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National going after tax dodgers? Someone get Labour to sit down

Labour’s narrative is that the uncaring National government looks after its rich mates and only goes after the poor and the vulnerable, like benefit cheats.

It plays well to the choir, but it isn’t actually true.

210214-ird300Inland Revenue will get more funding to chase tax evaders when this year’s Budget is announced on Thursday.

At his post-Cabinet news conference yesterday, Prime Minister John Key announced the department would receive $132 million over the next five years to increase tax compliance activities, including chasing unfiled returns and writing off tax unlikely to be paid.

He estimated the extra money will conservatively increase gross tax revenue by around $300m over the next five years.

Mr Key also rubbished the Labour Party’s long-held policy of introducing a Capital Gains Tax, saying the IRD has gone after property speculators and those not paying their share.

Ah, but is Key going after the true cheats? ?The corporate tax dodgers? ? Read more »

Not virtually, it is impossible

Maurice Williamson has seen sense and declared that it would be almost impossible to accede to the whacky demands of retailers who are insisting that GST be levied against all online transactions.

Customs Minister Maurice Williamson says it would be virtually impossible to charge GST on items being bought online, an idea currently being explored by government officials.

The Inland Revenue Department and Customs have set up a working group to establish whether 15 per cent GST should be charged on items bought online which cost less than $400. Other countries, including Australian and the United Kingdom, are currently grappling with how to introduce such a system.

It has the support of New Zealand retailers, who say it would create a level playing field with the booming online market, but Williamson could not see how it would work.? Read more »

Shearer ‘forgets’ he had a bank account with more than $50k in it…really?

It all started with a little Tweet from Patrick Gower:

…and has snowballed from there. David Shearer has apparently forgotten all about a UN provided bank account for over 4 years.

Labour Leader David Shearer’s dobbed himself in for forgetting to declare a foreign bank account held in his name.

The New York-based Chase cash account, which was used to collect Mr Shearer’s United Nations salary, hasn’t been included on the Register of Pecuniary interests since he became an MP in 2009.

The register is being amended after Mr Shearer realised his mistake.The register is designed to improve political transparency and many MPs have had to make corrections in the past – including gifts, superannuation schemes, and free lunches.

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About time student loans thieves were targeted

Finally, the government is going to start tracking down student thieves who have absconded without honouring their debt repayments on student loans.

The Government plans to hound student loan holders who have gone overseas leaving big debts behind.

Australian-based borrowers in particular will be targeted, as the Inland Revenue Department increasingly uses legal action or debt collectors to claw back money from the most reluctant payers.

Overseas-based borrowers are responsible for 80 per cent of overdue repayments, which amounted to $418 million in October.? Read more »

Smelly as a smelly thing

? NZ Herald

The Bill Liu/Yong Ming affair is getting smellier and smellier. You rally have to wonder how much money this guy gave to Labour to get the sort of pretection he did:

Seven government agencies wanted to join a raid on Metropolis tower apartments owned by a wealthy Chinese businessman later granted citizenship in controversial circumstances.

A search warrant was executed on the apartments owned by Bill Liu – also known as Yang Liu, Yong Ming Yan and now William Yan – on the 35th floor of the tower in Auckland in June 2007.

Officers took more than an hour to search individual rooms, such were their size.

He was under investigation by the Department of Labour for immigration fraud at the time and documents released under the Official Information Act show that other law enforcement agencies wanted to be part of any raid at the property.

The police were going to execute the warrant with Immigration officers alone – until approached by the Ministry of Fisheries, the Department of Internal Affairs, Customs, the Serious Fraud Office and the Inland Revenue Department.

Eventually, the group decided that 13 investigators from the police, Immigration, Customs, IRD and Internal Affairs would search the Metropolis apartments and cars.

“The number of staff reflected the size of the residential area to be searched – five units in a hotel and three vehicles,” according to documents released by Immigration New Zealand.

However, “no documents were seized and/or evidence retained as a result of the search warrant.”

Mr Yan later complained, through his lawyer, that customs officials stepped outside the authority of the warrant by taking photographs inside the apartment.

The raid happened at the same time as Labour MP David Cunliffe, the Immigration Minister at the time, was considering an application from officials to have Mr Yan’s residency revoked.

The grounds for revocation were that he had failed to disclose the Yong Min Yang identity, the fact that he was married in Australia and was wanted by the Chinese authorities on an alleged fraud.

Mr Cunliffe declined to revoke his residency and asked officials to continue investigating the potential immigration fraud.

The following year, Mr Yan was granted New Zealand citizenship by Labour Party minister Shane Jones against the advice of officials that he did not meet the good character test, because he had two passports with two names and two birthdates, and was wanted in China for an alleged large-scale fraud.

Over paid and Overseas

Seems like there are more Peter Freedom’s out there roaming the world on our ticket. National needs to boot the MSD wallies in the arse for ceasing data-matching.

Almost $19 million was overpaid in one year to people who left New Zealand while still receiving a benefit, Government documents show.

The true figure could be higher, as Social Development Ministry staff were told to stop looking for overpayments and concentrate instead on clearing the backlog of debt.

The data, revealed in the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s annual report this month, shows weekly data checks with the Inland Revenue Department found 54,032 possible matches for overpaid clients.

Of these, 28,325 had been overpaid a total of $18,915,102 ? an average of $667 each.

The commissioner’s report noted that the number and value of overpayments found by the ministry had doubled since the previous year.

“In September, MSD decided to cease matching work on some client cases (in advance of system changes) with Inland Revenue, and reallocate resources to this programme to clear a backlog of work.”

The ministry’s general manager of integrity services, Justine Auton, said it was a beneficiary’s duty to advise staff if they were leaving the country.

“These are clients who failed to meet their legal obligation and tell us that they were going overseas,” she said.

The crims have then so why can't we?

Rules for a GunfightAnother shopkeeper dies, firearms used. The socialists will say we need to ban guns but I disagree.

Banning guns doesn’t stop crims from a) getting them and b) using them.

The only rules they follow is the Rules for a Gunfight. Unfortunately law abiding citizens aren’t allowed to follow those rules. It is time for a change.

Therefore the only solution is to allow for more guns to be owned and used in self defence by ordinary law-abiding Kiwi’s.

To have to wait an hour for the cops is unacceptable. It is time we took back the streets with Tasers, Mace and handguns.

Make training compulsory if you want to carry any of those but let us defend ourselves. The government and the police are failing to protect us. It time for a change.

The only way to stop crims is to put them in a grave with plenty of holes in them.

As they say “Gun Control is hitting what you aim at”.