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Being Stoned is not as much fun as you would think

No this is not an article about the legalise marijuana debate. It is about an earnest, well meaning journalist who wanted to prove to her fellow Swedes that the Muslims who live in a Swedish no-go-zone are not bad people. What do you think she discovered? Did the people living in the zone welcome her with open arms and grab onto the opportunity to show their community in a positive light? Nope, they stoned her.


The journalist Valentina Xhaferi went to the Stockholm suburb of Tensta to record a television program about stone throwing.

A Swedish journalist attempting to make a movie?about the residents of a Swedish?no go?zone and their habit of throwing stones at police has herself been?attacked and had stones thrown at her as she attempted to film.

?They thought we crossed the limit and that we were standing on their land,? journalist Valentina Xhaferi told Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Ms Xhaferi planned on investigating police reports that any officer trying to patrol the Stockholm district of Tensta ? with its foreign born population now over 70 per cent ? would be pelted with rocks. She wanted to get behind the black headlines and find out what was really troubling the poor residents. Read more »

Panty sniffers


Panty sniffer number one has a thing for American government employees’ underwear. He just can’t get enough of it. The more he sniffs the more he is shocked that skid marks not only exist but in some cases are downright disgusting. He considers that he is doing the American public a service by revealing the details, ( the dirty, smelly details ). He rejects the title ‘Panty Sniffer’ which suggests that he is in some way perverted for having a fixation with other people’s underwear and that he is a criminal for rooting around in other peoples dirty laundry searching for stains and other unsavory marks.

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Perception versus Reality

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Investigative Journalism PERCEPTION


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Face of the day

Pam Corkery

Pam Corkery

Pam Corkery has my grateful thanks for opening the MSM’s eyes to what has been plainly obvious to the rest of us.
It must be incredibly frustrating for her trying to manage Kim Dotcom’s Media image when the egotist cannot keep his big mouth shut.

Yesterday the strain finally caused her to snap, attacking the very Media that it is her job to manage. Read more »

Nice headline and not a bad story

I have lambasted Kate Shuttleworth before on this blog, but I agreed to an interview with her in Tel Aviv.

She is a freelancer now and based in Israel. I reckon she did a good job on the interview.

The man at the centre of the Dirty Politics firestorm sits on a leafy street in Tel Aviv, Israel, just a block from the shores of the Mediterranean, sipping a blended mint lemonade.

Cameron “Whale Oil” Slater is bleary-eyed, having spent 24 hours on a plane, and now finds himself in a war zone during a ceasefire. It’s Friday in Israel; Saturday back home.

He’s one of a group of international journalists invited to visit by the Israeli government, which has been earning bruising international condemnation over the civilian death toll in the Gaza conflict.

Slater, however, sees the bright side.

“What I am witnessing in Tel Aviv is a vibrant, free and open democracy of tolerance,” he says.

“From the hotel I am staying at 100 metres across the road there’s a gay beach and the gay beach is 200 metres from the Orthodox Jewish beach – I bet you there’s not a gay beach in Gaza.”

He plans to visit the Iron Dome missile defence system and interview New Zealanders serving in the Israel defence force, and fit in some sightseeing at the Dead Sea, Masada and Jerusalem’s Old City.

In Gaza they drag homosexuals behind motorbikes to “teach them a lesson”. In Israel just a few kilometres away they have a special beach…complete with rainbow umbrellas…and yes it is just a few hundreds down the beach from the Orthodox beach. ? Read more »