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An Irish pastor who said Islam was “satanic” and a “doctrine spawned in hell” was acquitted of making “grossly offensive” remarks about Islam.

A Belfast court judge ruled that while 78-year-old James McConnell had made “offensive” comments, they were not “grossly” offensive under the law.

Shortly after the ruling, the evangelical pastor insisted he was not trying to insult the Muslim community.

“There was no way I was out to hurt them,” he said.?”I wouldn’t hurt a hair on their head.”

…During the trial, he insisted he wasn’t trying to “provoke anyone” with his remarks, but the judge in the case cautioned him to consider the impact of his words in the future. He also warned about attempts to curtail free speech.

“The courts need to be very careful not to criminalize speech which, however contemptible, is no more than offensive.” Judge Liam McNally told the Belfast court. “It is not the task of the criminal law to censor offensive utterances, and accordingly, I find Pastor McConnell not guilty of both charges.”

The “not guilty” charge brought thunderous applause from McConnell’s supporters who had stood by him throughout the ordeal.

While addressing reporters and supporters outside the court, McConnell said he was against Islam’s beliefs.

“What I am against is their theology and what they believe in,” he explained. “If there are Muslims out there, I want to assure them I love them, and if they need help, I am there to help them. But their theology and their beliefs, I am totally against them.”

I do not understand why this went to court. McConnell was criticising theology not Muslims as people. He was not threatening or inciting violence. In a video interview after the trial, he makes it very clear that he loves Muslims as people but thinks that what they believe is wrong. This is no different to a Muslim Imam criticising Christianity or Atheism because he thinks it is wrong. Part of the reason McConnell was not convicted was thanks to a Muslim man volunteering to be a defence witness. This man, while not agreeing with McConnell’s views, defended his right to have different views and to say them.

He felt vindicated by the verdict and “happy that there is liberty to preach the Gospel,” but insisted he would not shy away from making those comments again about Islam.

“I would do it again, but I would word it differently because I would be conscious I was hurting innocent Muslims. I would be conscious I was hurting Muslims who have come here to work hard and are doing their best – there’s no way I would hurt those people, but I would do it again, yes.”

What is the difference between the Qur’an and other Religious books?

If you do not have the time to read the Qur’an for yourself I highly recommend watching this informative video where the contents are explained to you in a matter of fact way without emotion.
The differences between it and other religious books is clearly explained. From what I can tell the creator of the video is not a religious person of any faith, which actually is good as it makes his analysis less likely to be influenced by his own beliefs and therefore more reliable don’t you think?

If you are gay,
If you have sex outside of marriage
If you are are a drinker or gambler or a thief
If you have been unfaithful to your partner
If you have ever been a critic of Muhammad,the Qur’an or Shari’a law
If you do not follow Islam
If you want a democratic government… You NEED to know what this book says!

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