False equivalency used to defend oppressive swimwear


Juxtaposed photos go viral after police seen ordering woman to remove burqini on French beach WITW STAFF08.24.16 (Twitter)

False equivalency is once again being used by idiots on Twitter who must all be sharing their one remaining brain cell. ?When we look at these two photos what do we see?

  1. A ?man in authority enforcing the law.
  2. A woman ?in a bathing suit having the law enforced on her.

In these two ways, both photos are equivalent but it is the law that is being enforced that is the key difference here and one that the idiots on Twitter are deliberately failing to recognise.

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Bryan Bruce believes that in education less choice equals fairness

Journalist Bryan Bruce is not a fan of charter schools. He thinks there are other ways to fix our education system. Despite this mindset he still is able to admire what South Auckland Middle School has achieved and particularly admire how it is run. He believes that too much choice is a bad thing as it creates inequality. He is particularly concerned with administration (how schools are run) and he wants a light centralised system to keep things ” fair”.

Instead of less administration to take the burden off teachers, I think he should consider the model I have seen in three Auckland charter school where teachers do not have to do admin. Admin is for administrators and teaching is for teachers. You cannot get any lighter than that.

44 minutes of television airtime isn?t a lot for a topic as big as Public Education, so when it came to editing my recent documentary WORLD CLASS? one of the decisions I reluctantly made was not to include a discussion about Charter Schools.

Why? Because it seemed to me after listening to the arguments for and against Charter Schools that they are part of the larger issue of how much consumer choice a public education system can tolerate.

…Which brings me to South Auckland Middle School and my interview with Principal Alwyn Poole that I unfortunately could not find space for in my programme.

If I’d wanted to do a demolition job on Charter Schools I certainly wouldn’t have picked to film in South Auckland Middle School , because in terms of its teaching practice, pupil to teacher ratio , staff?qualifications, the liaison with parents, the passion teachers have for their job and the engagement of children in?learning?and meeting their needs, South Auckland Middle School stacks up , in my opinion, as a pretty good school.

No. I asked to film at this particular Charter School precisely because?it removes the quality argument from the debate and leaves us with the philosophical question ??

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Now imagine it is your daughter

Imagine this girl is your daughter and that this happened in New Zealand not Canada.

Muslim boys school refuses to play football against team with two girls on it

Carla set she was ?upset? by the incident (Picture: City News)

A school football match was blighted recently after a team from a Muslim boys school refused to play against a team with girls on it.

Due to there not being a girls football team at?Robert F Hall Catholic School in Caledon, Canada, Carla Briscoe and another girl both play on the boys team, which is allowed in their school league.

During a recent match against the nearby?ISNA Private Islamic High School, in which Carla?s team was winning 3-1, the opposing team told the referee at half time that they would have to forfeit as some of the students felt uncomfortable playing the sport with a girl.

Knowing their?team needed a certain amount of goals to progress in the tournament, and not wanting to let their?team mates down, Carla and the other female player agreed to bow out of the game, however the incident left them with some bitter feelings.

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Busting Oxfam’s spin on the 1% now owning 50% of the world’s wealth

The other day Oxfam claimed via some highly questionable figures that suggest the richest 1 per cent will soon own over 50 per cent of the wealth.

Predictably the left-wing were all over this as some kind of truism that capitalism is inherently evil and the government must act somehow to stop this.

The mere notion that Oxfam puts forward is silly in the first instance and wrong in the second.

Fraser Nelson at the Spectator explains.

The hijacking of Oxfam by the politicised left is nothing short of a tragedy. It?s heartbreaking to see a charity that has built up so much goodwill from so many people being used by activists as a vehicle for global class war. As a result, Oxfam?is switching its focus away from global poverty towards something very different: wealth inequality.

It has today come up with some questionable figures suggesting that the richest 1 per cent will soon own over 50 per cent of the wealth. Here is Winnie Byanyima, executive director of Oxfam International, with a message she intends to give before she heads off to Davos:

?We see a concentration of wealth capturing power and leaving ordinary people voiceless and their interests uncared for? The scale of global inequality is quite simply staggering and despite the issues shooting up the global agenda, the gap between the richest and the rest is widening fast.?

She didn?t have space, it seems, in her Guardian interview or in the Oxfam research to point out that right now global poverty has been?declining faster than at any point in human history.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 11.53.06 am

Even if Oxfam?s forecast?came?true, you have to ask: isn?t the charity?supposed to be worried about the poor, rather than obsessing about the rich? Its adverts want to you believe that age-old (and laughably incorrect) trope that the poor are poor because the rich are rich: that wealth is a pie, and the powerful are helping themselves to an ever-larger slice. In fact wealth is something that people generate, and on a global basis more of it is being generated than ever before. This ought to be celebrated, because the pie is bigger than ever before -?this is translating into fewer hungry people than ever before.

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Hate to admit it: Labour and Greens are right about New Zealand’s inequality


There you are.

