Independent Police Conduct Authority

IPCA drowning in complaints

This is the problem when you set up a complaints watchdog.

The police watchdog isn’t able to investigate every case that comes across its desk because of a squeeze on resources.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority’s group operations manager Warren Young says while the agency’s financial position is sustainable, if it had more money it would be able to do more.

“It’s not putting investigations into jeopardy, we tailor what we do according to the resources we have available like any agency does,” he told reporters after appearing before parliament’s law and order select committee on Wednesday.

“There have been cases we have not independently investigated because it’s been beyond our resource.” ? Read more »

Why are Police doing standover for taxi companies?

Instead of catching real criminals, or stopping speeding drivers doing one kilometre per hour over the speed limit (because you know, speed kills) it seems the Police are now acting as enforcers for the beleaguered taxi industry under pressure from a new company in the market challenging their fold failed business models.

Two Uber drivers face court amid a crackdown that led to an Auckland DJ being kicked out of his cab yesterday.

Tim Phin, George FM DJ and publisher of Remix magazine, posted details of yesterday’s incident online.

“We pay the police to find crack dens, prevent rapes, stop burglaries. Not to kick me out of a car,” he wrote.

Fellow passenger Carl Thompson told the Herald on Sunday they had travelled about 200m along Great North Rd, Ponsonby, when police pulled the car over and ordered them to get out.

“It’s a bit ridiculous. The cop stuck his head in the window and asked us if this was an Uber and then told us to get out because Uber was operating illegally,” said Thompson.

“We contacted Uber afterwards and they filed a police complaint on our behalf, so that’s pretty cool.”

Uber claims an officer has been targeting drivers and leaving passengers stranded. “We have filed complaints with the Independent Police Conduct Authority for this unacceptable and potentially dangerous behaviour,” said Uber spokeswoman Katie Curran.

Police denied that claim, saying officers dropped off passengers at their homes or in the central city where licensed cabs were available – but confirmed “several private hire drivers” had been issued infringement notices.

“We take our responsibility to ensure public safety seriously and where police stop a vehicle that has passengers on board, police will look to ensure they have a safe way of getting home,” said Inspector Jim Wilson, acting district commander for Auckland City Police.

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John Key is wrong, he should support an ICAC

The Maori party, along with Winston Peters, have a policy for the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

We have seen how these operate in Australia, and there are now calls for a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption, such is the level of corruption shown across Australia, mostly between union and Labour party officials.

Strangely John ?Key doesn’t see a need for it.

The Maori Party’s desire to scrap the police watchdog and other agencies, in favour of an Anti-Corruption Commission, doesn’t interest John Key.

It wants the Independent Police Conduct Authority merged with the Serious Fraud Office, and judicial and parliamentary bodies, as part of an overhaul of the justice system. ? Read more »

They didn’t taser you because you said you had a gun and a grenade, you are lucky to be alive at all, fool

What kind of muppet – who yells to Police that he has a gun and then a grenade – would expect to gain sympathy because the Police shoot him?

Only a prize idiot would blame the cops for his own demise. It’s not the cops fault he’s a dickhead!

He’s a cripple in a wheel chair now. Good job. It probably means he won’t be able to cause more havoc in society.

The Hawkes Bay today reports:

David Taite still does not accept he should have been shot by police officers in an incident near the Central Hawke’s Bay township of Otane in October 2011.

Living in Waipukurau since the beginning of the year Taite, 51, is paralysed from the waist down as a result of his injuries.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found the police officer who shot Taite was lawfully justified given the dangerous circumstances he faced.

In a report released yesterday, the authority said Taite was well known to police, had a “significant and serious criminal history”, which included a conviction for the attempted murder of a police officer, and multiple family violence offences.

In the six weeks prior to the incident in the early hours of Thursday, October 20, 2011, Taite had made a number of threats that had been reported to police.

These included threatening to burn down the Dannevirke property owned by his landlord and threatening to kill his ex-partner and to shoot other people.

He also spoke of killing himself and causing damage to other people’s property. Police had also been advised that Taite had access to weapons.

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You’ve got to be kidding, the dog handler should be given a medal

I can’t believe that the Police have apologised to a ratbag who got to be a chew toy for a police dog for 50 seconds…not even a minute!

Police have apologised to an Invercargill burglar sentenced to eight months’ jail because they left a police dog on him for too long when they were arresting him three years ago.

Blair Donal Taylor was sentenced to eight months’ jail for burglary and one month jail concurrent for resisting police on April 2, 2011.

The incident occurred when police were called to a burglary in Tay St.

Six officers and a police dog were involved in the arrest of Taylor who had been drinking and was uncooperative at the time, police said.

