Distracted much?

Labour’s so distracted at the moment, last night them and the Greens accidentally ended up supporting a bill they oppose.

Obviously Hipkins, Mallard and Fenton were too busy working out the numbers to concentrate on house business.

Political parties opposed to legal aid legislation inadvertently supported the bill’s third and final reading on Tuesday night.

The legislation introduces an income threshold for receiving legal aid for civil cases and allows applications to be declined if the applicant is already in arrears.

It has only passed by a narrow margin in previous readings, with strong objections from the opposition.

The legislation has been split into six separate bills, which had their third reading together.   Read more »

Labour Under Shearer at 22%

Labour cannot even get their supporters via The Standard Lynn Prentice’s hate blog to push a button for a Herald poll.  22%.

Forget the other results and that National have a thumping lead.

With almost 19,000 votes you have to ask why Labour cannot even muster the average they are polling in other polls?



It was Mallard’s fault

Ever since the famous “Show me the Money” debate there has been specualtion that David Cunliffe set up Phil Goff.

We now know that it was Trevor Mallard who is to blame for exposing his leader so irresponsibly. He owns up in his Herald Online chat.

Inept. Just plain inept.

Moroney Moaning

Weapons grade moaning is emanating from Labour right now after their filibuster was busted and Heather Roy’s VSM bill was passed.

Sue Moroney should go and have a cry to her leadership who thought that filibustering a bill to spite Act was a better effort than debating any other bills including her own. Labour preferred to die in a ditch than allow other bills to enter the house.

The arrogance of Labour knows no bounds.

Abusive, rude and wrong

Trevor Mallard has lost the plot. He defamed Erin Leigh under the protection of parliamentary privilege, conducted a smear campaign and defamed Dr Bryce Edwards, he has defamed a mate of mine and now he is hurling abuse all over Twitter at people he doesn’t agree with.

Last night on Twitter he really nutted off at someone who wasn’t happy at the stance Labour was taking on the Police surveillance bill. Trevor Mallard accused him of being drunk, then being a “slow person“, then a “SoB“.

This man is unfit for public office, to treat a concerned voter like this shows utter contempt for democracy.

He should resign. Phil Goff needs to act with his out of control campaign strategist.

Eating their own, ctd

Labour and their supporters are continuing their internecine fighting.

No Right Turn looks at who is to blame for Labour’s poll hole: Excuses, excuses

Phil Goff’s excuse for his latest round of poor polling“People aren’t focused on the issues”. But before Labour hacks engage in another round of “blame the voters”, I think we should ask: whose fault is that?

To point out the obvious, getting people to care about “the issues” so that they are energised and mobilised to vote is a core task of a political party. If people aren’t focused on Labour’s chosen issues, then that tells us that the Labour Party is doing a piss-poor job. Either they’ve chosen their issues badly, or they’re communicating them poorly (and in particular, worse than the government). But either way, it is not the voters who are at fault, but the party. And blaming the voters for the party’s failure just adds to the perception that Labour is arrogant.

As for what they can do about it, I think the answer is pretty clear: Labour needs to own its own shit. Stop making excuses, accept responsibility for failure, and lift their game. And if they don’t, and a bunch of them are out of work come November 27, then they have no-one to blame but themselves.

DimPost likewise is unimpressed: Clown show watch

He notes the leadership battles are now out in the open.

Meanwhile, in totally unrelated news, Shane Jones was on The Nation last weekend implying that David Cunliffe was behind the recent caucus leaks, and today Trevor Mallard has hinted to gallery journalists that Shane Jones was the culprit.

Labour knows they are in trouble, even their creatives are playing not to lose too heavily rather than playing to win. A tipster via the tipline tells me that they overheard a conversation that included Labour’s creative genius that was basically a concession of defeat. The creative was of the opinion that ‘win’ for them was to ‘close the gap’. Rather like Phil Goff’s two fron teeth, this is impossible unless major surgery occurs inside the next 37 days.


Not so smart

I don’t think if I were Phil I’d be describing my leadership as a dead horse

Labour leader Phil Goff says anyone who suggests he’s facing a leadership challenge is flogging a dead horse.

iPredict really needs to start running the sweep on how soon after the election the by-election will be..

“If I’m Prime Minister I don’t think I’ll be standing down.”

What if you’re not, Phil?

Quote of the Day

from Malcolm Harbrow again:

This isn’t rocket science. The requirement for a promoter statement has been a core part of our electoral law since 1977, and something every party should be complying with out of habit. Failing to do so is a basic failure of political competence. After all, if you can’t publish a fucking ad properly, how do you expect us to believe you can run the country?

Sadly, I don’t think Labour will acknowledge that failure and commit to fixing it. Based on their past performance, we’ll be treated to more arrogant whining instead.

Labour just don’t get it. The law is simple. Clearly Labour are inept, lead by an inept leader, and advised by an inept campaign manager.

Tweet of the Day

Mallard and Neigh-neigh demoted?

Labour seems to be very sensitive. They tossed the upstanding and honourable “Pedro” Gower from their offices today for no apparent reason. He of course tweeted the results of his getting thrown from the offices. It is hard to see how this sort of behaviour towards gallery journalists is going to help their so-called media “problem.

Perhaps they are sensitive to the apparent demotion of Trevor Mallard. He has been moved from his prozed seat on the front bench and sent to the second bench and Neigh-neigh Ardern has been sent to the back bench. Meanwhile Hone Harawira has confirmed his snout is firmly in the trough by having his seat moved to the front bench showing he is now a parliamentary leader of a party and all the extra funding that entails.

Here is the new seating plan that was sent to the tipline. I have added arrows and highlights. It looks like Charles Chauvel has taken over Mallard’s responsibilities. Labour are set to be more inept in the House.