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A New Year message to the Muslim world

Dear Muslim world,

We in the West have almost nothing common with you. In the West we view military rule as oppressive and undemocratic but in the Islamic world it is the only protection standing between Muslim citizens and?”the tyranny of total sharia law that must be enforced by Islamic theocracies, such as those of Iran and Saudi Arabia.”

We are no longer prepared to sacrifice the security and safety of our citizens in the West for multiculturalism. Multiculturalism only works when it is “a two-way street between people that share common values of respect of each other’s culture.”

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Photo Of The Day


?Death Of A Princess?

It was perhaps the most controversial film in the history of public television — the story of Saudi?Princess Misha’al bint Fahd?who was publicly executed for committing adultery.

Death of a Princess, a modest British television documentary, turned out to be?the most expensive film ever made. It cost perhaps a billion pounds and this was in 1980 when that kind of money could buy your three or four aircraft carriers. The piece, made for British television, tells the story of a nineteen-year-old Saudi girl, Misha?al who seduces a Saudi teen, has three weeks of, relations, and who was then shot in a carpark in an?ad hoc?execution, moments before the boy was dispatched with a sword (in what seems to have been a deliberately botched beheading).

So why should a film which was made in 1980, with production values that were very much late 1970s, and a soundtrack from Vangelis, have cost so much? Well, it cost so much for the very simple reason that it led to one of the biggest diplomatic spats?since the Second World War. The Saudi government had an?epileptic hissy fit?expelled the British ambassador and ?took measures?. When the documentary arrived in the United States the Saudis bullied Mobil?into running ads against the screening, on PBS, of the film and so it went on in Australia, the Netherlands? Of course, the Saudi stance just added to the documentary?s notoriety and ultimately to its success.

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Buckle up your Burqa,the morality police are coming!

The Morality Police, ISIS style.

A brigade of women enforce Sharia law in the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa. (Reuters) Alternative title: The Morality Police, ISIS style.

We were obviously worried over nothing as obviously this is feminism in action.

The Burqa is no longer a symbol of male and idealogical oppression. It is a symbol of powerful, take charge women who do not shirk from the difficult job of oppressing other women for not obeying Sharia law!

Should we call them the Burqa brigade or is this the ISIS version of Charlies Angels?

What do you think?

Charlie's Angels

Charlie’s Angels

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