Injured Professor felt “dehumanised” by angry student protestors

I disagree with many left-wing views but I don’t demonise those who have those views. In fact, while I may lament their naivety on certain issues I can acknowledge that their heart is usually in the right place even though they often seem blind to common sense or the facts in some instances. I attack their arguments not them personally. When you demonise people with a different point of view to you bad things happen. You just have to look at all the violence meted out by the anti-Fascist groups to see what happens when you demonise those with a different viewpoint to you. This is the story of a Democrat professor who was the moderator at an event. She found out up close and personal how people act towards you if they have demonised you despite you taking a nonpartisan position. She described what happened to her as ” the saddest day of my life.”


…”They couldn’t look me in the eye, because if they had, they would have seen another human being,” she wrote in a post about the incident.

…Stanger had intended to serve as the moderator of the event: a discussion with American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray, the controversial author of The Bell Curve and Coming Apart. In her post, Stanger describes herself as a Democrat who does not agree with Murray, but nevertheless believes campus is a place for a robust debate about a variety of viewpoints.

Here is Stanger’s firsthand account of what happened:

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Photo Of The Day

Mobster Bugsy Siegel's mistress Virginia Hill. She was conveniently not at her home in Beverly Hills when Siegel was shot dead on June 20, 1947.

Mobster Bugsy Siegel’s mistress Virginia Hill. She was conveniently not at her home in Beverly Hills when Siegel was shot dead on June 20, 1947.

Bugsy & His Flamingo

The Testimony of Virginia Hill



SENATOR TOBEY: “But why would Joe Epstein give you all that money, Miss Hill?”


WITNESS: “You really want to know?”


SENATOR TOBEY: “Yes, I really want to know.”


WITNESS: “Then I’ll tell you why. Because I’m the best {expletive} sucker in town!”


SENATOR KEFAUVER: “Order! I demand order!”

–Excerpt from Virginia Hill’s testimony in front of the Senate Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Gambling.

In the beginning of the 50’s, United States seeked to expose and bring into public attention the growing issue of organized crime at that time.

It started on April 1950, when a dead body of a gambling kingpin from Kansas City was found in a Democratic clubhouse. That assassination raised concerns about the growth of organized crime and its involvement with politics. The need for an investigation committee concerning this issue was discovered, and on May 3, 1950, the Senate created an investigation committee of 5 members, lead by a Democratic Senator from Tennessee, Estes Kefauver.

In its 15 months of hearings, the committee, investigating corruption, crime syndicates and illegal activities, visited several large cities, in which TV broadcasts were interrupted to bring the work of the committee to the attention of the public. The most notable hearing was when the committee reached Broadway, New York, to interview Frank Costello. An estimated number of 30 million watched or listened to the hearings.

In Illinois, the Committee helped to expose a Chicago Police scandal, which later brought down the Senate career of Scott Lucas, a Democratic Majority Leader.

The completion of the hearings signaled the Senate to implement some suggestions about how to better tighten the laws concerning the prevention of corruption and organized crime. It caused the FBI to stop denying the existence of the underworld.

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EXCLUSIVE: “Grandma” strikes back. Your move, Mr Craig

If you didn’t catch last night’s article where Colin Craig sent a rather impressive letter to someone, you’ll need to catch up first.   Then come back and read this.

Whaleoil has obtained “Grandma”‘s reply to Mr Craig’s letter.

19 November 2015

Mr Craig

Re your email of 18 November 2015.

LEAVE ME ALONE! I consider your post-litigation email between us, which decided in my favour, a re-opening of matters already decided by the court and you harassing me because you did not like that result. This appears to be the case, from your reference too!

“You will recall that you previously made allegations of fraud (or theft) at the ERA hearing between us and you were required to retract these allegations at the hearing after we had independent auditors show you were wrong.” You are silly re-litigating the Court’s decision which was in my favour

I would suggest that you do not contact me in any way, not by phone, txt, email or visit me. In failing this I will have no alternative but to go to the Police. You are therefore on notice from today, being 19 November 2015. Read more »

What the left has become


Credit: Getty / via The Telegraph

The hate-filled protests in Manchester [, UK] are indicative of a [Labour] party that is in danger of wiping itself out.

