a very young age. When terrorists are killed in self-defence by Israelis they have schools and streets named after them and are honoured and celebrated inside Palestine.

There is one other thing that happens when a Palestinian terrorist kills that many of us are not aware of. ? Unbelievably, the terrorist’s family is financially rewarded by the Palestinian government. This financial incentive, this payment of money, makes Palestinian terrorists assassins for hire. Not only do they believe they will receive a heavenly reward when they stab to death a 13-year-old Israeli girl inside her own bedroom, they also get a street named after them and their family is taken care of financially.

It is this terrible, evil practice that is now being targeted by the Israeli government.

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Media Party “disgusted” with the outrage they themselves have fuelled


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Face of the day

Palestinian children are being taught how to stab a Jewish person as part of their being “brainwashed” with “incitement and hate”

Israel’s ambassador to the UN Danny Danon says Palestinian school children are being “taught to hate” instead of learning maths.

… Danny Danon, Israel’s new ambassador to the United Nations, is urging the Security Council to make a statement against what he described as “the incitement that fuels terror”.During his speech he held up a piece of card with a diagram of a human body entitled “How to Stab a Jew”, which he says is “an example of what Palestinian children are being exposed to day in and day out, in school, after school”.He said: “When a Palestinian child returns from school and opens (sic) the television, he doesn’t see Barney or Donald Duck, he sees murderers portrayed as heroes.

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