Hey Helen, how’s that “benign strategic environment” looking now?

Remember this?

Prime Minister Helen Clark yesterday dismissed former United States Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun as a pecan farmer from Alabama.

The terse remark was reminiscent of the sneering reference in 1977 by former Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon, who described US President Jimmy Carter as just a peanut farmer from Georgia.

And it was a far cry from the fond farewell between the women at a farewell party for the ex-ambassador this year.

Jimmy Carter’s apparent crime was that he was a Democrat.

Carol Moseley Braun’s was that she has been challenging Helen Clark’s assessment that New Zealand exists in a “benign strategic environment”.

That was the line the PM used to justify scrapping the combat wing of the Air Force – in May this year.

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Wake up Australia: Saudi Arabia’s influence on Indonesia is increasing

Saudi Arabia is getting too close for comfort to Indonesia. It has already been revealed that funding from SA and other gulf states to the extremist Islamic sect of Wahhabism is scaring moderate Muslim leaders in Australia who are begging the government to intervene. Now I am wondering if Saudi Arabia is also building up military support from the largest Islamic population in the world that is right on Australia’s doorstep.

Not for almost half a century has Saudi Arabia’s King graced Indonesia with his presence, but that’s all about to change, in a big way.

…the ambassador said the King’s six days in Bali would not disrupt the holiday island, a signal bikini-clad women could still roam free.

The fact that people even considered that his visit would impact the freedom of citizens to dress how they like shows just how much power the Saudi Arabian King is perceived to have over Indonesia already.

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Key: Working hard for the money



Instead of keeping the New Zealand media busy with daily housing policy releases, poverty claims and other destructive, whining and non-contributing behaviour like Labour’s people do, John Key is busting his balls for the country’s exporters and foreign exchange earners.

Mr Key and Trade Minister Todd McClay are leading a 22-strong business delegation on a whirlwind two-day visit to Indonesia aimed at boosting ties between the two countries.

Indonesia is New Zealand’s 13th largest trading partner, with two-way trade worth about $1.6 billion a year.

But with a population of more than 250 million, a growing economy and an expanding middle class, there’s room for New Zealand exporters to do more.

One of the stumbling blocks in the relationship has been Indonesia’s import restrictions on beef products, which are the result of a domestic political push for Indonesia to become self sufficient.

Since 2010 there’s been an 80 per cent decline in beef exports to Indonesia – once New Zealand’s second-largest market for beef products – and the accumulated impact for the sector is now estimated at between $500 million and $1 billion. Read more »


Non-Muslim submits to Sharia law in Indonesia

Most individuals when travelling to an Islamic country are aware that their laws are very different to Western laws. Some countries though only have some areas where Islamic law is applied. Indonesia is an example of such a country as?constitutionally it is a secular state. In some parts of Indonesia there are sharia police to patrol the streets and even knock on hotel doors to ?arrest people having premarital sex or committing adultery. In other parts of Indonesia there is more freedom.

Up until now ?Sharia law has not been applied to non-Muslim citizens. ?For the first time ever in Indonesia a non-Muslim, Christian woman has been caned under Islamic law for selling alcohol.The fact that the woman chose to be punished under Sharia law to escape jail time is irrelevant. It is only a matter of time before choice is removed and non-muslims will be punished exactly the same as Muslims under the law.Imagine how bad the jails must be there for her to choose to be beaten rather than do time?
It is clear that Indonesia is a secular government in name only. If you are travelling to Indonesia you need to be as cautious as you would be in Saudi Arabia. Being non-Muslim will not protect you. Indonesia to all intents and purposes is now an Islamic Country ruled by religion.

Islamic court caning in Indonesia Islamic court caning in Indonesia[/caption]

A 60-year-old Christian woman convicted of selling alcohol?was given a choice for her punishment: jail time or caning.

She chose caning, and in doing so last week became the first non-Muslim in Indonesia to receive the punishment under sharia law.

