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Muslim President’s divorce reforms crushed by backward Islamic law

It turns out that it is not just President Trump who is being ankle tapped by legal authorities who think that they have the right to overrule his policies. Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi attempted to promote a” moderate” version of Islamic divorce law and was immediately slapped down by
The Council of Senior Clerics in Al-Azhar who are the highest authority in Sunni Islam and the representatives of Islamic Sharia law.

CAIRO: Egypt’s top Islamic authority on Sunday rejected President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s suggestion that legislation be adopted to invalidate the practice of Muslim men verbally divorcing their wives.

It marked a rare instance of a public institution contradicting the president…

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Ignorance of Islamic law comes at a huge cost


I have written an article before about four western women’s experiences of Islamic law.

Now the media and advocacy groups are once again expressing their SHOCK at what has happened to a British woman showing once again their deliberate refusal to acknowledge the elephant in the room which is the misogyny of Islamic law.

The family of a British woman arrested in Dubai for reporting her own rape has launched an online appeal, urging the public and the UK government to help negotiate her release.

The British woman was charged for having extramarital sex after she reported her own rape to police, according to UK-based legal advocacy group Detained in Dubai.

The case has revealed a persistent and deep-rooted prejudice against women in the Gulf state, rights groups say.

“The authorities continue to fail survivors of such violence by treating women who have been raped as criminals, instead of investigating and prosecuting suspected perpetrators,” Drewery Dyke, UAE researcher at Amnesty International said.

“Victims go to (the police) expecting justice, and end up being prosecuted. They not only invalidate their victimisation, they actually punish them for it,”

…The woman’s passport has been confiscated, Stirling said, and she may face trial where punishments can include imprisonment and flogging.

The woman’s family said she was on holiday at the time and was planning to travel to Australia when she was reportedly raped by two British men in Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE.


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Susan doesn’t like symbols of oppressive groups and neither do I

This will be a short post.

Susan Devoy in her open letter to us all said this…

Not long ago we publicly called out Neo Nazi fascists who wanted to march against child abuse. Many Kiwis joined us when we argued that the symbols of a regime that murdered 1.5 million children have no place at a march against child abuse.? That?s not us.

In my open blog post to Ms Devoy I say this…..

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So why all the fuss? An Australian Muslim explains


To view the facebook video click here.

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Face of the day



Today’s face of the day is UK Home Secretary Theresa May.

Theresa May has claimed Muslims in Britain ?benefit greatly? from Sharia law as she launched plans for an ?independent inquiry,? headed by a Muslim and guided by two ?leading imams,? into whether some of the controversial courts? judgements are at odds with British gender equality laws.Mrs. May stated: ?Many British people of different faiths follow religious codes and practices, and benefit a great deal from the guidance they offer.

?A number of women have reportedly been victims of what appear to be discriminatory decisions taken by Sharia councils, and that is a significant concern.

How can an inquiry headed by a Muslim and guided by two Muslim religious leaders be an unbiased and independent inquiry into Sharia Law courts? It is not even a 50-50 split. Where are the secular British law experts?

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Non-Muslim submits to Sharia law in Indonesia

Most individuals when travelling to an Islamic country are aware that their laws are very different to Western laws. Some countries though only have some areas where Islamic law is applied. Indonesia is an example of such a country as?constitutionally it is a secular state. In some parts of Indonesia there are sharia police to patrol the streets and even knock on hotel doors to ?arrest people having premarital sex or committing adultery. In other parts of Indonesia there is more freedom.

Up until now ?Sharia law has not been applied to non-Muslim citizens. ?For the first time ever in Indonesia a non-Muslim, Christian woman has been caned under Islamic law for selling alcohol.The fact that the woman chose to be punished under Sharia law to escape jail time is irrelevant. It is only a matter of time before choice is removed and non-muslims will be punished exactly the same as Muslims under the law.Imagine how bad the jails must be there for her to choose to be beaten rather than do time?
It is clear that Indonesia is a secular government in name only. If you are travelling to Indonesia you need to be as cautious as you would be in Saudi Arabia. Being non-Muslim will not protect you. Indonesia to all intents and purposes is now an Islamic Country ruled by religion.

Islamic court caning in Indonesia Islamic court caning in Indonesia[/caption]

A 60-year-old Christian woman convicted of selling alcohol?was given a choice for her punishment: jail time or caning.

She chose caning, and in doing so last week became the first non-Muslim in Indonesia to receive the punishment under sharia law.

Remita Sinaga, a Protestant, received 28 lashes from a rattan cane Tuesday in the town of Takengon in Aceh province.

Pictures posted online show Sinaga standing in a purple head scarf, her head downcast; beside her a person veiled in black extends the cane, as if preparing to administer a blow. A few onlookers watch in the background.

Sinaga was found guilty by a Central Aceh Islamic court of selling alcohol, after police seized 50 bottles of alcoholic beverages from her stall. Sinaga had been given a sentence of 30 lashes, but it was reduced to take into account time she spent in detention.

The head of Aceh?s Sharia Department, Syahrizal Abbas, said qanun jinayat ? an Islamic criminal code in place in Aceh ? is reserved only for Muslims, but non-Muslims could choose to submit to it if they desire.

