Stopping sharks…. with a wetsuit!

I prefer invisibility

I have been hunting for years. I reject the?nonsense?about wearing bright clothing, except when I am hunting for upland game.

Generally in the bush I prefer invisibility than visibility. If I come across or detect other hunters then I generally hunker down and stay immobile in my?camouflage, preferring invisibility rather than risking movement and attracting attention with bright colours.

The exception to this is when I am hunting for upland game like pheasants and quail. Unlike ducks these birds are in the thick and the dogs flush them out. There is no need to camouflage and due to the location being closer to people and in areas frequented by lots of other recreational users then visibility is best.

Now there is evidence that bright colours are actually?counter-productive in low light conditions…anyone who has hunted at dawn or dusk knows this…colours appear as shades of gray…and so camouflage is actually safer for you…rather than large blocks of a?single?colour moving through the bush.

Hunters have been misled into thinking bright-coloured clothing is safe in the bush because of a badly worded question in the firearms licence test, a former instructor says.

Former Mountain Safety Council firearms instructor Mitchell Maxberry says bright clothing cannot be seen in dim light, and he is backed up by a vision expert.

Mr Maxberry was so concerned he emailed the Mountain Safety Council and the police seven years ago about a question in the firearms test which said: “To reduce the risk of being shot accidentally while hunting, especially in dim light conditions, it is advisable to …”

The correct answer from the multichoice list was to wear brightly coloured gear.

“You do not see colours in dim light,” Mr Maxberry said yesterday.

In response to that email, police licensing and vetting manager Inspector Joe Green said: “Maybe [the test] does need review in light of more recent research.”

That said, I now tend to hunt on private blocks now,?rather?than open access areas. With the general decline in bush skills nationwide there is much that needs to be done to improve real safety rather than silly measure like requiring bright clothing.

Mr Invisible

Another week has gone by and David Shearer is still the invisible man.

No wonder he has a bell in front of him at Caucus. ?It must be the only way he gets any attention.

The invisibility cloak exists

It seems that Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak exists…in the lab at least:

SCIENTISTS in the United States have reported a further step towards a celebrated ”invisibility cloak” by masking a large, free-standing object in three dimensions.

The lab work is the latest advance in a scientific frontier that uses novel materials to manipulate light, a trick that is of huge interest to the military in particular.

Reporting in the?New Journal of Physics, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin cloaked an 18-centimetre tube from light in the microwave part of the energy spectrum.

Those hoping for a Harry Potter-style touch of wizardry would be disappointed. To the human eye, the object was still visible.

But, say the researchers, the experiment is important proof of a principle that so-called plasmonic meta-materials can achieve a cloaking effect.

A war plane cloaked with such materials could achieve ”super-stealth” status by becoming invisible in all directions to radar microwaves, said co-lead investigator Andrea Alu.