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Super Trougher Extraodinaire

Only occasionally does a trougher become?extraordinaire. They have to demonstrate uncommon, no, remarkable troughing abilities. Even Maori trougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook?s more recent attempts to hoe into Whanau Ora funding are no match.

Trougher of the Year nominee Boyd Swinburn

Trougher of the Year nominee Boyd Swinburn

Boyd Swinburn was clearly in the lead for?Trougher of the Year after his junket to the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, on the shores of Lake Como, Bellagio, Italy. Few could match this level of troughing.

But then this came in via the tipline. Even I had to take stock. I can now understand why he?s smiling so much.

Not only has Boyd Swinburn enjoyed the delights of Bellagio and New York this year, he also jetted off in September to yet another?international conference on nutrition, this time in Granada (Spain).

He even took his research fellow Stefanie Vandevijvere, who from her twitter feed clearly is trying to get into Boyd?s golden trough. How nice. Boyd Swinburn?s obviously cottoned on to the notion that it?s occasionally a good idea to throw a bone to the troops, otherwise they get all upset and start feeding the tipline. ? Read more »