Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu D-Max – More pull than a 14 year old school boy

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The other night after court I had picked up my usual from my favourite dodgy kebab shop and was heading home. In the evening I like to take the scenic route home along the waterfront and as I came up to the boat ramp I saw that there were a truck and boat down near the water. Then a fellow wearing a life jacket flagged me down and asked if I could help them get out of the sand and water.

Sure I said. First, I asked if they had chains and/or a snatch strap or at worst a rope. I have all that gear and if they didn’t then I would have to go home first. It turns out they did have a rather long snatch?strap.

The tide was coming in and periodically people do get trapped in the sand. It is a constant source of amusement living at the beach to see this happen.

These guys, however, were in a spot more bother. The truck…something like a Toyota Dyna or a Mitsubishi Canter was in up to its axles at the back end, water sloshing over the wheels. The boat was basically floating with the trailer attached.

In less than 3o minutes the truck would be underwater.

I’m currently driving the Isuzu D-Max LX double cab manual from my mates at Southern Autos, the most basic model there is. I do have Bridgestone Dueler tires on it, but they are hardly off-road, and this was going to be a tough pull. Wet and grabby sand up to the axles, plus a boat and trailer.

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Big shortage of gay utes in Australia

Craig Foss has the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, the gayest ute on NZ roads.

Now it seems that there is a shortage of that model in Australia.

The Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger are now the top sellers in the ute class.

Many buyers are unaware that, despite the badges, the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger are made in Thailand along with the Holden Colorado, Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, Mazda BT-50 and Isuzu D-Max.

Regardless of where they?re made, Aussies can?t get enough of them.

There is a six-month waiting list for the top-of-the-range Ford Ranger Wildtrak, despite its $60,000-plus price, and a three-month wait for the $55,000 flagship Toyota HiLux SR5.

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Greens and left wing give new South Auckland business massive free publicity

It is no secret that I have an arrangement with Southern Autos in Manukau.

So too does Judith Collins, and the whingers on the left have really got their undies in a bunch.

Why has Judith Collins been bragging so much about her new car?

Well, she’s been crowned brand ambassador for Peugeot, DS and Citroen at an Auckland car dealership.

The former justice minister has been posting promotional updates on social media about driving around in her flash new car.

The partnership, which is free of charge, is for six months. In that time, she gets to drive around with petrol costs paid for, in exchange for raising the profile of Southern Autos Manukau.

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A hunting we will go

The might Isuzu DMax from Southern Autos in the Central North Island

The mighty Isuzu DMax from Southern Autos in the Central North Island

I have spent the last three days on a Dad and Daughter hunting trip.

Here are some photos and video to enjoy.

Miss Whaleoil bagged a nice fat Sika hind from 300yds with a .260 Remington.

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A blog reader and his first quail


Got one of the little buggers…?The ute is a Maverick 13… limited edition from Southern Autos only!

Give Southern Autos a call and tell them Cam sent you.

Guest Post – Calling Quail

Simon Lusk with Bruce, Mabo and Dave and his might Isuzu D-Max

Simon Lusk with Bruce, Mabo and Dave and his mighty Isuzu D-Max

by Simon Lusk

Californian Quail can be very cunning and hard to locate. I have spent many, many hours trying to locate birds right across the country, doing reasonably well with dogs, but did substantially better when I started using a locator call.

Mouth calls are tricky to get to work well. I have tried most on the market and while they can help locate birds they do not always sound right, so I have largely given up on them. Instead I use an AJ Productions Call with an upland card in it. ? ? Read more »

Upland Game Gear

Simon and his Cabelas Upland Game trousers

Simon and his Cabelas Upland Game trousers

By Simon Lusk

I have introduced a good number of people to upland game hunting. Those who are serious ask about the clothing I am wearing and usually end up getting the same gear I wear.

The most important piece of clothing is a good pair of upland pants. Upland hunting means bashing through blackberry and gorse so without a good pair of pants you will get cut to ribbons. Pants need to be at least 600 denier, or gorse and blackberry will go through them.

In recent seasons I have been using Cabela?s Roughneck Upland Jeans, which are the best upland pants I have worn. The facings are 1000 denier, but they are very soft and comfortable to wear compared to older upland pants. Get the brown not the blue ones, as the brown can be used for waterfowl hunting as well as upland. ? Read more »

Heavy v Light Shotguns

roosterhBy Simon Lusk

Getting the right gun for upland game hunting can be the difference between successful hunts and coming home without anything in your game bag.

There is a school of thought that lighter guns are better for upland hunting as they are easier to carry in the field and faster swinging so better for fast birds. I bought into this theory some years back, and bought a very light Fabarm Lion. I wanted a light semiautomatic for quail shooting, and especially covey flush shooting. The Fabarm was the lightest left hander I could get at the time. I basically could not hit anything with it, and the next season replaced it with a much heavier Remington 1100.

The Remington is a big heavy gun that suits my shooting style perfectly. It is so good that I can make shots without having good footing, and I can shoot off balance and still expect to bring birds down. I am six foot two and two hundred and ten pounds. I started shooting really, really well, which was more to do with the gun than my shooting ability. ? Read more »

Ranger out muscles Hilux for 2014


Hilux is no longer the king of the utes.

The Ford Ranger has toppled them which is unsurprising given how poos the Hilux has become since 2005.

Car sales in New Zealand are the strongest they’ve ever been, with the Motor Trade Association (MTA) reporting a 21 percent increase last year.

But something that might surprise farmers and tradies is that the Ford Ranger ute is now the most popular light commercial vehicle in the country, taking the title off the Toyota Hilux for the first time in more than 30 years.

“The Ranger, they’re everywhere. It’s amazing but they’re just great value all-round, great vehicles,” says Bruce Ramsay of Dyers Road ITM, a Christchurch company that has just upgraded its vehicle fleet with 15 new Ford Ranger utes.

According to MTA figures, the Ranger’s now the most popular ute in the country. Nearly 6500 of them were sold last year. ? Read more »

Impressive fuel economy from Isuzu D-Max


As readers will know I picked up an Isuzu D-Max LS Double cab from Southern Autos in the week before Christmas.

The good folk there had even put some Whaleoil logos on the front doors and on the rear gate. The tank was also full.

Yesterday was the day I needed to fill it up again. That is 19 days without filling up. It was also 780km since I picked up the ute.

I’m impressed. That was a mixture of city and motorway driving as well.

I’m pretty sure on a long trip I reckon it would get close to 1000kms without a fill. The tank takes 76 litres.? Read more »