OECD data.

Hard facts. ?Can’t escape them. ? Read more »

A remarkably insightful, level and sensible Herald editorial. (I think I need a lie down)

With the recent OECD report being used by Labour and National alike to beat each other around the ears, and used by the Greens as a “told ya so” exercise, you’d think we’re all going to economic hell in a hand basket.

Not so.

The OECD, often described as a club of rich countries, has produced a report supporting a view that a widening gap between rich and poor within its member states is not only bad for their society but also harms their economic growth. The report is of particular note to New Zealand because it names this country as one of those in which income inequality has widened most since the mid-1980s. It estimates that rising inequality has cost New Zealand more than 10 percentage points of possible economic growth since 1990, which appears to be more than any other member of the club.

In one sense this is not a surprise. New Zealand was a highly protected economy until the mid-1980s with a strongly unionised labour force, high taxation and universal benefits. It had removed these arrangements rapidly by the mid-1990s, conscious that it was opening itself to world markets later than most and with trade disadvantages of distance and scale. Even now, with its income gap having grown more than most, inequality in New Zealand is no worse than the OECD average.

Well, isn’t that a welcome bit of info? ? And the editorial gets even more calming. ? Read more »

Why Right Wing Women Really Are Superior To The Left

Some British git with a silly first and last name working for a little read publication called The Spectator ?has the hots for a right wing chick and has written a column for her. ?There is no other rational explanation for such an outburst.

It is so far?the 2014 World Column of the Year IMHO. ? Well done Cosmo Landesman. Imagine first up yelling?screaming out the name “Cosmo” during a bit of horizontal floor gazing and you will see the absurdity of the proposition that there ever was any competition as to the right v left female thing.

Cosmo has really hit the g-spot with this ditty

And right-wing women never think that leaving the toilet seat up is a passive-aggressive act of patriarchy.

That’s right, we do not care if the toilet seat is up or down. Hundreds of millions of Chinese women can indeed pee?without sitting down. ?They squat. ?And what woman hasn’t had to pee standing up if in a foreign environment? ?I spent a week in an executive retreat this year hearing every day how the basic squat is a super power performance function for living. ?Therefore a group of women who?not have to sit down to pee must surely survive longer on the evolutionary scale.

When I say g-spot I don’t mean in the anatomical sense, I mean the g for do not “give a s***” spot. ?Right wing women do not care about triviality. Triviality bores most men and it bores us because we generally are too busy focusing on important things like how to make more money to buy a cooler car, making the world a better place through lower taxes or asserting private property rights which means we do not interfere. ?Even in modern day times the gay man does not do trivial. ?What is left politically are a pool of woosy heterosexual men who fuss about like nanas and therefore make ideal partners for oppressive left wing women who deep down wish to take their anger at the world out on men. ?Cosmo has had a go at crossing into the dark side for some liberation.

All this will not be an issue so much in New Zealand because there are only 12 straight men remaining on the left wing of politics under the age of 60. ?True, the older ones are old fashioned Trade Unionists. I could name the under 60’s but they are so nearing extinction as a species they should be considered taonga. And no Stuart Nash you are not left wing and not fooling anyone.

There is a?delusion among?the competition on the left that right wing women are less caring, and that these horrible man-oppressing pinkos?are superior to us because they make better partners for men because of the caring.

To shatter the myth that not caring is actually bad, I will give you a list of things that a right wing woman does not care about:

1. Whether the toilet seat is left up. ?You can put your?toilet seat on your head and run around the house naked if you want singing something dreadful from Radiohead. We don’t care. ?Just tell us when you will be finished.

2. Whether your clothes are left littered all over the floor. It’s not that hard to tell the cleaner to pick them up in the morning. ?If you do not have a cleaner you are allowed to hire one. And lets face it shirts look their best in the dark thrown on the floor. ?? Read more »

Map of the Day


The geography of inequality

David Cunliffe – Coward

David Cunliffe has written yet another post about “inequality”, waxing lyrical about Simon Collins and his bogus articles that the NZ Herald ran all week.

But David has learned from his last foray onto Red Alert. He has decided this time that he will brook no discussion and has turned the comments off.

What a pack of cowards. They laud it up about how innovative Red Alert is, post stupid ill thought out posts and then go all Malcolm Harbrow on us preventing comments.

Silent T, David Can’t-liffe, certainly can’t cope with comments. He ends his post with:

So reversing inequality will take more than a newspaper series, it will take winning the country for a new direction for us all.

Perhaps David, but having a debate with real people will help no end.

He is a coward. He is in hiding. He hasn’t shown up for parliament yet this year. It is a fitting metaphor then that he has grown a beard. Probably to hide his weak chin after the slapping Shearer gave him.

He is just sitting in his Herne Bay mansion fulminating and writing posts about inequality as he lets his beard grow.

UPDATE: Someone with half a brain has now turned on the comments for the post. Too late though as you can see from my screenshot I am quicker than they are.