After his arrest, Taylor raised an issue with the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) about the use of a police dog as part of the arrest.

The IPCA report, released today, did not find that the initial deployment of the dog was unjustified but the 50-second deployment may have been unjustified.

Southern District Commander, Superintendent Andrew Coster said police accepted the findings and apologised to Taylor for any additional distress this caused.

”The decision to deploy and persist with the use of a police dog, or any other use of force, is always a judgement call based on the circumstances facing our officers at the time. A police investigation found that the dog’s deployment was appropriate,” he said.? Read more »

IPCA needs to mandate better shooting and empty magazines

The IPCA has found the cops were justified in shooting a ratbag who took a hammer and knife to his missus…unfortunately he survived after being Glocked.

Perhaps the IPCA should come out with a recommendation that Police attend more training so they can shoot better and require they empty the magazine at the target.

Police were justified in shooting a man who attacked his pregnant partner with a hammer and a knife, an independent inquiry has found.

Ruka Hemopo, 47, survived being shot by police with a Glock pistol and a Taser stun gun during a domestic incident in the Porirua suburb of Waitangirua on May 2.? Read more »

Judith Collins on Pora case

Judith Collins writes an Op-Ed piece for the Dompost about the media pressure coming on in favour of Teina Pora.

New Zealand has one of the best-performing justice systems in the world. It has minimal corruption, a strong judiciary and high public confidence in its institutions.

New Zealand consistently ranks at the top of Transparency International’s corruption perception index for having one of the least corrupt, most transparent governments.

The separation of powers – between the executive and the judiciary – is at the heart of democracy. It ensures that power does not concentrate in one branch of government.

Decisions about criminal responsibility are made by the courts.

Every convicted person can appeal against conviction and sentence. The appeal courts ensure the trial process was fair, evidence was properly admitted or excluded, and the verdict is not unreasonable.

The appeal courts, including the Privy Council, may quash a conviction, order a retrial or amend a sentence.? Read more »

Reader emails about about lying father Ray Legg collecting for his meth-head criminal son

A reader emails about Shane Legg’s father, Ray who has been doing the rounds and telling lies in order to fraudulently collect money for his scum bag son who was injured after climbing a fence whilst handcuffed, after being captured doing a runner from the police at speeds of 136kmph, while disqualified, and with methamphetamine (translation: he was fried) in his blood. Despite the spin the MSM like to put on this story, of course there is always more to it that meets the eye, as a reader demonstrates:

Last week, Shane Legg’s father presented to my workplace with a donations container and a photoboard of his son – the exact same photo I saw in the Herald of him unconscious, ventilated and in a neck brace. He was collecting donations towards his son’s treatment at the Otara Spinal Unit. His father failed to disclose that Shane had been escaping from cops after speeding at over 120KPH and high on meth.
Shane’s father collected money from my workplace, and several other businesses in the area.
I feel quite angry that this mans father has taken money without disclosing all the facts and took advantage of the good nature of other people. Read more »

Of course he should have tasered him, well done that man

A cop who tasered a a scrote has been cleared. The crim claimed he was backing away…I say that is attempting escape, just as well he was tasered.

The police conduct watchdog has cleared an officer accused of inappropriately using a Taser to arrest a man who was backing away when he was zapped with the high-voltage weapon.

Bruce Robert Roulston made a formal complaint against the officer last year after he was Tasered in the driveway of his Christchurch home in 2010.? Read more »

Why not an inquiry in Pants?


Predictably the Greens want to spend thousands of dollars on another inquiry. What I want to know is why there hasn’t been a call for an inquiry into sparkly pants?

The Green Party is calling for an independent investigation into the raid on internet mogul Kim Dotcom’s house which seemed like a scene from a “bad Hollywood movie”.

Green Party police spokesperson David Clendon said the actions of the police in connection with the Dotcom case needed to be scrutinised by an agency such as the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

In the High Court yesterday, Justice Helen Winkelmann ruled the high-profile police raid that ended in the search and seizure of a large amount of Dotcom’s property was done with invalid warrants.

US authorities claim Dotcom and his three co-accused? Mathias Ortmann, Fin Batato and Bram van der Kolk? used the Megaupload website and its affiliated sites to knowingly make money from pirated movies and games.

They have charged him in the US with multiple copyright offences.

“Given that our police and Crown lawyers were working on behalf of the United States they should have made certain that New Zealand?s laws weren?t trampled on,” said Mr Clendon.

“The original raid on Mr Dotcom?s house was like something from a bad Hollywood movie.”

He said it was of “great concern” that the raid involved invalid warrants.