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Credit: Robert Knudsen. White House Photographs. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston, 2 August 1962.

Credit: Robert Knudsen. White House Photographs. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston, 2 August 1962.

The Fultz Quadruplets

President John F. Kennedy visits with Mary Alice Fultz, Mary Louise Fultz, Mary Anne Fultz, and Mary Catherine Fultz, a set of quadruplets from Milton, North Carolina, 2 August 1962.

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The only truly organic baby milk is breast milk

A careless mother has fed expired milk to her kid and it is all the fault of the supermarket.

If she’d ben breast-feeding then this issue would never have arisen…and how snobby buying”organic” milk for her kid…yeah the cows haven;t been treated with antibiotics, dosed, milked days earlier,m processed, pasteurised or anything else…but it’s organic…bullshit, the only organic milk is breast milk.

A child was sick for 48 hours after her mother inadvertently fed her baby milk from Tesco that was ten months out of date.

Jerri Lee gave two-month-old daughter Milan a bottle of organic milk she had bought on the way home from work.

But within moments the baby was sick and then remained ill for two days.

Photographer and model Miss Lee checked the bottle as Milan had never been sick before and had been healthy since she was born.

To her horror she found that the milk she had just given her was from a box of six small bottles whose sell-by date had expired ten months earlier.? Read more »

Cry Baby or Not?

A woman is complaining about not being fed at Waikato Hospital. When you read the article you are led to believe that the breast-feeding nazis are at it again, but then when you think about it some more you get the feeling that this woman seems to have an entitlement mentality that is so prevalent in New Zealand.

The mother of a sick baby in hospital was told she didn’t qualify for meals because she wasn’t breastfeeding.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said she would complain to the Waikato District Health Board over its policy.

She is staying at Waikato Hospital’s paediatric ward in Hamilton while her premature 5-month-old son recovers from a lung infection.

On her first night in the ward, a nurse told the mother of three that she would not receive meals because she did not breastfeed her baby.

“It was the way she worded it. She said, ‘Because you’re not breastfeeding, you won’t get meals here’,” the mother said.

The 32-year-old said it hurt because she wanted to breastfeed all three of her children but had struck severe food allergies and reflux, making bottlefeeding with prescription formula the only option.? Read more »

Always been a breast man myself

Now there is evidence to suggest that breast really is best.

Mothers have been urged to breastfeed for longer, with new research indicating it improves child intelligence and language.

Scientists have found that longer breastfeeding, even when it is not exclusive, leads to higher intelligence scores at age seven.

Compared with bottle-fed children, seven-year-olds breastfed for the first year of life were likely to score four points higher in a test of verbal IQ.? Read more »

Sucking on the Taxpayers’ Tit, Ctd

All this talk about troughers got me thinking about what they?re really wanting.?Wet nursing and milk banking?is all fun and games, but the one that has serious implications on New Zealand is their idea of?plain packaging of infant formula.

Problem is that some of these Brestapo groups in their push to have all mums breastfeed their babies, ignore (or are paid to discourage mums that?struggle to breastfeed.

This harassment of mums is now threatening to reach a whole new level as the Brestapo take on the manufacturers of the product they so loathe.

They?ve clearly taken on the lessons of those troughers in the anti-tobacco industry and jumped ahead of the game.

The Brestapo don?t seem to care about how limiting (destroying) the branding of, for example, New Zealand?s largest company and other New Zealand companies infant formula brands will impact on this country?s global competitiveness.

The Brestapo certainly don?t care about the Government?s efforts to have Tim Groser?s head up the WTO or how Tim?s trying to explain though the laugher of our trading partners why NZ is limiting the IP rights on one of our country?s key exports.

The Brestapo don?t care.

It?s bordering on time Ryall storms into his health ministry and informs his officials that the National Government stands for Competitive Enterprise, Individual Freedom and Choice and Personal Responsibility.

Sucking on the Taxpayers? Tit, Ctd

The other week I let the Whaleoil army know about a bunch of troughers sucking on the taxpayers? tit. The response was interesting and indicated strongly held views.

