Labour wants to tax ISPs, watch them tax you in return with higher charges

Labour continue to show what a bunch of muppets they are with their ICT policy that was inadvertently leaked to National showing they want to tax ISPs.

It shows their complete lack of business acumen. They are suggesting a tax on the entire internet via ISPs.

Any cost lumped onto a business like an ISP is simply going to be passed straight onto the customer leading to higher charges.

Telecom is bristling at the suggestion Labour could impose a “content levy” on internet providers.

Labour was left red-faced today after MP Clare Curran?s ideas on ICT policy were accidentally emailed to her National Party counterpart, Communications Minister Amy Adams.

These include imposing a revenue-based levy on telecommunications carriers to create a contestable fund to support the ?creation and accessible distribution of New Zealand digital content?.

Another suggestion is a ?digital bill of rights? policed by the Human Rights Commission that would ?guarantee a citizen privacy?.

Curran, who is associate communications and information technology spokeswoman and Labour?s spokeswoman on ?open government?, said the ideas titled ?ICT Policy Framework 2014? were sent to Adams? office this morning. She did not personally send the email, she said. ? Read more »

What would you do with the world’s fastest internet? [POLL]

Google is rolling out their fibre plans in locations in the US. It sounds totally awesome.

There are of course people who think there is no need for such speed.

In March of 2010, Google announced its intention to build super-fast fibre-optic internet service in “a small number of trial locations across the United States.” A year later, after receiving more than 1000 applications from cities and towns across the country, Google chose Kansas City as its first location. Last November, Google began installing service in people’s homes. For $US70 a month, the company offers Kansas City residents a 1-gigabit internet line – the fastest home internet service available anywhere in the world, about 150 times faster than the average American broadband speed of 6.7 Mbps. (You also get 1 terabyte of online storage as part of the deal, something Google normally sells for $50 a month.) For $120 a month, you get the 1-GB line plus cable-like TV service, as well as a Nexus 7 tablet that you can use as your remote. There’s also a “free” plan: After you pay a $300 construction fee – which you can split into 12 payments of $25 – Google will provide your home with a 5-Mbps internet line for “at least seven years,” and probably indefinitely. (Legally, the company needed to provide an end date for service.)

These are amazing services at unbelievable prices. For about the same fee that many Americans currently pay for cable, Google is offering internet speeds that, until now, were available only to big companies for thousands of dollars a month.

Therein lies the mystery. Google’s gigabit initiative, called Google Fibre, has sparked a round of questions across the tech industry. Is Google looking to become an internet service provider? Does it simply want to spur other ISPs into providing faster service? And, finally, why gigabit internet – what does Google expect people to do with the world’s fastest broadband service?? Read more »

The sound money makes when it is flushed away

WooshI have always said that Woosh was the best named company. At least its company name reflected what it actually does, which is flush money down the gurgler.

Woosh Wireless today announced a $38 million loss for its financial year ending June 30, 2009.

The internet service provider (ISP) wrote down the value of its network by $22.3m.

In a statement, company chairman Rod Inglis said the directors believe that the value of the network assets could be increased in future when they move to a new wireless broadband network using WiMAX technology.

I notice he said “could” not “would”.

They’re dreamin’


Deadline fears for stadium

Deadline fears for stadiumThe Government is considering passing a law overriding Eden Park’s consent process because of fears it will not be ready for the Rugby World Cup. The stadium still needs consent for its final stages and the Eden Park Redevelopment… [NZ Herald Politics]

I’m beginning to wonder just exactly what Labour’s Ministers actually did for their pay. Yet another cock-up has been revealed that was kept quiet by Labour.

National faces the prospect of having to pass special legislation to override the Resource management Act in orer to complete Eden Park in time for the World Cup in 2011.

What is becoming increasingly apparent is that despite all the perques, the money, the extra civil servants, Labour was quite simply absent without leave from the task of governing.

They must never be trusted with the Treasury benches again.

Banksie digs in: City won't put money into upgrade

Mayor digs in: City won't put money into upgradeAuckland ratepayers' cash is more likely to go towards cleaning the city beaches for Rugby World Cup visitors in 2011 than on the main cup venue itself.
The Government and the Eden Park Trust Board on Sunday confirmed Eden Park…
[Auckland News]

Banksie has dug his toes in after the government released their smokescreen Eden Park upgrade yesterday.

