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Last year, Treasury released iPhone and Android apps for those who like to see all the Budget data come alive (after the 2pm embargo, of course). ?They’ve updated the app for the 2013 budget. ?Sorry Windows Phone / Surface users, you miss out, but the rest of you can get your fix here:

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Renting Movies online

While I was away I rented a couple of movies via iTunes…and it worked quite well…With one movie i never got to finish it…I was watching it on the plane on my iPad and had to stop watching at one point, by the time i could get back to it the damn thing had expired.

There is an underlying crappiness with the experience as David Pogue has noticed.

For all of the apparent convenience of renting a movie via the Web, there are a surprising number of drawbacks. For example, when you rent the digital version, you often have only 24 hours to finish watching it, which makes no sense. Do these companies really expect us to rent the same movie again tomorrow night if we can’t finish it tonight? In the DVD days, a Blockbuster rental was three days. Why should online rentals be any different?

When you rent online, you don’t get any of the DVD extras?deleted scenes, alternative endings, subtitles?even though you’re paying as much as you would have paid to rent a DVD.

Yet perhaps most important, there’s the availability problem. New movies aren’t available online until months after they are finished in the theaters, thanks to the ?windowing? system?a long-established obligation that makes each movie available, say, first to hotels, then to pay-per-view systems, then to HBO and, only after that, to you for online rental.

Worse, some movies never become available.?Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, A Beautiful Mind, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Saving Private Ryan, Meet the Fockers, and so on, are not available to rent from the major online distributors.

the same goes for TV Shows…some of them we can;t even get here like American Hoggers and Duck Dynasty…pretty much the only way we can get these shows is to pirate them…

I do wonder when