Iraq Inquiry

Corbyn shaping up to have Tony Blair investigated for war crimes

Terrorist hugging communist Jeremy Corbyn is shaping up to have Tony Blair investigated for war crimes.

Tony Blair has said it would be a ?very dangerous experiment? if Jeremy Corbynor a populist politician like him were to form a government.

In an interview with the BBC, the former Labour prime minister said populist politicians, whether on the left like Corbyn or on the right, were worrying and he spent a lot of time thinking about how people in the centre should respond.

Blair famously said last summer that anyone thinking of voting for Corbyn as Labour leader because it was what their heart told them to do should ?get a transplant?, but his latest comment may be his harshest yet.

Speaking to Emily Maitlis for BBC2?s This Week?s World, Blair rejected the suggestion that he was responsible for Corbyn?s emergence as a political force. He said it was ?a result of the way the world works these days?.

He said: ?It?s a big challenge for the centre and, when I?m not thinking about the Middle East, I?m thinking about this because I do think, by the way, it would be a very dangerous experiment for a major western country to get gripped by this type of populist policymaking left or right, a very dangerous experiment.

?I do think the centre ground needs to work out how it gets its mojo back and gets the initiative back in the political debate because otherwise these guys aren?t providing answers, not on the economy not on foreign policy.?

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