International law

Is it the final countdown for the United Nations?

UN Resolution 2334 started off a chain of events that may lead to the replacement of the United Nations with a new world body called?The Covenant of Democratic Nations.” The birth of the new movement to replace the UN was in reaction to the ambassadorial applause when the UN declared that Israel’s Jewish connection to the Western Wall was now to all intents and purposes illegal. It hardened the resolve of some key people and now concrete replacement action has begun. The idea is that CDN nations will stay as vestigial members in order to oversee the UN’s destruction in the same way?the League of Nations was dissolved after World War Two and replaced with the present UN.

It has started with a conversation of ideas proposing an official international conference which would carefully propound a multilaterally-signed diplomatic convention that would be ratified by countries as a binding treaty that would juridically forge the Covenant into operational reality. The entire process ? fraught with hazy puzzlements over a terrain of ?what ifs? ? would be limited to nations governed by democratic principles. Each member would or could defund the United Nations while it labored to construct a successor entity dedicated to world peace along democratic principles with equal respect for all people regardless of religion, gender, race, identity, or national origin, as well as formulating a mechanism to resolve disputes.

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Another lie from McCully exposed

Some people think if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth.

We have already exposed the lie about New Zealand and America not changing their stance towards Israel when in fact the wording of the resolution was?substantially different?and a major break with US policy. The UN resolution sponsored by Murray McCully as chairman of the security council called all territory beyond the 1967 lines “occupied Palestinian territory”?when previously the US Secretary of State Madeleine?Albright had said…

? We oppose the specific references to Jerusalem in this resolution and will continue to oppose its insertion in future resolutions, we simply do not support the description of the territories occupied by Israel in?the 1967?war as occupied Palestinian territory.?

Now further information has come to light showing that McCully’s claim that the Israelis are illegally occupying the West Bank is also wrong.

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A tailor-made situation for Western liberals and left-wingers to shun and condemn

It has everything that left-wingers and Western liberals love to hate.

It has…

  • Racism.
  • Colonialism.
  • Ethnic cleansing.
  • Police states.
  • Antisemitism.

These are all things that Western Progressives claim to be against. In fact, they define themselves by their fixed positions against all these things.

Israel is currently looking down the barrel of a diplomatic gun as the Obama presidency approaches its final days. If Western Progressives despise all of the above things then they should be firmly on the side of Israel.


The goal of the Palestinians is the colonial conquest of another people?s country. That country is the State of Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people…

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These stupid people are going to get hurt…or worse


Super Dvora class fast patrol boat leaving dock in Haifa. Photo/ Cam Slater, Whaleoil Media

Two Maori Television staff are going to try and break Israel’s blockade.

They’re foolish and in grave danger.

Two M?ori TV staff are aboard the ?Freedom Flotilla III? currently steaming to break an Israel-controlled naval blockade.

The flotilla set sail from Messina, Italy this week on a humanitarian mission to take an undisclosed tranche of supplies through the Israel Defence Force (IDF) blockade to the Palestinian territory in Gaza.

Journalist Ruwani Perera and camera operator Jacob Bryant, facilitated by Kia Ora Gaza Trust, are on the Swedish former trawler Marianne av G?teborg, which will meet up with other boats shortly. ? Read more »

Map of the Day – Places Kim Dotcom can’t run to

So Kim likes the Map of the Day? …he might not like this map.


This map is all of the countries that US has extradition treaties with.? Read more »