iPads in schools cost Los Angeles schools over a $1billion and now they are ditching the project

Labour launched their schools policy and one of the key planks was their free loan scheme for iPads.

Sounds good right?

I mean nowhere else in the world has ever tried doing this have they?

Labour really cracked out an innovative policy this time didn’t they?

Nope on all three counts.

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s plan to give every child an iPad?at a cost of $1 billion to taxpayers?drew universal criticism after numerous problems arose. For one thing, when the devices were broken, lost, or stolen, it wasn’t clear whether parents, the schools, or the kids themselves were responsible. Tech-savvy?students easily broke through the firewalls administrators had installed to keep them from using the devices to visit social media websites. This prompted some schools to prohibit the use of the iPads at home, when students are away from teacher supervision, even though one of the major intended functions of the iPad program was to give kids a homework aid.

The entire thing was an unmitigated disaster?a clear example of real life trumping the good intentions of bureaucrats

But LAUSD has clearly learned its lesson, right??Wrong:

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WhaleTech: Now this is cool, controlling your devices with gestures

Check it out on their web site.

The main difference is that you don’t need to be in view of a camera, and you can control multiple devices from one MYO.

What can I do with the MYO?

The MYO works out of the box with things you already have – like your Mac or Windows PC. You can control presentations, video, content, games, browse the web, create music, edit videos, and so much more. And developers are dreaming of new, exciting ways to use MYO every day. The MYO is a whole new way to interact with technology.

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Condoms on Demand, new Durex iOS app in Dubai

Boing Boing reports that Durex has launched an iOS app to help surreptitiously?deliver you a johnny in the event you get caught short.

Who knew there was such a demand for frangas in Dubai?


There are many layers of WTF in the apparent news that?Durex is launching an emergency condom delivery?service?application for Apple devices, and doing so only in the Muslim, culturally conservative, city-state/emirate of?Dubai. That’s right. Dubai. Here’s?a promo video:

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Oh what a surprise

An idiot school that handed out 1200 iPad2 to students can’t account for nearly half of them.

A school which gave out iPads to every pupil in hope of improving their education has admitted that just a year later half the costly devices have been broken.

Honywood Community Science School dished out iPad2 tablets to its 1,200 pupils a year ago, at vast cost to the taxpayer.

Despite warnings that children would not be able to look after the fragile computer tablet, the school in Coggeshall, Essex, allowed children to take the device outside the classroom, playground and street and home at evenings and weekends.

If you giving something of value to people that they haven;t had to pay for themselves then they do not value it the same as you would…and they break and munt things.

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