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Time to smash the Teachers Unions, all of them, hard

The Dompost shows the very great lengths that the Tweetchers and Principals are prepared to go to to control the sector.

A group of rebel principals plotted to “quietly take over” an association representing 90 per cent of school boards in an effort to overwhelm the national standards debate, leaked emails suggest.

An email exchange shows principals involved in a boycott of the standards discussed “dealing with” the New Zealand School Trustees Association.

“The easiest way is for us to quietly take over regional organisations of NZSTA … Just imagine NZSTA run by principals!” an email written by Hora Hora School principal Pat Newman states.

Mr Newman is former president of the Principals’ Federation and the immediate past president of the Tai Tokerau Principals Association.

He is one of two Labour Party members vying for selection to stand as the Labour candidate in Whangarei next year.

His email was sent to, among others, Denise Torrey, president of the Canterbury Primary Principals Association; Frances Nelson, president of the national primary teachers’ union; Iain Taylor, president of the Auckland Primary Principals Association, and Perry Rush, Island Bay School principal.

Marlene Campbell, principal of Invercargill’s Salford School and a member of the Southland Primary Principals Association executive, which this week called Education Minister Anne Tolley “Minister Hitler”, was also a recipient. All have been vocal critics of the national standards.

Mr Taylor responded to Mr Newman’s August 20 email with: “Oh that the go!! Great thinking … loved ya email to her too … man she awful!!” Mr Taylor was referring to NZSTA president Lorraine Kerr, who has refused to criticise or fully endorse the standards.

The organisation they wanted to infiltrate and take over by stealth is the same organisation that reminded Borads of Trustees that they were now to pass any school funds on to the illegal boycott of National Standards. No wonder the Labour member activist?Principals?wanted to take it over.

While Labour candidate presumptive Pat Newman thinks that it is all much ado about nothing his vast protest against the implementation of government policy seems to be unravelling before their very eyes. With leak after leak of documents showing their meddling, their nicking of state funding to pay for the protest and the outright lies of their cause, is it any surprise then that we find out that a third of the schools that Pat Newman and his fellow conspirators have declared to be in their cabal, aren’t, in fact.

Nearly a third of the schools that said they had no confidence in National Standards have told the Ministry of Education they do in fact plan to implement the controversial scheme.

A group called Boards Taking Action Coalition said last week that the trustees from 225 schools around the country had issued a vote of no confidence in National Standards. As a result those schools would refuse to set student achievements targets for next year until the system was reviewed.

The next day the ministry starting contacting all of the protesting schools’ boards of trustees to check the claim.

The Herald has learned 66 of the 225 coalition boards indicated their schools planned to implement the standards in full. A further 109 said they would take some form of action or were yet to decide if they would implement the standards in full. Fifty schools are yet to be contacted.

The ministry yesterday said it could not comment as it had not finished making all the calls.

So this means that the cabal of conspirators are in fact big fat liars. Worse thing is that these people are in charge of teaching our children.

I think it is high time that there was a general smacking around of the teacher and?principal?unions. They certainly shouldn’t be able to avail themselves of taxpayers funds to mount their protests.

While we are smacking about uppity teachers, i see that the Herald has also picked up that Marlene Campbell just can’t seem to say sorry like she means it. If there was any case for the sacking of a?Principal?it is her case, and I would put a commissioner into her school, along with Perry Rush’s and Pat Newman’s.

Auckland Primary Principals Association hijacked by Wellington school

Perry Rush is at it again, this time sending emails to other schools trying to enlist them in his protest action.

Now he is suggesting to other board the wording of resolutions for board meetings, even providing form letters and form resolutions.

All this from a?Principal?of a school that can’t even follow the standards it sets for itself.

Note the email signed by Perry Rush and sent from his email, but is shown in the header to be from the Auckland Primary?Principals?Association. What is becoming more and more clear as each day goes by that this is an orchestrated campaign by politically motivated?Principals?and the NZEI, being run out of the schools and the union offices. It seems that The Auckland Primary Principals Association has been hijacked by the?Principal?of Island Bay School in Wellington.

Email from Perry Rush coordinating still more protest action

Note from?the?form below that they are asking boards to pass at their next board meetings that the mailing address is Island Bay School. Proof, yet again of school resources being used to muster and co-ordinate protest action.

Boards Form

ERO says Perry Rush's school must do better

I note that ERO make the following recommendations (i.e. you are not doing this and you had better do it or we will bring the hammer down on you) for Perry Rush?s Island Bay School ?- available here?

?6.1 The principal and leadership team continue to build teachers’ capability to assess student understanding against shared criteria to enable effective judgement of achievement, through the inquiry model, related to health, social studies, science and aspects of technology, and to sharpen feedback and feedforward to students.

6.2 The leadership team and staff continue to review and refine the school’s approach to integrated inquiry to ensure appropriate levels of challenge for all students.

6.3 The board and staff develop guidelines for self review that aim to extend evaluative capacity, and include quality indicators and student voice in curriculum self review.?

It is clear from 6.1 that the principal and his teachers have not got the capability to assess student understanding and yet here they are telling the world that the government should piss off when it wants his school to reach some kind of standard. His school is failing to meet standards already, no wonder he opposes compulsory standards.

I think Anne Tolley should seriously look at putting a commissioner into at least Island Bay School and Balmoral School, then we will see what Perry Rush has to say about “hot air claims” from the ministry about commssioners and whether it is all “bluster” of not.