?The woman voluntarily submitted to the punishment because she thought the alternative was worse: a jail time under the national law,? Abbas said in a phone interview Friday. ?She didn?t want to spend time in prison because we?re all aware that prison conditions are bad and there?s little welfare there.?

In 2015, the Indonesian government banned sales of alcohol in small shops.

The central government granted Aceh, a devoutly Muslim province of 4.7 million people, special autonomy in 2002 to mollify desires for independence, allowing the province to impose its version of sharia, or Islamic law.

…Under the code, sex out of wedlock and same-sex sexual acts are punishable by 100 lashes of the cane, or 100 months in prison. Consuming or selling alcohol is punishable by up to 40 lashes, gambling 12 lashes, and mixing between the opposite sexes while unmarried 12 lashes.

Officials have insisted that the punishment is not intended to hurt offenders physically, but to humiliate them to deter them from committing similar offenses in the future.

This statement is a blatant lie as the below photo and caption show.

Agony: Elita (pictured), who collapsed from the pain of being whipped, is said to have met violated local laws by meeting her lover in secret

Agony: Elita (pictured), who collapsed from the pain of being whipped, is said to have met violated local laws by meeting her lover in secret

…Haris Azhar, coordinator for the Kontras human rights group, said the application of sharia in the case of a non-Muslim set a ?bad precedent.?

?Caning itself is inhuman and a form of torture, and this form of punishment should never be implemented anywhere in Indonesia,? he said.

?From the non-Muslim perspective, it?s something frightening,? he added. ?It will only damage the image of Muslim society.?


Muhammad’s Believe It or Not should be a TV Show


I come across so many unbelievable true stories about the ideology of Islam that a TV show should be made about it. It would be an Islamic version of the popular Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Episode one would be about the tampon that stole a Muslim girl’s virginity:

Mother Sues Tampon Company for ?Stealing? Daughter?s Virginity

Mother Sues Tampon Company for ?Stealing? Daughter?s Virginity

Twin Falls, ID | An Idaho woman is suing the Kotex company for $1.4 million dollars after she claims one of her daughters lost her virginity while using a tampon.

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Face of the day

Mullah Krekar tells Norwegian TV that not only is it okay for Muslims to kill non-Muslims, it?s actually required by Qu?ranic law.

Mullah Krekar “Muslims have the Right to Kill anyone who does Not Respect Islam?

Incitement to murder is in the Koran and it is repeated on TV by today’s face of the day. Was he charged with ‘Hate speech’ or held responsible for incitement to murder? No of course he wasn’t. After all he is being totally honest about what Allah wants and what the Koran says. He is following Islamic law as set down by the perfect man, the pedophile, slaver, thief, torturer and war lord Muhammad.

Islam was and is a religion spread by the sword.?Mullah Krekar is only saying what Islam teaches. The Koran is a book about war and conquest, a training manual of brutal terrorism to achieve a worldwide Caliphate over the inferior Kafir.

The earlier verses were peaceful but when Muhammad preached peace he had only a few followers. It was later when Muhammad formed a brutal religious gang that attacked passing caravans and stole their goods and enslaved people, that his followers became significant. Every peaceful verse has been abrogated by the later more recent verses that came after. Islam is truly a bloody and violent religion.If we compare it to the Bible ( and really there is no real comparison) the peaceful verses are their old testament and their violent verses are their New Testament.

In response to questions about Muslim violence against non-Muslims, Mullah Krekar tells Norwegian TV that not only is it okay for Muslims to kill non-Muslims, it?s actually required by Qu?ranic law. Further the imam says that ?Muslims have the right to Kill anyone who does not respect Islam.?

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Face of the day

Mayor Beth Van Duyne PHOTO-Facebook

Mayor Beth Van Duyne

Today’s face of the day stood up to a group of Muslims who attempted to establish the first Islamic Sharia court inside the United States inside of her town of Irving in Texas.

Mayor Beth Van Duyne made a public Facebook post stating that she backs the new Texas law which prohibits any kind of foreign law from being practiced in the state of Texas.
After calls, threats and toddler-like demands to apologize from the Muslims who attempted to form the Sharia tribunal along with representatives from the Council on Islamic-American Relations, a known front for the Muslim Brotherhood, the mayor never once backed down.

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Would you support a Prime Minister who is a devout Muslim?

A devout Muslim is a practising Muslim who believes that Mohammad is the perfect man whose actions should be emulated and that Islamic law, the Sharia is Allah’s law and is therefore perfect. The devout Muslim does not support democracy or equal rights as to do so would be against his religion.

Image #: 21630241 Dr. Benjamin Carson, director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, speaks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, March 16, 2013. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS HEALTH) REUTERS /JONATHAN ERNST /LANDOV

Presidential candidate Benjamin Carson.” A Muslim shouldn?t be elected president,? by Hope Yen, Associated Press, September 20, 2015: Photo REUTERS

In America, Presidential candidate Ben Carson has made the statement that” A Muslim shouldn’t be President” and it has brought out all the haters. I think a better statement to make would be to pose the following question: Why would a devout Muslim want to head a democracy that is the antithesis of Islamic law? That would be like a Vegetarian wanting to become the head of the Meat workers Union. It doesn’t make sense unless there is a hidden agenda.

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