Islamic blasphemy law

How long before New Zealanders will be treated like this?

It is a scary trend found all over the Western world. People are being targeted and punished for criticising or mocking Islam. No other religion is given this kind of power in the west. Sharia law is being imposed on our Western democracies. Islamic blasphemy?law is being applied to us. It is wrong and it is the canary in the coal mine alerting us to serious danger but is anyone listening?

Louis Smith

Louis Smith

A British gymnast and Olympic champion has been banned from the sport for two months after appearing to ?mock? Islam in a leaked private video…

…And to compound Mr. Smith?s woes, he could now be denied being honoured in his hometown of Peterborough.

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Face of the day

American cartoonist Molly Norris remains in hiding four years after she suggested a 'Everybody Draw Muhammad

American cartoonist Molly Norris remains in hiding five years after she suggested a ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad Day ‘

?Today’s face of the day is Molly Norris, a?los desaparecidos?who was abandoned by the American government. She was forced to go into hiding ?due to death threats from Muslims in America. Her crime was violating Islamic blasphemy laws inside America. These are laws that don’t exist except inside the minds of American Muslims. An Islamic Fatwa was issued against her and it has destroyed her career and life.

In Argentina, in the time of the right-wing generals, many Argentinians were made to ?disappear? ? that is, they were killed for their political views, often in such grisly ways as being thrown out of airplanes. They became known, in Spanish, as ?los desaparecidos? (?the disappeared ones?). But there is another set of ?los desaparecidos? ? people who all over the advanced Western world, that world which prides itself on its protection of free speech ? have been threatened with death because of what they dared to say or write about Islam, and have been forced to go into permanent hiding, changing their identities, ?disappearing themselves.? It?s a sign of the times that there is no general outrage, no marches in support of those threatened with death for speaking their mind about Islam, no political leaders in the United States reminding us in public of this campaign of Muslim intimidation, that has destroyed the lives of those who were brave enough to speak out about Islam who had to ?disappear themselves.

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