WARNING: The Breastapo are back and they are outraged and offended

Some people just will never get it. Case in point the $416,250 taxpayer funded The Breastapo.

They?re all in a flutter about Lewis Road Creamery repackaging its milk ?breast milk? for charity.

3,2,1 and out comes the Breastapo representative Julie Stufkens who says ?the move was disrespectful towards women? and ?labelling a cow?s milk product as breast milk is not acceptable.?

But then Stufkens said something that demonstrates how out of touch she really is.

?she was concerned mother?s could mistake the product as breast milk?

Really? Does she think mothers are that dumb? Or is it just Stufkens that?s dumb?

Here?s some feedback for Stufkens;

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