Interpersonal relationships

Anti fracking activists not just liars, but creepy deviants too

We all know hippies are a bit weird, over the top with their views, hypocritical and smell bad, but this woman just needs to be locked up:

A top environmental activist has been making some odd claims about child sexuality,reports?the Washington Free Beacon.

Pennsylvania anti-fracking activist and director of Citizens for Clean Water Vera Scroggins said that parents ?should have sexual relationships with their children and expose them to sexually explicit imagery at a young age,? reports the Free Beacon.

?Are there cultures that mothers or fathers pleasure their children and teenagers sexually or genitally and also possibly initiate them into sexual expression at some point?? she?askedin a 2001 message to a Yahoo group called?Peacelist. Read more »

Man drought continues

Or so the Sunday Star-Times says:

In the whole country there are only 24,000 men in the prime marrying slot. These men are straight, single, have no children and earn at least $60,000 a year. They have their pick of at least 50,000 single women, aged 25-39.

…FindSomeone, New Zealand’s leading dating website, asks singles to fill in preferences for potential partners.

Men between 20 and 40 were generally relaxed about these preferences, except when it came to children. The area deemed most important to men was whether future partners had existing children, with 75% of men saying they would prefer a potential partner to have none.

Yep no one likes SOCKs.