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Saudi Arabia ignoring the refugees as a strategic maneuver *UPDATED


Saudi Arabia a wealthy Islamic country has been upfront about their intentions towards the Muslim refugees. They are deliberately using them as Islamic colonisers. They know that without a shot being fired they can take over our Western countries by flooding us with followers of their barbaric ideology.

They are already funding Islam inside our countries by channelling massive amounts of money to Muslim communities so that Mega Mosques can be built as well as schools. They also fund terrorist groups such as CAIR in America. Ironically a lot of this money is from Halal certification.We are funding our own takeover.

UPDATE: The below article is satire but nevertheless it is still making a valid point.

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Some inconvenient facts about Islamic immigration

Lets take away all the emotion and look at the actual effects on Western Countries when they encourage Islamic immigration and take in Islamic refugees. We all know what we can do to help the Muslims as the bleeding heart Liberals tell us all the time while also telling us how heartless and?soul less?we are for worrying about?the economic, societial and political effect on our countries.

The actual effect of Islamic immigration into Western societies is:

  1. They don’t assimilate or integrate into the society.

Hindus, Buddhists, South Asians, Africans?all kinds of people have come to the U.K. and the U.S. and had little trouble adapting to their new country. But Muslims are the first group to come as immigrants to the West determined to replace Western government and social structures with Islamic ones. Millions of Muslims come to Western countries with a ready-made model of society and government (sharia) which they believe to be superior to what we have here, and they work to institute it.

Victorian Islamic college in Australia bans girls from running over virginity concerns. Photo: YouTube screen shot

Victorian Islamic college in Australia bans girls from running over virginity concerns. Photo: YouTube screen shot

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Face of the day

Green MP Denise Roche

Green MP Denise Roche

Today’s face of the day wants more refugees.

  • Why? Well just because we should.
  • Why? Well because 1000 is a nicer sounding number than 750.
  • Why? Well because it is the right thing to do.
  • Why? Well because we are nice people.
  • Why? Well because not increasing the quota for 28 years is a disgrace.
  • Why? Because it will literally change lives.

It will change lives alright. ?The only thing she has wrong is whose lives will be changed. Lebanon, a small country like New Zealand, has been overwhelmed by the tide of refugees and has had to take drastic steps.

More than 1.5. million people have taken shelter in the tiny country that has a population of four and a half million people since the beginning of the Syrian conflict ? the population equivalent of 20 million people landing in Britain in less than four years.

The unprecedented influx has overwhelmed the Lebanon?s water and electricity supplies, increased rents and depressed the economy, pushing host communities to breaking point.

Western countries so much larger than us have taken in Muslim refugees and are now having massive problems which I write about almost every week. Unbelievably in America, Christian refugees fleeing genocide are not being allowed in while ‘minor’ terrorism-affiliated Muslims are welcomed in their thousands!

Our liberals in New Zealand think like Obama. There is no mention in the Green’s bill of taking in refugees fleeing Islamic persecution or genocide. Nope, it will be Muslim ‘refugees’ that they will want and I guarantee that it will be Muslim ‘refugees’ that we will get. The fact that the world’s tidal wave, record number of refugees is because of Islam seems to escape them.

I passed three hitchhikers on my road trip last week with my Mum and daughter. I didn’t stop to pick up any of them. It would have been ‘nice’ of me to pick them up. One guy was in the middle of nowhere down a dusty back road but I didn’t pick him up.


Well, because it is more important to protect your loved ones than it is to be nice.


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