Remita Sinaga, a Protestant, received 28 lashes from a rattan cane Tuesday in the town of Takengon in Aceh province.

Pictures posted online show Sinaga standing in a purple head scarf, her head downcast; beside her a person veiled in black extends the cane, as if preparing to administer a blow. A few onlookers watch in the background.

Sinaga was found guilty by a Central Aceh Islamic court of selling alcohol, after police seized 50 bottles of alcoholic beverages from her stall. Sinaga had been given a sentence of 30 lashes, but it was reduced to take into account time she spent in detention.

The head of Aceh?s Sharia Department, Syahrizal Abbas, said qanun jinayat ? an Islamic criminal code in place in Aceh ? is reserved only for Muslims, but non-Muslims could choose to submit to it if they desire.

?The woman voluntarily submitted to the punishment because she thought the alternative was worse: a jail time under the national law,? Abbas said in a phone interview Friday. ?She didn?t want to spend time in prison because we?re all aware that prison conditions are bad and there?s little welfare there.?

In 2015, the Indonesian government banned sales of alcohol in small shops.

The central government granted Aceh, a devoutly Muslim province of 4.7 million people, special autonomy in 2002 to mollify desires for independence, allowing the province to impose its version of sharia, or Islamic law.

…Under the code, sex out of wedlock and same-sex sexual acts are punishable by 100 lashes of the cane, or 100 months in prison. Consuming or selling alcohol is punishable by up to 40 lashes, gambling 12 lashes, and mixing between the opposite sexes while unmarried 12 lashes.

Officials have insisted that the punishment is not intended to hurt offenders physically, but to humiliate them to deter them from committing similar offenses in the future.

This statement is a blatant lie as the below photo and caption show.

Agony: Elita (pictured), who collapsed from the pain of being whipped, is said to have met violated local laws by meeting her lover in secret

Agony: Elita (pictured), who collapsed from the pain of being whipped, is said to have met violated local laws by meeting her lover in secret

…Haris Azhar, coordinator for the Kontras human rights group, said the application of sharia in the case of a non-Muslim set a ?bad precedent.?

?Caning itself is inhuman and a form of torture, and this form of punishment should never be implemented anywhere in Indonesia,? he said.

?From the non-Muslim perspective, it?s something frightening,? he added. ?It will only damage the image of Muslim society.?


Islamic Intolerance in Indonesia causes fear in LGBT community

Indonesia’s last mass conversion to Islam occurred during the fall of the Communist Party in 1965. In the late 1960s there were many brutal murders of Communist Party members. The propaganda was that communists were atheists and atheists were communists. In order to keep themselves safe many Indonesians (especially the Javanese who adhered to local ?religions) declared themselves Muslim so they wouldn’t be mistaken for communists. ?This mass conversion expanded Indonesia’s Muslim population to 86%. Now, 50 years later, the?percentages are even more in Islam’s favour and intolerance is escalating.

Indonesia is constitutionally a secular state…with Islam being the dominant religion in the country. Indonesia also has a larger Muslim population than any other country in the world, with approximately 202.9 million identifying themselves as Muslim (87.2% of Indonesia’s total population in 2011).[1].


A few short weeks in Indonesia has seen a former communications minister make a call for the public to kill any gay people they find … BBC Indonesian’s Rebecca Henschke and Ging Ginanjar went to find out about the insecurity of life on the receiving end of such threats and hostility.

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Crusher needs to lift her game

 Print Email Facebook Twitter More Indonesian minister who revels in destruction of illegal fishing boats creates job surge for small-scale fishers Pacific Beat By Jemima Garrett Updated Mon at 9:35pm Illegal fishing boats destroyed by Indonesia PHOTO: Thirty-eight illegal foreign fishing boats seized by Indonesia were blown up by the navy in August. (AFP: Rudi Hartono)

PHOTO: Thirty-eight illegal foreign fishing boats seized by Indonesia were blown up by the navy in August. (AFP: Rudi Hartono)

Now that Judith Collins has returned to Police and Corrections Minister I think she is going to have to lift her game.

