A supporter of the NPD tells us what he thinks about Merkel’s Germany

The National Democratic Party organised a demonstration against Germany?s asylum law after the U.N. refugee agency reported that more than 158,450 people, including over 50,000 in July alone, had arrived on the shores of Greece last year

Before you read today’s interview here is some background on the National Democratic Party of Germany.In March this year Germany’s highest court was asked to consider banning it as a political party. The NPD is fighting for the right to exist and it may be removed from the election race altogether if the court rules against it.This not the first time a court has been used to try to destroy a political party.In the Netherlands, the?Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders was forced into a political trial three months out from an election that his party may win. In both cases, the rise in popularity of the parties has been fueled by unrest due to the flood of refugees and migrants into both countries because of Angela Merkel’s open door policies.


Which German political party did you vote for last election?NPD

NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany)

Has your community where you live had refugees or migrants move into it since Angela Merkel opened the borders and was your community welcoming to the new arrivals?

They held a party without Germans only with refugees to welcome people.

If your community has migrants and refugees, did your community ask to take them or did the government make the decision for your community?

They did not ask the people.

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An exclusive interview with Mr X

Mr X


Interviewer: So Mr X, can I call you Colin?

Mr X: No you certainly can not. Using a nom de plume is a literary device to make this interview more interesting.

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Dutch journalist interviews Mayor. Briefly


Note to fake signer: this is how you wing it as an ‘expert’



Guy Goma, a grad just hanging at the BBC for a job interview, makes a pretty good fist of being a technology expert in this interview when he’s put on the hot seat in error.


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