He is adamant that Auckland City will not pick up the tab for funding the stadium.

He is absolutely right. If Mallard had a billion bucks for a waterfront stadium then his government can stump up the rest for Eden Park.

End of Story.


Banks: Suck it up Mallard!

Banks’ election vow: No cash for Eden Park – 13 Sep 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

John Banks has pledged that if he becomes Mayor of Auckland that he will not allow ratepayers money to pay for upgrades to Eden Park for the world cup.

[quote]Mr Banks yesterday said he opposed spending city cash on improving Eden Park for the 2011 Rugby World Cup when the Government had truckloads of spare cash and had flashed an open chequebook to finance a waterfront stadium.[/quote]

Basically john Banks has told Mallard to suck it up of the thstadium, If there was a billy on the table for a waterfront thstadium there should be no prolem with four hundy for the Eden park upgrade.

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ARC makes Hubbard look like a Dick

Finally some people with principles. Mores the ptiy it was mostly lefties and not righties that had the balls.

The ARC has voted unanimously to back Eden Park outright rejecting any stadium on Ports land.

There is no weasel words or wriggle room. It is NO!!! to the Waterfront and YES!!! to Eden Park.

Now watch Mallard et al ride roughshod over that.?


New Stadium Height Comparison

Ok, this comparison is infinitely more accurate than my enthusiastic amateur attempts.

Not PC is the best place to go to see the architectural aspects of this project.

Thanks DenMT for sending this to me in the interests of clarity.

However, I am still implaccably opposed to the project on the basis that Edenm park is perfectly acceptable, buildability is still in question of the waterfront, Mallard has seriously andin my view maliciously under-quoted the the price of the waterfront stadium, Mallrd, Clark, Cullen and the plonker Hubbard are all pushing a project Aucklanders clearly don't want and it sure as hell is not iconic.

Someone should point out to Hubbard that six months ago he enthusiastically supported Eden Park and now all of a sudden he enthusiastically support the non-iconic stadium on the waterfront. Now if the waka proposal was serious that would be iconic and you may see me support that.


Mallard back selling snake oil

It's clear Bernard Orsman has had a gutsful of this current council, and doesn't think much of Michael Barnett either 🙂 But I think he made a typo with "Eden Park". I think Orsman meant waterfront!

[quote]Auckland has responded as only Auckland can – by being bitterly divided over the issue, sideshows like Carlaw Park, widespread criticism and few leaders prepared to get in behind the Government's "strong preference" for Eden Park.[/quote]?

This is what he has to say about Michael Barnett.

[quote]Business leaders, such as Chamber of Commerce chief executive Michael Barnett, have sat on the fence.[/quote]

Perhaps Orsman might like to the the return of Banksie, uh I mean decisive leadership. Amusing that the Action Hobson bicycle brigade still wants to push Carlaw Park. They must not realise that they're losing votes on this. Wonderful stuff.

And while we are talking about failed politicians and their big ideas, Deputy Mayor Dick Hubbard said the stadium was more than just about the Rugby World Cup. It was a unique opportunity to create a multi-use, world-class facility to be enjoyed by future generations.?

Some questions for you that the media won't ask.

  • Why do you and Mallard bang on about concerts not being able to be played at Eden Park…they never have? That is why Auckland has Western Springs, Mt Smart, North Harbour, The Showgrounds, the Pacific Events Centre, the monstrosity in Parnell, the stadium out west….get the picture, we don't need or want a multi-use stadium.
  • When you said last year that Eden Park was going to be a show-piece were you just kidding?
  • Do you have any clue as to what you are doing?
  • Did you realise that your cereal is crap?
  • What does the Helen and Trevor backsides taste like, you seem to like wedging your tongue firmly up their bottoms?

Two competing Stadium Vote sites

There are now two competing Stadium Vote sites.

One set up by C&R Now and another by two rugby fans.

C&R Now StadiumChoice Website.

Stadium Vote Website.

The StadliumChoice site give voters a choice between Eden Park and the "Bedpan" whilst the StadiumVote site only gives you a choice between Yes on the waterfront or No on the Waterfront. the StadiumVote site also does not do any validation and allows multiple votes which is a little disingenuous.