As per usual, the market corrects itself

Auckland is full. ?Auckland is too expensive. ?So where are the Asians going now?

A new report on Asian migration shows more people are choosing to live in provincial areas such as Southland. …?The report was commissioned by the Asia New Zealand Foundation and based on data from the 2013 Census.

It found between 2001 and 2013, the Asian population in Invercargill, the southernmost city in the world, grew by 170 percent.

The foundation’s executive director, Simon Draper, said Southland had the biggest percentage growth of any region in New Zealand, increasing from 852 to 2838 Asian residents in that period.

“The Southland region has had migration from Asia stretching back to the 1870s but that had pretty much flatlined up until the changes to the Immigration Act in 1987, and since that period over the last 30 years we’ve seen increasing migration,” he said.The report shows a relatively low unemployment rate is one of the drivers of Asian migration to Southland. The region’s unemployment rate was 5.2 percent in the year to March 2014 compared to the national average of 6.1 percent.

Another factor that may be attractive to migrants, both international and internal, is relatively cheap housing. Southland has the lowest median house price of all regions – at $190,000 it is about half the national average – and the lowest median rental cost per annum, at $11,000. Read more »

Invercargill troughers return from China empty handed

It was bizarre that Invercargill City Council had to send three troughers all the way to China to buy Christmas lights in?the?first place.

They clearly have not heard of AliExpress.

Nonetheless, they went…and came back empty handed.

Three Invercargill City Council staff who went to China to purchase Christmas lights failed to decide what lights they wanted.

The controversial trip, which cost ratepayers more than $21,000, resulted in elected councillors sparking up about the lighting issue at a full council meeting on Tuesday.

Some were in favour of the trip and some weren’t.

Council chief executive Richard King said last week four staff had gone to Invercargill’s sister city, Suqian, with three on the trip to purchase replacement Christmas lights for the CBD.

However, a report to Tuesday’s council meeting by finance director Dean Johnston revealed they had not bought any lights while in China. ? Read more »

Tauranga and Invercargill the first cities to sell state houses

via radiolive

via radiolive

The Government is about to begin selling up to 2000 state houses to social housing providers, with homes in Tauranga and Invercargill first on the block.

About 1140 houses in Tauranga and another 370 in Invercargill will be sold to registered providers from tomorrow as part of the Social Reform Housing programme.

Tenants affected in Invercargill and Tauranga will be able to stay in their homes when they are sold, with the properties to remain as social housing unless the Government decides otherwise. Read more »

Splash Palace Pooper drops a two-fer


Frustrations are high at Invercargill’s Splash Palace complex after faeces were found in two of the pools last night.

It is the sixth Friday in a row the pools have been targeted and one city councillor believes a “mystery pooper” is at work.

Staff were forced to evacuate the leisure pool late yesterday, after a small floater was spotted in the water.

Just a few hours later, another piece of poo was found in the learners’ pool.

“We refer to it as a ‘code brown’,” Invercargill aquatic services manager Pete Thompson.

“Normally there’s a scream or a cry for help from the water. So we ? as gently as possible ? try to get everybody out of the pool.”

There have now been 12 incidents over the past six Friday nights.

No sooner have Invercargill dealt with the crazy cat lady, and now they have a fecal terrorist on their hands. ? Read more »

A real whodunnit


A mystery pooper has a regular date at an Invercargill swimming pool.

Splash Palace has been closed for cleaning for five Fridays in a row after a pool was fouled just after 5pm each day, says Invercargill City Council aquatic services manager Pete Thompson. Read more »

Invercargill ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ down to three cats… maybe

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

We’ve followed the story of the Invercargill neighbourhood that had 30+ defecating cats roaming their gardens and wanted the council to put a stop to it. ??The Crazy Cat Lady refused, and so a legal process was started…

Averil Gardiner has long fought to keep her 30 or so cats, but reportedly got rid of all but three of this month following an order from Judge David Saunders in the Invercargill District Court. Read more »

Invercargill Crazy Cat Lady hits the end of the line

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

You may recall last year’s non-political drama of the Invercargill council trying to compel a lady to get rid of some of her thirty-plus cats. ?It got ugly, with a run-in with a 3 News camera crew at one point.

Well, it seems the legal channels have been followed, and for once common sense was allowed to win. ?For now.

Neighbours say the problems began when Averil ?Gardiner moved in three-and-a-half years ago.

“There were faeces on the lawn, spraying around the property,” says neighbour Katrina Robertson.

“There is cat poo on our lawn almost daily that I’ve had to pick up, and along with the cat poo there are flies,” says neighbour Rachel Webber. Read more »

Invercargill’s Crazy Cat lady finally has a name

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

Not that we need to know her name. ?But the fact it was suppressed in the first place, make this important.

Allison Beckham reports:

The Invercargill woman charged with keeping too many cats on her city property can be named as Averil Maree Gardiner.

Gardiner, who has pleaded not guilty to failing to reduce the number of animals on her property to comply with an Invercargill City Council bylaw, and creating a nuisance under the Health Act, 1956, has been fighting to keep her name private.

Last month, in the Invercargill District Court, Judge Michael Turner ruled she had not met the high threshold required for continued name suppression and ordered it be lifted. Through her counsel, Simon Claver, she immediately appealed to the High Court.

The appeal was to have been heard in Invercargill yesterday, but in the afternoon the court issued a statement saying the action had been abandoned.

It was always absurd to demand name suppression on such a minor civil case.

Fern and Rachael Webber are among many neighbours who have complained about Gardiner’s animals roaming the area, upsetting other cats and fouling and spraying on nearby properties.

Mr Webber said after Gardiner moved in, he and his wife did not realise for some months just how many cats she owned.

”Then we began to see them sitting on her driveway in the sun. The most I ever counted was 25.”

Mrs Webber said she did not care if Gardiner owned 10 or 20 cats but was only concerned about the health of her own family.

”The cats were using our entire lawn and garden as a toilet … and digging up my seedlings.

”Before our children went out to play we had to go round with a plastic bag and pick up the poo.”

Since news of Gardiner’s cats broke about three months ago, the cats had been kept inside ”virtually 24/7”, Mr Webber said.

”It’s been awesome for us, but what the smell is like inside her house I don’t know.”

Averil Maree Gardiner, you must go through a few cubic meters of kitty litter a week!


– Otago Daily Times

Invercargill Crazy Cat Lady has a win… for now

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

You may recall the Invercargill crazy cat lady with the “37” cats…

The Invercargill woman charged with keeping too many cats on her city property is continuing the fight to keep her name secret.

After hearing submissions in the Invercargill District Court yesterday, Judge Michael Turner ruled the woman had not met the threshold required for continued name suppression and ordered it be lifted.

But through her counsel, Simon Claver, the woman immediately said she would appeal and Judge Turner ordered her name to remain suppressed until the appeal was heard.

So.. we still can’t know who she is? Read more »

Name suppression??? You got to be kidding me

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

TVNZ reports on that nice cat lady from “down south”

An Invercargill woman at the centre of a struggle over the number of cats she owns has appeared in court.

The woman, who has been granted interim name suppression, appeared this morning in the Invercargill District Court charged with failing to reduce the number of animals and creating a nuisance under the Health Act 1956.

The charges come after the Invercargill City Council invoked a new bylaw for the first time in March this year after the woman, who has around 35 cats, failed to reduce the number to three. Read more »