She has some serious competition from an Indonesian minister.

A penchant for dynamiting illegal fishing vessels has made flamboyant Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti Indonesia’s most popular, and restored tens of thousands of jobs to small-scale fishing along the way.

When she was appointed to President Joko Widodo’s cabinet 14 months ago, commentators thought Ms Pudjiastuti and her illegal fishing crackdown would not last.

In Bali last week, she told delegates from 40 nations attending Pacific fisheries negotiations that depletion of Indonesia’s fisheries were so bad that businesses worth $4 billion had closed down.

Between 2003 and 2013, the number of households earning their primary income from fishing dropped by half to 800,000.
“Shrimps and fish in small villages decreased every single year until one day everything stopped,” Ms Pudjiastati said. ? Read more »

And the TPPA just got bigger

Andrew Little was demanding the government sell beef to Hindus and that we look at a FTA with Indonesia when we already have one.

Well, his wish sort of came true. Indonesia has told the US it wants in to the TPPA as well.

Indonesia’s president says his country will join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal, but cuts short his US visit to deal with Indonesia’s worsening haze situation.

Joko Widodo made the comments to US President Obama at the White House.

Indonesia, south-east Asia’s largest economy with a population of 250 million, will join 12 countries in the world’s largest free trade area. ? Read more »

Anthony de Malmanche chooses the devil he knows over a possible death sentence

He must have had the word that his hosts won?t react well to an appeal, and he is to consider his current sentence favourable.

As cock tax goes, that one has to be a record breaker – he never even got to have sex with the woman once.

A Kiwi jailed for 15 years in Bali after being convicted of smuggling methamphetamine into the country for his online girlfriend will not appeal.

Antony de Malmanche, from Whanganui, was arrested on December 1 last year after he was caught with 1.7kg of methamphetamine in his backpack when he arrived at Denpasar Airport.

He claimed he had been set up as a drug mule – by his girlfriend Jessy who had met online.

The 53-year-old avoided the death penalty after a trial in Bali earlier this year but was jailed for 15 years.? Read more »

So what if they were paid, at least they aren’t here

Labour really does need to finally admit that people smugglers are trying to send ships and illegal immigrants here.

They have denied it for so long I don’t think they can actually see what has been revealed in the past few days.

An Indonesian police officer says he’s certain that wads of US dollars were paid by an Australian official to the crew of an asylum-seeker boat.

The investigation has broadened to Jakarta where police from Indonesia’s Anti-People Smuggling Taskforce are now trying to track the people who recruited the five crew, who were allegedly given US$5000 (NZ$7150) to take the 65 New Zealand-bound passengers back to Indonesian waters.

Local police have handed their initial findings to national police and Australian media. ?? Read more »

Shameless media manipulation to get Abbott, with zero evidence

If you think our media are bad, then have a look at the carry on in Australia over unproven allegations that Abbott’s government paid a people-smuggler to take his boat back home.

And our media are playing the stupid opposition game here too, asking John Key what he knows about it….which of course is nothing.

Andrew Bolt sums up the extreme hypocrisy of Labor and the media.

Am I missing something here?

All Question Time, and during a censure motion as well, one political party was raging against giving incentives to people smugglers and putting them in business.

That party was Labor, which itself offered so many incentives to people smugglers when it was in government that 50,000 people came over, paying some $500 million for the trip and costing us $11 billion..

The party they were attacking, on the other hand, is the Liberal Party, which in government has had just one boat arrive in a year and a half, and is now accused – without any proof – of paying people smugglers to turn one boat back to Indonesia.

And reporters are buying this astonishing hypocrisy? Are worrying about ?incentives? and ?pull factors? when no boats are actually coming, after denying Labor had offered incentives and ?pull factors? when boats were arriving every few days? ?? Read more »