My spies have even told me that Minister Jo Goodhew?s office (who you ask?) was deeply concerned about the comments flowing forth from that breastfeeding hui? – not the least the idea of a wet nurse or a milk bank or banning NZ exports of infant formula.

True to my word, I?ve been looking at these troughers. The tip line has also provided a treasure trove of information about some of these groups. What I was surprised about was just how deep some of them were in the government?s public trough.

Here?s a list (it?s not conclusive by the way).

It?s not conclusive as it doesn?t show other hangers-on, for example an outfit called Quigley & Watts. But more on them later.

What?s interesting is that the list above comes directly from the Goodhew?s Ministry of Health. What I?m interested in is what some of these other troughers are getting ? yes the ones coming up with weird and novel ideas.

Naturally, I have more documents dripping in from the tip-line. So if you?re on this list, you?re also on WO?s list of troughers ? and that is not a good list to be on.

Sucking on the Taxpayers? Tit

Each day the tip-line runs hot with scurrilous tit-bits of the untoward. A lot comes out of Wellington, home of that pinko Farrar as well as busy-body bureaucrats determined to run a Sir Humphrey?view of a clear conscience,?plotting ways to push through their own pet projects.

As one of the largest bureaucracies in New Zealand, the Health Ministry is also one of the largest recipients of public money with Vote:Health receiving a solid whack of about $14b each Budget.

Recently the tip line has provided an insight into the nefarious activities of some of the groups literally sucking on the taxpayer?s tit. There?s a lot so I?ll do a series of posts on this.

Early last month breast feeding advocates converged on Wellington for a state funded hui or ?stakeholder consultation? at the airport?s convention centre. As this involves some serial troughers I think some sunlight into this area is required.

On the basis that mothers should breast feed their babies if they can, the question is what happens if they can?t. And this is where it gets interesting.

As with most Ministry of Health funded cardigan wearing groupies, it seems the more extreme ideas the better. Pull together a group of breast feeding advocates (activists) and there?s little talk about actually helping mums with breast feeding, instead it?s about big business scaremongering.

The likes of?Fonterra?should be very worried.

These women?s groups are now calling for plain packaging of infant formula akin to Turia?s recent brain fart that?s bound to see NZ brought before the courts by those evil tobacco companies. They call for an infant formula tax to be placed on the manufacturers. They even suggest that infant formula should only be allowed on prescription from a GP like a heroin addict.

To top it off they even call for New Zealand not to sell infant formula to the world because it was ?morally wrong? even though infant formula is sold at 10x the value of milk powder and is a big export earner (conveniently forgetting that export dollars are how mad huis like these can actually be held).

Basically they are trying to equate formula with addictive, carcinogenic poisons and drugs. It is shameful.

And to top it all off this ?hui?, stakeholder consultation or whatever you want to call it, also had an earth mother ?stunt feeder? attend,? sitting there breast feeding her baby throughout the meeting without saying a word. I?m surprised the baby didn’t erupt with reflux having to sit through that bollocks.

This sort of nonsense by troughers literally shows how tits Wellington has become. More concerning is that the Minister responsible for all of this is Associate Minister Jo Goodhew.

I?m sure Ryall, English, Joyce and Key will be just tickled pink that a Minister is overseeing ideas that can damage one of New Zealand?s leading exporters.

Breastfeeding vs. Bottle Feeding

Over it.

My kids were breast fed, because they could be, and given their extreme allergies at that time of their life it was lucky they could be. Some mothers just can’t or won’t, so what. That doesn’t mean one is more right than the other.

But from my extremely selfish man’s view breast-feeding was a whole lot of awesome.

I didn’t have to get up at night to feed the little monsters, not equipped you see. I never had to sterilise bottles, or worry about the right temperature, again the milk was already pre-packaged in an appealing, correctly heated package….again not equipped.

And the single number one reason why I think breast-feeding was good for ME…the kids shit doesn’t stink…seriously…it just doesn’t on breast fed babies.

But seriously some people just need to get a life.