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Pepe the Frog successfully trolls New Zealand Media

Pepe the frog as Donald Trump

Pepe had a starring role in the American election and now he has crossed the Tasman to upset the New Zealand media. Pepe is essentially a sad cartoon frog who became a meme. He was used in this recent video to promote?Based Stickman?(a new American Hero who physically defended protestors from the violence of Anti-Fascist group ANTIFA?.) When reading about Pepe during the American election I came across a democrat supporter lamenting the fact that the Republicans had all the cool memes. Why he lamented can we not have a Pepe the frog?

NZ First leader Winston Peters says he knew the controversy surrounding an image when he signed a poster featuring it – but says what others have deemed a hate symbol is “essentially meaningless”.

Peters signed a poster featuring the online cartoon character Pepe the Frog, after speaking to a packed lecture theatre at Victoria University last night.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Hans Runesson.

Photo: Hans Runesson.

A Woman Hitting a Neo-Nazi With Her Handbag

Hans Runesson?s classic image from the Nordic National Party rally in V?xj?, The iconic image was?named the “century’s image.”

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Sometimes you wonder where some people get their ideas from

Neville Gibson, editor at the NBR writes:

The assassinations of journalists and cartoonists at a satirical French newspaper will add to a wave of anti-Islamic feeling in Europe.

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have turned out in Paris, Lyons and other cities to defend freedom of speech and western democratic values against terrorism. In London, a demonstration has been held in Trafalgar Square.

The rallying call is ?Je suis Charlie? (?I am Charlie?)? ? a reference to President Kennedy?s speech at the Berlin Wall in the 1960s and to the name of the weekly Charlie Hebdo, whose offices were invaded by three hooded gunmen at 11.30am Parisian time on Wednesday.

Let’s start with his gutlessness at not calling things for what they are.

These were not “three hooded gunmen”….they were Islamic terrorists.

Look Neville, at what they did to a wounded gendarme.

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Helensville School Harlem Shake

Heard of the Harlem Shake?

Here is the original that started it all:

It was on the news the other day as various versions pop up worldwide…some now exceeding the original in views…even Stuff did a video…and this is Helensville School’s Harlem Shake:? Read more »

Trololo Man is dead

? Boing Boing

Eduard Khil, the Russian entertainer who enjoyed a recent resurgence of fame as the “Trololo” singer, died this weekend in St. Peterburg.

Khil’s newly famous?I Am So Happy To Finally Be Back Home?was originally recorded more than 40 years ago. But its nonsensical lyrics — put in to replace western-themed ones that displeased Soviet censors — made it perfect material for the 21st-century web. Khil was born Sept. 4, 1934, in Smolensk and suffered a stroke earlier this year. Here’s?an extensive interview from 2010, at the height of his new fame.

Kitties and Titties

Ok seriously, this is a warning…if you are offended by nudity do NOT click on the link. I’m not offended by the site, and I don’t think it even qualifies as offensive but some readers are offended by the thought of two people of the same sex getting married so I guess it is only reasonable to warn you.

This Tumblr site is going viral in a massive way.

It is called Kitties and Titties – and features pictures of breasts and cats.

I wonder if they would post a picture of a cat from my blog?


Does it matter if they are dead?

I get a lot of flack for posting pictures of dead feral cats….but it seems cats rule the internet.

What I want to know is does it matter if they are dead?

Cats may not be man?s best friend, but they?re arguably something even better: man?s key to instant Internet pageviews. It?s a long-established fact that Internet content?whether it?s a cutesy video, a photoshopped inside joke, or a?longform public health article?has a better chance of achieving coveted ?viral? status if it somehow evokes the sound of purring.

But the reason that cats have catapulted to cyber-fame isn?t purely biological: There are social factors at play as well. Steve Dale, a cat behavior consultant and pet journalist, told me that cat aficionados have been particularly drawn to the Internet because they lack other public safety valves where they can express their affection. ?In the world of cats, there is no dog park,? Dale says. ?For cat owners, the dog park is the Internet.?

The most compelling explanation for our interest in cats, however, may be the most simple: we?re in awe of them. Nagelschneider told me that we?re inclined to watch cats climbing trees or walking upside down on walls because we wish we could do so ourselves?or, in her words, ?When we are watching these videos, they just blow our minds.? To whatever extent that’s true, it’s certainly worth a click.

The only click a cat is worth is the clik of the safety coming off.


Nek Minnit – Poor!

Levi Hawken came up with a internet meme that really took off, but then suffered a terrible set-back.

Labour did to him and his “Nek Minnit” meme what Peter Dunne did for planking, they destroyed it. They made the meme so un-cool, it died.

Now Levi even though his Nek Minnit video has had more than 1.5 million views on Youtube is broken-arsed and moving to Auckland. Things are pretty dire when you can;t afford a house in Dunedin. I wonder how he is going to cope in Auckland.

He acknowledged there was a certain amount of pressure to come up with “another one-hit wonder”, but he wanted to see where “Nek Minute” would take him.

“You don’t treasure the golden eggs, you treasure the goose.”

The Duck stole the goose and fried the eggs. I bet Labour didn’t pay him a single cent for their use of his “intellectual” property for their campaign.

He should send them an invoice.

Sneaky Greens


There is a meme going around and it is seems to mostly on Green supporters Facebook walls:

There is NO such statement at the Electoral Commission.

I am only posting an image because I don’t want the words to be indexed by Google. It is already starting to show in Google but I will not be party to spreading this message.

This is an illegal message. Quite apart from the fact that it is wrong, it is illegal because it doesn’t carry an authorisation, and it is illegal because it is a false promotion.

It seems to have emanated from Tumblr and this image.

It just goes to show the lengths the left wing will go to distort an election.

I have reported several to the Electoral Commission. They are quite concerned at this behaviour. I would suggest that someone may be prosecuted.

Fighting back against looters with photoshop

Andrew Sullivan blogs about interesting ways to fight back against looters:

Photoshop them. I love this one, but there are others, well worth a look.