On Sunday afternoon a friend of mine who works for a political consultancy arrived in Manchester for her first Conservative Party conference.

She is 23 years old, small – about 5ft 3in – and was travelling on her own. As she walked up to the entrance a group of men approached her. “Tory scum” they shouted.

One of them leant forward and attempted to spit in her face. A policeman stepped in between them. Then another four or five officers gathered to form a physical barrier around her so that they could safely escort her to the conference hall entrance.

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HARD PROOF: NZ Herald’s Muslim pandering editorial stance is only a recent thing



Going on today’s NZ Herald Editorial (Editorial: Provocations Charlie Hebdo’s way, not for all) I think you  must have hit the NZ Herald editorial team’s raw nerve when you posted Thursday’s NZ Hypocrite post.  Today’s Editorial  justifying NZ Herald’s stance on Charlie Hebdo  proves how deeply hypocritical the NZ Herald really is and how ignorant they are about things Christian. Read more »

Union Bully Boys

NZ Herald

In the NZ Herald this morning there is an article that outlines the union bully boys:

Economic fallout is likely to linger for months from Auckland’s port dispute – but international union leaders say the effect on New Zealand products could have been immeasurably worse.

Visiting International Transport Federation dockers’ division secretary Frank Leys says even without formal bans against Kiwi goods, an enduring stigma would have settled over the New Zealand brand in markets without Friday’s truce in the dispute.

Mr Leys, who lives in Britain, said lamb sold in Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, “would have branded as black meat”.

Mr Leys, who represents 400,000 port workers around the world, added: “We would have talked about your wines in Sweden as having a little smell.”

Mr Leys, who came from London to observe the dispute as it headed towards a prolonged lockout of about 300 workers averted only by a threat of Employment Court injunctions, was guarded about the shape of any formal ban.

But he said that as cargo moved around the world, every consignment linked back to Auckland in particular and New Zealand in general, risked being “not treated the right way”.

That is nothing short of economic bullying. But then unions know no better. Have a look at this Facebook page where they  are going to start posting photos of “SCABS”.

And finally there is the Facebook Scab Busters page where they talk about me having a target on between my eyes:

The same page that features this image:

I don’t think there is any doubt that the wharves are going to become a very unsafe place with the return of the racist, sexist, bully boys of the Maritime Union.

Is MUNZ bullying Auckland Councillors?

the tipline

I have just heard that people representing MUNZ have been calling councillors and insisting that they vote for a resolution being proposed fo a council meeting tomorrow by Cr. Cathy Casey.

They have been told in no uncertain terms that their failure to support Cathy Casey’s resolution will result in active MUNZ action against them politically.

I am told that at least one councillor would brook no such nonsense and told them to sling their hooks.

That resulted in threats of violence from the MUNZ officials. My understanding is that at least one councillor has escalated this to Council CEO Doug McKay with requests for security and protection for the councillors,  and it could well be escalated to the Police.

Typical union thugs, things are clearly not going as swimmingly as they would like and they are now resorting to intimidation of elected councillors.

Bullies at Vic Park

This video was posted on Levi Hawken’s Facebook wall and apparently shot yesterday at Victoria Park in Auckland.

Port workers sent home for safety

via the tipline

We at the Ports were advised to leave work at midday today. I ended up leaving after 1pm. All was well then. Now….

Check out the cameras on , I’m sure you know where it is, where you get your photos from.

Looks like they are blocking the roads again.

We have been advised not to come in tomorrow until we are told it is safe to do so.

From the Port cameras it certainly does look like the union is illegally preventing access to the Port for law abiding citizens. There appears to be a large contingent of Police or security in place:

How the union deals with dissent

This comment was left on the NZ Herald site. Given the use of extreme violence by the Maritime Union this guy is brave to leave his name.

The Maritime Union tried the soft sell and emotional viral videos, yesterday though, with the roughing up of counter-protesters and today with the bullying and intimidation underway at Port gates they have shown their true colours.

The are cowards and bullies, their time is up.